3 February 2008

A Dirty bomb in London - Coming soon

This 10 part youtube film is a documentary film based on a factual scenario of a Dirty bomb being detonated upon the streets of London.

The film talks about 'operation crevice' which I have mentioned several times now due to it having links to international Islamic terrorism in the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton where I live.

We know for a fact that the bomb maker of the fertiliser plot which was the operation crevice investigation was a Pakistani taxi driver who was caught discussing buying a dirty bomb from the Russian Mafia in Belgium. This Al Qaeda terror cell which was put together by another Luton Pakistani Moslem taxi driver called Mr Q Khan, planned on blowing up a night club and shopping centre - Thankfully the British security services saved Britian from a black day, and the investigation which is mentioned in the film opertation crevice was the biggest ever in British history.

Al Qaeda's General Diren Barot who is now in prison for his Islamic terrorist activity was also linked to the Fertiliser plot that centred on Luton. He was arrested with another Al Qaeda terror cell with one of the cell living within the Luton Moslem community.

This cell was also aquiring the capability to detonate a Dirty bomb on the streets of Great Britain.

At the start of this film the then head of MI5 Dame Elizabeth Manningham-Buller has stated that it is only a matter of time before a dirty bomb is detonated within the United Kingdom.

The facts we can already see that are in the public domain prove Al Qaeda's determination to attack us with this type of bomb.

As I have stated in my previous post, based on the information given to me, Al Qaeda's British leader is about to make a statement with a list of demands which if not met will result in an Islamic terrorist attack upon mainland Britain by British born Moslems.

That being the case we could very well see the first ever dirty bomb detonated in the Western World upon the streets of London very soon. At the very least we will see a night club, shopping centre or cafe targetted with horrendous loss of life and carnage.

These are the facts to the very serious situation that we are facing in relation Al Qaeda's war against Great Britain, that is being conducted by their British born army.

This documentary film is the future.

Dirty War - Part 1

Dirty War part 2 Dirty War part 6
Dirty War part 3 Dirty War part 7
Dirty War
part 4 Dirty War part 8
Dirty War
part 5 Dirty War part 9
Dirty War part 10


Roger W. Gardner said...

Hello again my friend, it's Roger G. from Radarsite.
You're absolutely right about Dirty War, but hardly anyone here has seen it. To me it was very realisic and well-done -- and SCARY AS HELL! Whenever GD Hollywood makes a movie about terrorists, they are always anything BUT Muslims. But this movie got it right, and it was made by of all places BBC!

But it was only shown on tv here, and few people saw it. I doubt that it changed anything at all in our public's concern of catastrophy -- it is I fear just beyond their comprehension. For now...
I hope you are well and keeping your spirits up. It certainly sounds like it from your writing.
Good luck and my very best wishes,
Roger G.

Anonymous said...

Dear sport:

Thanks for this as per usual, unseen in the local MSM doco drama. Yep, Islam Murder Incorporated will destroy us all, with plenty of Left Dhimmi help...

Love your writing. In Australia, I regularly meet Brits who are very depressed about the death of Britain via PC Left Liberal radical fraud and ISlamism.

Never to return they say, but they see it happening here in Oz too. They're right, of course. Big ugly Mosques, with hideous sermons and violent gangs, crime, helped by a PC multicultism and Leftardism controlled media etc.

Not many laughs I'm afraid. Read my link to "Derek and Clive misunderstand Islam" to cheer up.

My parents were from Nottingham. Glad they didn't live to see Britains suicide.

God Bless you Lionheart. There are many ordinary people who support your empirical evidence.

Hope you dig the posts. I'm at Islammonitor dot org and forthardknox dot com, too.

Colonel Neville. Melbourne Australia.








Freedomnow said...

So has Dirty War been pulled from YouTube because of political correctness?