26 February 2008

Christian Radio Today Wednesday 27th

Time: 12.35pm (EST) 5.35pm (UK)

Click to listen: Live Webcast

Some background information for any new visitors to my blog (these posts were written at different points in time over the past year).

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Video: Lionheart - An interview

Pastor John Hagee:
World War III

If you have any doubt in your mind about the seriousness of the threat facing Great Britain, which in turn threatens the security of the American homeland then please search through my blog and read the facts and watch the video's for yourself - God bless you

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Important - "must read": The most important report of this generation

The video below is the most shocking video you will ever watch regarding what is being preached within British Mosque's by Saudi Arabian trained Imam's, to their British Moslem audience - Listen to their words and statements


Anonymous said...

Cool Lionheart!

They're really going to interview you, that's great: Praise the Lord, and may it result in a great blessing to you as potentially millions or certainly 1000's will get to hear about you and your ministry.

swrc is a long running and widely respected conservative christian radio ministry airing coast to coast.

I will be working, so I can't listen live but I'll definitely catch the archive.

Looking good mate :)

forrest shalom

Lionheart said...

Thanks Forrest, a very good friend of mine Eric Martin set it up for me.

Let me know if you want me to come on your show?

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, restrain your youthful ardor. Breath deep.

Always On Watch said...

I missed it! I was at work.

I see from the radio's web site that the podcast will not be up for a week. **sigh**

If you have time, could you email me the link when it's posted? As you know, I am not presently able to spend much time on the web these days. The good news: I think that I'm getting better, bit by bit.

Take care, my friend.

truthseaker said...

I have just read todays paper & I must say was over the moon about the speech the Tory Leader made in London yesterday. He spoke about sharia law & said that under no circumstances should it ever be brought into this country. He said that if any part of it was brought in, it would undermine the rest of society & the majority of the population would be against it. It was a great speech & I would advise any of you to check out what he has said. I read it in the daily express, its on page 2.

I also put this on the other thread, but I thought it worth placing on this one to, as its great news to here one og the top government bods, making such comments.

Lionheart said...

Heres the link Truthseeker


truthseaker said...

Thanks lionheart, that's great, others can read this to now if they do not know about it. Its a shame that the media have not made more of this speech. Its about time one of the leading government figures started to make comments like these. If people like Cameron is now starting to listen to the truth, then we all have a chance of the rest of them taking note.

Lionheart said...

Yes, it seems Cameron and his Conservative party are no loger cowering in fear of right wing politics, they have caught up with the rest of the population in their thinking, and are not tip toe'ing a vocal stance on the most important issues of our day.

Why are British politicians even contemplating Sharia Law in Britain, this is the UK not Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

Anonymous said...


If you truly want to see how ridiculous the politically correct left have now become in Britain, please go to;


This imbicile, is typical of what Nu Labour in Britain has become.

But with him theres a twist...

Ask him a question on his blog - any question that you may think he will completely disagree with, and he can't help himself but to take the bait and issue a ridiculous reply.

It gets him into all kinds of strife - but he's so dim he just does'nt get it.

Are we all just bear baiting here?

Damned straight.....

But you owe it to yourself to check him out - we, are his (anti) fan club, only for the fact that hes such a moronic cretin.....

One final point on my comment above.


This is the Anti Terry Kelly blog.

It will enlighten you as to how moronic the Councllor actually is, and to what is the best path to take, in your terms of engagement.

Hes now become such a derisible cult figure here in the U.K., we think its time he went global.


Anonymous said...

Only problem is the Cameroon goon doesnt go nearly far enough and still thinks that their are many "decent" muslims.

One of his weak willed cronies also wrote in the Telegraph today in support of our muslim friends
Daniel Hannan.in the comments section
But he got lashing from the readership and rightly so.

The most intruiging bit of reporting today was also found in the comment section of the Telegraph.
a piece by Simon Heffer.
check out my blog for a full appraisal
Titled the The Cromwellian Spirit....in the UK and return of the bulldog spirit.

Anonymous said...

how did the broadcast go lion? i can't listen to the "live stream" link on swrc.com with me antiquated macintosh.

i want you on my show asap, let me do a test run first to see if i can access callers on my blog talk radio switchboard. hopefully by next week.

f s

Lionheart said...

Yes it went well, they are good men, and realise the situation our world faces.

let me know when.

God bless

Celtic Crusader said...

The following are two of three comments I left on one of the 'little green footballs' fan club/arselickers blogs, after the third the truth became too much for them so it was labeled as 'hitleresque' and I was banned...amazing I was allowed two comments before that- as Lionheart knows we face enforced silence from within our own crowd too.

comment no.2
oh...wow... the IRONY of it ...posting a comment on a charity topic. I posted in the first one available and yes I thought charity was approprate as the 'IRONY' seems to be lost on yourself of how judgemental, inaccurate, just plain wrong
you are about one Lionheart. boohoo,sob,sob.

You yanks are so unsophisticated that you love to be able to say the word IRONY let alone that you've 'riposted' in stainless steel. Sterling cap'n...outstanding

as to your 'white supremacist' or racist remark, (let me give you a 'I told you so moment')...yeah sure I am. I'm white and think my culture is supreme and so champion it. Every culture thinks its the best. And so what do you want, everybody to be one culture, one equivalence, one colour...how boring. Or haven't you ever heard of 'vive la difference.'

However I can tolerate and even live and like other cultures unlike an armchair pretend multiculturalist and 'honourable' noble such as you and your rabble of weasels there. Who unlike myself are a rabble of haters, only they pretend not to be. Absolute smug tripe, totally useless as commentors on anything of practical worth, survival of difference and variety being one of them. Being totally useless perhaps you might volunteer yourselves as art installations, thus provoking some reflection on the human condition and how utterly ineffectual any of you are to defend anybody elses, black, brown, yellow, pink culture let alone your own.

Ahh yes, now to that which many of your toads (or what was it- geckos, newts or something(to do with slime and other furtive, fidgety animals), seem to have such a penchant for
...excrement...faecal matter. Hardly surprising given the amount of shite you all talk and how far you have your heads up each others arses. Its smugville.

christ - i didn't know such petty smuggites could exist... certainly not thrive and multiply on each others self-congratulatory shite!


comment no.3
You people fight for nothing and stand for nothing. You are bullshitters.

Unlike you haters - as snobbery is the greatest form of hatred, springing as it does from self-conceit and over-wrought pride, I (as said) like and live with other cultures.

Unlike you, I champion my culture, did I say my culture was white...no. I said, I, was white. It is you who assumed that the two words were mutually exclusive. My culture happens to have its roots with people whose skin colour was white. If blacks etc, etc, want to champion my culture, its heritage, and sing its praises then they are welcome and welcome to have a share in its ownership. It would stand as testament as to how great it is.

however because a person thinks a certain culture is best, and I do, that does not mean they do not cherish SOME other cultures, of other races. As I am willing to defend my culture and heritage and the memory of my ancestors then I am better placed to defend others peoples culture who cannot defend themselves. A case in point is defence against the cult of islam or havent you noticed its an equal opportunity culture destroyer. e.g. afghanistan- buddhist statues, Kosovo- orthodox churches, east Timor- genocide, Sudan- janjaweed islamic militias & murdering and raping, Egypt-persecution of Egytian copts etc, etc, etc.

Who are they going to call for help? A bunch of smug, trite, libero-cons who chatter about the niceties of life and deplore the situation they are in whilst being too snobby and embarrassed to associate themselves with people who cry for help in an inarticulate manner. Or perhaps
these other oppressed cultures would rather someone who has been in their predicament. Their life under threat and constantly a struggle, such as the one you all have indulged in judging and making assumptions about i.e Lionheart, -mainly because you cant think for yourselves but tow the line of Lgf. Too afraid of going out of your comfort zones and your chattering 'coffee and muffin' parlours. If the literacy credentials are all you have to worry about- alluded to by the infantile quips you people display on Lgf then you are a sorry bunch of prats. You are welcome to this
cess-pit and inward-looking mud-pool here on the web, and you are welcome to this insular clossetted chattering parlour. As long as you are here where we can see you then others will come to know the type of animals that exist out there -lizards and raccoons indeed, besides turkeys, weasels and lame ducks. It will serve to highlight to others finding out about the
insidiousness of islam the homegrown lizards of the belly-crawling snake variety that exist. So they will alert to the dangers of such blogmires. So well done you have a purpose after all.

As to assumptions, you ask many questions and answer them yourselves, instead of having open minds and asking a question first.

You all rush to judgement and quickly circle the wagons to form a quick arse-licking consensus. How many assumptions have all of you made- I am racist, I am BNP supporter, I am from Britain, I am a nazi etc, etc, etc.

And just what sentence - lead any of you to conclude any of the above.

If i did support the BNP (and I am not saying I do or do not, I very well may support them, the point is none of you can conclude that from my posts of support for Lionheart.)
Have any of you troubled your precious selves to find out firsthand what it is about, have you actually done your own enquiries, have you picked up the goddamn phone - phoned their office to see what they stand for - and quizzed them about their so-called nazi leanings in the past and where that leaves them today.
Do you all rely on internet info or 2nd hand info from other bloggers...great. Independent thought...bloody hell.

Or do you all form an arse-licking
wagon circling parlour chattering brigade on the LGF sniping alley too. Great place to feel smug 'innit.

My culture, heritage and memory of my ancestors are what I hold, to be the best cultures in the world, that of the northern and western european cultures and peoples. They are in turn the inheritors of a mindset innate in the Spartans- the mindset of independent thought, reasoning, rationality, sound judgement based on logic and most importantly the fostering of qualities of love, loyalty, courage, honour, healthy pride borne out of humility and respect.

The right to be free and determine the path of ones people free from outside interference. Most important of all is to live by those sentiments, to have the ambition and will to defend the people who live by those words...ones own people. Crucially
to defend it with the sweat and blood of those who love them and
their way of life.

It happens that those old european tribes were white, which is why I celebrate the memory of MY ancestors and them being white. Africa has its own cultures and the blacks mainly came from there which is why blacks do not identify or can possibly share in the celebration of the past anglo-saxon or celtic or norse cultures of yesteryear- that is what I hold to be the best culture. How can I champion or celebrate zulu culture of 1000 years ago- none of my ancestors were zulu, or that is not my origin. They have every right to, and I defend their right to. I still maintain my culture is better, but I also maintain their culture is better than islam. The same for other cultures.
However they can share in the culture of Europe as it is today and the modern anglo-saxon culture,
of modern Britain, as long as they are the ones accomodating the host culture and not the other way round. I would do the same if I were going to zululand. When in Rome...

So you bunch of chattering, assuming judgement-nazis as well as namby-pamby, literary-watching pedanty-facists either go and do some digging and find out first-hand info for yourselves. go and gather up a couple of death threats, go put your arse where your blogmire is...up shits creek.
Then you will have earned the right to make smart-arsed, vain comments and snipe cosily. problem with that is... after putting your life in harms way, you gain a wisdom and humility which means smarminess and spoilt-cossetted arrogance are no longer there.

but as i've stated before wisdom and humility...very rare, even
animals have that potential, which is why calling yourselves after animals is an insult to the animals.


reply by one cosmos at sea
Congratulations CC! You are the first troll to be banned from my blog!

I won't tolerate your racist BS here. Find someplace else to spread you hitleresque kind of hate, you little creep!

Shows you the thinking thats out there amongst a lot of people from our own cultures.


Anonymous said...

how do we stop this takeover?

Anonymous said...

Celtic.. I drink a toast with you to all our great ancestors, from Brut to Caswallon, from Canubelin to Boudecca, from Arthur to Alfred the Great, from Offa to Couer de Leon, from Elizabeth to Churchill, and every unknown and unrecorded Briton from all points of origin unto all the men and women who served the cause of the desire to be a free people, yes, right up to Princes Harry and William, and I look forward to the resurgence of that great British spirit of independence and defiance in the face of aggression. One day we will reunite and rise to the challenge and the lies that are used to bind us will be torn away.
Never must we succumb to invaders of whatever kind.
At the time of Ceasar's visits, it was recorded that all good men from any lands walked free on the soil of Britain, if they had good intention, but we fought to the last drop, those that came to conquer.

Anonymous said...

in reply to anonymous: "how do we stop this takeover?"

answer: if the european union joins up with the islamic empire (as it appears to be doing with reckless abandon: then this will fullfill biblical prophecy: the revival of the old roman empire with a twist: an islamic element. according to daniel chapter 2, the one to stop this madness is Jewish Messiah: in the English speaking Gentile world known as Jesus Christ.

unfortunately this western/islamic empire is doomed to suffer God's judgement when it attacks israel.

the answer for the individual is as it has been for the past 2000 years: make sure you are saved: ie have personally received the gift of eternal life through Jesus the Messiah. Please read John chapter 3 and Romans chapter 10.

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I heard you were thinking about sanctuary in the USA. I suggest you watch this:


As I've said before, people, you're all missing the real takeover, which is exactly what they want.

truthseaker said...

I not sure if any of you have read the papers today but I read in the Express that the police are going to be put through a series of courses teaching them all about sharia law & the quran. This is as they say to make them more aware of muslim & islamic sensibilities, WHAT A JOKE !!!!. Its not about making them aware of muslim sensibilities, its about jumping down on them for breaking the laws of this country & that is that, nothing more.

I believe that those muslims that came to this country many years ago, came for a few reasons. They I think where, to have a better life, to have & gain more money, but I believe to get away from the oppression of the islamic regimes they lived under at that time. In other words they wanted to get away from sharia law & the unjustness of that whole system. I am not sure if I am right about this but that is what I believe of why the majority of these people came to live in this country.

So the idiotic loonies that are trying to bring this system into our country are doing so against the reasons why these people came here in the first place. The ones that are radicals you find are those who where children when they came over or those who were born in this country & so they do not have any idea about what sharia law truly is & what it entails. These stupid children believe that they will be in charge, they will be the bosses & that they will still have the freedom they hold now. As we all know they are wrong, they will not have any of these things. They are being used the same way the stupid liberals are in this country. Its like the arch druids way of thinking, he thinks he is being politically astute & sensitive by making that comments he did on sharia.

But that same man made a Homosexual first a bishop then a high ranking canon somewhere. He thinks he is being sensitive, but that act alone shows he knows nothing of sharia law. As we all know under that same law, homosexuals are to be killed DEAD!. All freedom of speech is illegal & so oppressed, all other religions have to pay taxes to islam as dimmi's. All these thick, stupid, idiotic lefties, liberal jerks need to be put in a big bag & given the shaking of there lives, they need to be woken up & shown the truths of islam. What it really is, what it truly stands for & most of all what will happen if they give it the power they so demand. Once again all I can say is God Help us all.

truthseaker said...

Sorry all after reading what I put again I just noticed I have missed out a couple of words, so I will add them here. Sorry again to you all, I put.

( its about jumping down on them for breaking the laws of this country & that is that, nothing more. )

It should read: It should be about jumping down on them for breaking the laws of this country & that is that, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Mappping the Islamist threat, includes Luton. U.K.


Anonymous said...

So the British police will have to undergo a course in Sharia to better understand the
'sensibilities' of those who are plotting to do away with Britain and the British!

Surely it would be a far more intelligent idea for the British police to take courses in Christianity & Judaism, the OT & the NT, in Hinduism & Buddhism, Bahaism, etc., & their religious tracts & laws?

That way the already completely befuddled British police force may become more aware of their own British-Christian & Jewish (i.e. Judeo-Christianity) history,Hindu,
Buddhist, Bahai, etc. histories & last but not least the constantly ignored & belittled sensibilities of the followers of all those religions - like Lionheart.

To paraphrase Shakespeare's Shylock: Does Not A Christian Have Sensibilities?Does not A Christian Suffer When Persecuted; Does Not A Christian Bleed When Pierced?.Does Not A Christian Have Basic Human Rights, especially of Thought, Expression, Conscience????...and so on and so forth.

It seems that, like the Venetians' attitudes towards Shylock, the British Authorities via their Police Force, do not think so...!

Anonymous Lady

Joanne said...

Why does anyone have to wonder if they are offending Muslims in their own countries. It is pretty standard that when you travel to foreign countries you learn a few things first, so you do not offend the locals, but to have to do it in your own country. What a bunch of derriere smackers!

I'm sure this isn't going over well with the police force - like they don't have enough to do with the criminals as it is. Actually, if I was a Christian copper, I would refuse to have to take courses in Sharia and the Koran because it would offend my Christian sensibilities - and I am not kidding on this one.

Anonymous said...

You know, it is so ironic, he has an American accent!

It is so ridiculous. I have just come back from travelling across Turkey and Egypt.

The majority of men living in these 2 'Muslim' countries, that I met during my day to day travels, without going anywhere particularly abnormal, was that I discovered that they are all going on about how they want to be like the 'West' and don't actually have much regard for 'Islam' at all.

Unfortunately what seems to have also happened in both Turkey and Egypt is that both countries have been overtaken by Russian prostitutes, and unfortunately because 'Russians' happen to come from the Northern Hemisphere, and most people are just not 'educated' any different, they all think that Russians behave the same as Europeans.

So this is actually what the Middle East is actually like at the moment, a very strange Russian colony with a hint of 'Middle East'.

What has also happened, is that a lot of the men in both countries are now also selling themselves for sex tourism as well, and they all seem to think this is 'Western'.

So much for 'Islamic purity'.

In fact, what I was amazed at, in both countries, was how little regard there actually was for 'politics'. In Sinai, a lot of Bedouins for example missed the 'Israelis' because of the 'money' they brought with tourism.

Meanwhile, yes, Saudi Arabia is just over the water. So you also get people going on about how wonderful 'Osama Bin Laden' is fighting for Islam, despite the fact that nobody seems to care a damn for real 'Islamic practice'. It is quite odd, to hear both opinions spouted by the same people, at the same time, because to a 'Western mind' you would think that the 2 opinions are contradictory, but no they are not. The Israelis were nice to the Bedouins, so they must be OK, and so there must be something wrong with the Palestinians, regardless of whether they are 'Muslims' or 'Christians'.

In Sharm el Sheikh in Sinai (which is advertised as being a city like Europe, on the Government's official tourism website) what you actually discover is that there is a distinct cash flow, where the men have the wives living out in the desert, in a tent somewhere, a flat in Sharm with a European girlfriend they get money from because she is working in a Dive Centre, and then they spend all the money on heroin and Russian prostitutes, and meanwhile all the Russians get shipped over to Israel to boost the numbers over there.

So the reality as far as I could make out, is that at the moment they are all propping up the Russian Mafia.

Meanwhile, in Istanbul for example, I discovered that the Kurdish liberation army (PKK) is probably being funded by European women taking advantage of the sex tourism in plentiful supply.

Meanwhile, I also met a Saudi ex military pilot, who told me that he had been to the UK, to sell Hawkjet fighter planes, which were then used to bomb Iraq. He was just doing his job.

The actual truth is, there is a lot more hype about politics and Islam going on in this country than there is anywhere else, where everybody is just out for the money, and not much else, and 'morals' are out the window.

I was thinking next time I go out to Sinai, I would very much like to do some undercover filming for Dispatches, maybe I can get the films of the Bedouin guys wearing their jalabiyas and being all respectful one minute, and then cavorting with the Russians in discos the next.

Anonymous said...

I should point out also that there is a long historic family connection between the Bin Laden Family and the Bushes.

Regarding Arabs and the US and the UK, and to see what good friends they all are, all you have to do is to go to some of the military arms fairs, dotted around the UK, pose as an arms dealer, and you will be fine.

All this stuff about Islam and hatred and all this stuff, it goes on on both sides, the guy who is being told to 'preach hatred in Mosques' is probably paid by the CIA himself, to go and stir up a bit of trouble, and keep the boys occupied, so that they are not just staying at home watching Eastenders, or being boring (and non-islamic) selling beer and copies of the Daily Sport in their corner shops.

I have Arabic friends in this country who have said that they have been randomly approached by very peculiar people, who they did not suspect were actually who they 'pretended to be' on a number of random ocassions. I also have friends in Pakistan who have said that the CIA are also involved in the conflict over there in (oh that lovely word = OIL rich Baluchistan). Meanwhile, even in the current conflict over the Kurdish territory on the Turkish / Iraqi border, America seems to be covertly supporting and arming 'each' side, ie. Turkey, and the PKK, as well, as having their own troops in Iraq, probably with the intention of letting everybody fight it out, wait 'til the body count still standing drops, before they can move in. Aka the Kissinger style of Vietnam. Have an interminably long conflict that seems to drag on forever and then let all the American corporate multinationals move in for 're-development'.

As far as Imams in Turkey and Egypt were concerned, as far as I could make out, they were going on more about appropriate conduct towards the female sex, not that it seemed to go very far. Nobody wanted to talk about politis.
Even the Kurdish guys I met who had some sort of remote inkling of 'Kurdish' rebel in them were more keen on showing me videos of 'Kurdish babes dressed in military gear, (without hijab I will have you know) as part of some sort of Lara Croft style propoganda to keep the 'boys going'.

Meanwhile, business as usual was just working very hard for very little money with the bit of supplementary income from oh my goodness, the ocassional woman from somewhere in 'Europe' (oops, yes English, Dutch and Australian were the favourites). Ooops, I'm from the UK, better watch out.

Ducky's Here said...

Do they assign you to a minimum security prison, wanker?

Ducky's Here said...

Which gang is going to be dealing the dope in your prison, Lionheart? Pakis or BNP?

Careful when you spread those cheeks for mud watch.

Anonymous said...

Ducky you should really do one...

if it wasnt for Lionheart's religion i would back him all the way. I know that what he says about the Luton and Dunstable area is 100 percent true.. from experience.... i Know islam wants to dominate and it is conducting low level civil war on our society and it is using drugs to do it. Lionheart helped to put some of the drug dealers in prison and now the police want to put him in the same prison for speaking his mind..

figure that one out????

Anonymous said...

Ducky you seem to post a lot about LH and prison.

Are you trying to elaborate some secret fantasy about you being LH's bitch?

(Apologies to the decent readership out there)

Anonymous said...

Lionheart: how ya doin'?

I am running the call in test on tomorrow's show, if all goes well I'll invite you to be on next saturday's forrest shalom radio show on blogtalkradio.com.

stay tuned!

f s

Anonymous said...

may i recommend:

folks i am impressed with the quality of debbie schlussel's and andrew bostom's weblogs: excellent insights from two passionate scholars.

just google their names and their blog's will come up.

check them out!

f s

Anonymous said...

F ck-a-D ck said:
I notice that "Ducky" the semi-literate Internet troll, uses the insulting term for Pakistanis as "Paki."
If I remember correctly, Lionheart has always referred to them correctly as "Pakistanis"
It is strange but typical of a Left-wing Liberal to use insulting words simply to dirty a blog. Ducky is the only racist around here.
Ducky you have become a total bore. Your mind is like a cesspit, and you are a perfect example of the worst of Americans.
You know nothing about England, you know even less about LH's town and you should go back to sparring with your American conservative blogs or I will follow you round and paste all your comments over there to show what you are really like.
Though anyone you visit has a pretty good idea. Now **** off like a good little boy.

Anonymous said...

Yes their are glaring contradictions in the Arab world.
Money speaks loudest no matter where you are.
This reality of what is going on back in their Ummah, is why the radicals are so pissed off.
They see their religion losing it's grip anywhere that humans get a whiff of freedom, whatever that may be for them.
Being powerless to influence their own hereditary countries, they are desperate to recreate a fantastical notion of a Medieval Arab world around themselves.
The reality is that their religion is split so many ways, it will always be at war with itself.
Pakistan is mainly a secular and progressive country.
No way do most of them want to go back to wearing head coverings, public stonings and the like.
They are not savages, in the main.
That is why it is so ridiculous that this pathetic bunch of useless wallies that masquerade as politicians are taking every chance to give up yet another slice of British values to a smallish group of radicals who their own people distrust and dislike.
Though they are small in active numbers, it is growing daily, fueled by Islamist web-sites sponsored by dirty politicians in the mid-east and beyond, and by our own ignorant twats that cannot stand up for the principals that make us one of the most sought after destinations for asylum seekers and immigrant's.
Instead of standing up to the criminal gangs and violent p[political rabble, they roll over backward and expose themselves to the rapine desires of bestial clerical-politics.
Make our police take sharia lessons?
I hope your prosecuting detective is happy with his lot. I bet he can't wait until his pension rights are big enough to ditch it in, and emigrate to Spain.
This government is a laughing stock.
They are lick-spittle toadies to use Paisley expression.
If the Labour don't get kicked out on their ears at the next election and Ken Living-dead-stone as well, then Britain deserves everything another term in office will bring.

Anonymous said...

As you are not posting just lately, I thought it might be a good idea to revive a "blast from the past" from and anonymous comment on an earlier post.
It is such a revealing piece about what these Labour/Liberal political dim-wits have unleashed upon us, including the poor coppers who are tasked with trying to control the mess Britain is in.
It is worth another read.

"Political Correctness: The Ultimate Gag order
By James T. Moore (02/12/07)

"Where did this strange animal Political Correctness (PC) come from? Never in our history have we had to be afraid of what we say, write, and do.

We must not bow to that fear. Since PC tries to restrict our freedom of expression—-particularly any form of dissent--it is imperative that we learn everything we can about it: more, for example, than it is simply a rebuke to various forms of bigotry

In an address to academia in 1998, writer Bill Lind dissected PC from top to bottom. What Lind said is so vital, I will try, with implicit permission, to give you a capsule version of the five points he made.

First, political correctness is cultural Marxism. Although it’s everywhere, this socialistic idea is most evident on college campuses, where crossing the line set up by sainted “victims” groups gets you in deep trouble.

PC also thrives on lies. Let’s say you’re told that a certain fact is true. But reality contradicts that. So reality is forbidden, to make the lie seem true. And the power of the State is used to keep the lie alive. That’s why political correctness creates a totalitarian state.

Second, PC, like Marxism, uses a single factor to explain history. Marx uses economics. PC uses power. The power is determined by which groups have power over the other groups. With political correctness, nothing but power has any significant meaning.

Third, with PC, certain groups are deemed to be “good”. These groups, such as feminist women, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, etc, are considered “victims”, therefore “good”-- whether they are or not. White males, of course, are the bad guys. Their “evilness” is equivalent to the wicked bourgeoisie in economic Marxism.

Fourth, both PC and Marxism take from one to give to another; (or keep for themselves. You can clearly see this at work in quotas, preferences, affirmative action, and other illegal transfers of assets from one group of citizens to another. The nice word for it is expropriation. The more accurate word is stealing.

Fifth, both political correctness and Marxism have a method of analyzing situations which automatically gives them the answers they want. This devious little process is called Deconstruction. Which simply means taking one text, removing its meaning, and re-inserting any other meaning desired."

So the Marxist Labour political machinery, afraid it is losing it's power to deflect attention from the mess it has created, politically and now economically in Britian, by having it's wasteful little wars a long way from home, to make us saps believe they are still in control of events, now they turn to the Law and more especially to the police-force.
Because the police force is still mainly white and male and that brings with it certain characteristics, they have to introduce "quotas" of those social groupings that don't naturally lean towards the profession of law-enforcement.
That in itself has been failing and decried even by the likes of Race Relations pundits like Sir Trevor Phillips.
So now, taking a leaf from the Bedfordshire police Force, the MarxistLabour NU-Facists in waiting have decided to spread that contagion of political correctness to all the police forces.
IT was called in dear old Adolf's dark days, "indoctrination."
It started with school children back then, and hatred of Jews and unwanted members of society was inculcated almost at birth.
This we see in the replication of the way Wahaabi Islam is being indoctrinated into local British children from four years old.
Now the police force must learn to take it's shoes off and give ten minutes before they can enter certain homes, along with all the other deviant practices they will be forced to believe are natural and required to enforce the Orwellian dream of total control.
Well if that isn't discrimination, what is?
So having seen failure approaching, this desperate attempt is placing the weight of indoctrination on the very people who swear to the Queen and State, to uphold British Justice.
If you step out of line, in your thoughts and words, you will be hounded by the police, because they themselves are having their hands bound and their morals and ideals twisted by this un-natural process of enforced "political correctness" now re-named "Social Cohesion."
Of course the traditional police will queue up to take early retirement as they see their world changing and will jump ship at an early opportunity.
Who can blame them?
So we see the Church of England compromised from the top down, it's deviation and division being fanned by the Shepherd of It's flock,
We see the School system emasculating British kids to be mindless consumers of trash, and the results can be seen in the suicide rate of kids and the drunken binging they indulge in at best, and at worst the sorrowful descent into Heroin and Crack abuse leading to prostitution and suicide.
We watch our brave soldiers dying out in the dust, and barely thank them when they return injured or depressed.
Now we must see our marvelous police dragged down into the same gutter as Society is having it's head forced into by the self-deceiving lieing cheating MarxianFacisto schoolboy politics of the likes of David Milliband and his new wave army of toadying, jostling self aggrandizing reprobates, intent on forcing Britain into the dustbin of history.
I hear Milliband is a big blogger, maybe he need a few visits on his blog to challenge the tripe he spreads about our fair Countries' future.
He is after all the likely successor of B.B. Brown.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Heres a readers comment on Millibands enthusiasm for giving away Christian Serbia/Kosovo to expand Europes borders and keep the terrorists happy.

"20 February 2008 01:28 Ann Burgess wrote:
re: Kosovo: Is It Legal?

Just think of all the bits of this country that could be lopped off if all our ethnic minorities took it into their heads to move to regions of the UK. Cornwall might become Chinese Cornwall, Kent might become African Kent and so on.

And just suppose all the Arab Moslems in this country were to go and live in East Anglia. Would we be happy for them to declare an independent state of Arabian East Anglia? Suppose they desecrated all the churches in East Anglia and the Christians had to flee and find somewhere else to live? Happy with that?

And then just look a little further down the line and Islamist agents from overseas are now so pleased to have a little part of Britain they can set their sights on to establish a base - and Westminster can do nothing to stop it because it isn't ours any more.

David, you have recognised a Moslem country in Europe. That is clearly a dangerous thing. These are not Moslems like so many of ours, moderate and tolerant. These are Moslems who have desecrated churches and forced many Serbians to flee. Please take advice and reconsider.

I don't claim to be an expert in such issues but I do see that the media condition us to accept the viewpoint they put across and my own common sense is telling me we'll regret this."


Actually, the muslims in Kosovo are mainly non-practicing and secular. Britain's muslims are probably amongst the most fundamental in the world! What happened in Serbia will seem tame to what will happen in Britain.

Anonymous said...


i did the call in today to test my switchboard and it worked fine.

can you call in to forrest shalom live! on saturday march 8, 2008 at 4:31 pm eastern standard time? (ph: 1 646 716 4178?)

we can do a 30-60 minute show, Lord willing.

I hope and pray you are well

f s

Anonymous said...

correction: the phone # is

1 646 716 7178

f s

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment that the Muslims in the UK are the most fanatic. It is true. In turkey and Egpyt, for example, Islam is actively oppressed as has been highlighted above.
This is EXACTLY because of politics, the rulers in the Middle East ALL want to bow down to America, because they have to. Survival. Because the governments oppress the active Muslims in those countries, it actually means that where there actually 'is' freedom of (intelligent) speech', i.e. in this country, then that is why this country DOES actually become a haven for people who would otherwise be in prison or shot dead in the street probably in their own countries.
Regardless of whether or not we agree with the incendiary 'comments' of Muslims in this country, in some ways, it does become like a safety valve, separate from the 2 faced oppression that is going on in the Middle East itself.
I complain about 'freedom' being publicly promoted in these 'modernising countries' as some sort of sexual free for all nirvana aka the 60s and 70s of the rest of the West, without the same progress regarding womens rights and 'effective law enforcement' regarding sexual harrassment, rape, honour killings etc. etc.

So therefore, the Middle East is undergoing a crisis in identity.

At the same time, I actually personally welcome the fact that the police here are undergoing lessons in Sharia law.
The reality for example is that REAL sharia law is actually quite precise, and quite well defined, and has a number of principles that are similar to those practices of 'protecting civil law and order' and 'maintaining the peace' that we consider an integral part of our legal structure which we can be extremely grateful for.
The problem in the countries that I mentioned above, is the fact that corruption is so rife, that law and order as governed by the police and government in those countries is basically a joke, so therefore, the reality of what we see and hear as 'honour killings' are actually not in accordance with Sharia law at all, since Sharia dictates that you need 4 eye witness accounts to prove that they saw an actual ACT in front of their eyes, and if they did not, then the accused can not be 'accused'.
This is more often than not impossible to prove.
Therefore, what we often hear of as 'honour killings' are actually part of a brutal 'tribal law' that is more to do with the fact that there is no law enforcement in these areas, because the areas are controlled by heavily armed 'tribes' who will do what they like, regardless of 'Sharia law' or any other legal system.
So therefore, this practice has nothing to do with Islam and Sharia.
Even with Sharia, the main aim is to seek settlement, peace, and compensation where possible, and is a well defined legal system that is worthy of study, quite separate to the lawless tribal practice. So therefore it is important that people in this country understand this difference.
It is like comparing the unspoken laws of a particular 'mafia gang in a particular area' to that of a legal system which has been defined over centuries.

We have to remember at all times, that culture is different to Islam.
It is like saying that because teenage youths in this country are stabbing each other in the streets, and setting fire to old men who fall asleep at bus stops, they are doing this in the name of 'Christianity' because they happen to born in the UK.
We have to put things into perspective.

At the same time, I think that in the UK we are actually blessed with a sense of peace and tranquility that many other countries do not have. We can criticise our government with cartoons in the newspaper, and nobody will get sent to prison and tortured, or disappeared. I read recently that someone who criticised the Egyptian government on a blog, was put in prison for 4 years.

Some of the torture that I have seen in Egypt has been horrific. The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood for example was put in a prison cell for 24 hours naked, covered with animal fat, with an alsatian thrown in.
He came out totally completely savaged and deranged. He was then incarcerated for a number of years, had further torture, and then he was set free.
As you can imagine, he was totally deranged as a result.
Seeking 'dialogue' and 'peaceful solutions' is something that we actually take for granted in the West.
I know that I have said some cynical things above about the reality of Islamic countries, but when you have governments that are actually supported by the USA to oppress, intimidate, torture their own people with no concern for constructive dialogue, and are more interested in making them deranged, then you wonder what kind of logic is actually going on here.
I actually welcome the fact that this country is a place where free dialogue can take place, and that this can be a place where 'enlightenment' regarding constructive education and understanding and empathy of appreciation of different cultural values can take place.

Anonymous said...

To the above.
Such well thought comments make sense.
But, why should Britain have to be the mixing pot of Leftist Marxist ideals of multi-culturalism and enforced political conformity?
These enforced systems are artificial and unnatural, and can only lead to division and strife.
I walk down the street and see a Muslim man and I might smile and greet them with a nod. I may get a response from an elderly person who has been here a long time.
If I do the same to a young man, I do not know what may happen, usually I am ignored or may get a scowl.
The same could be true of other of other cultures of course.
If I were to do the same to a passing veiled woman, I am certainly ignored as if I am invisible. Perhaps they think I am unclean.
Being born in this country imparts certain rights but also responsibility.
There were many causes I felt sympathy for when young, but I learned that there are differences in how to live life without causing harm to others.
I believe that many Muslims in Britain are good honorable people, but they do not deserve any more or less attention than anyone else.
Why should their so called interest in the position of the Palestinians bare any more weight than that of the Israelis who get rocketed by Hamas?
I do not see Jews distributing ideological pamphlets and insulting Muslims outside Religious services as was allowed to happen to Jews by Muslims as highlighted in this blog.
Why should Muslims feelings about there own "brothers" carry more interest than say Catholics upset at the fact that Italy has been "invaded" by huge numbers of North African Muslims who cuase lots of crime and actively despise the Catholic tradition of that country.
What would Britain be like, if every aggrieved group took to the streets and started campaigning and then perhaps bombing etc.?
I think it would look like Iraq does as the various groups of Muslims attack each other in the name of their shared religion.
I say Britain has those values you like because we have always had enough respect of difference to allow separate but conjoined development of cultures.
When one particular culture steps out and declares special privilege and is actively supported by a craven Socialist government intent on wiping out the heritage of white working class history and the Nobility alike, then enough is enough, because what follows is either repression or insurrection.
Those are the things that have been kept off Britain's streets, and if we lose that then we are no longer the haven of sensible freedoms, we become as endangered as any unstable state.
I don't call for mindless conformity, but neither can we have separatist breakaways from the norm.
It may be better by far to encourage those that do not like the system here, to leave for whatever better destination they believe exists elsewhere.

truthseaker said...

Anonymous, your comments are so true, you are right in what you have stated. Yes we all have freedoms in this country & for that reason we all should be proud that we as a country hold to these concepts & beliefs.

I believe what has been stated by lots of bloggers on this site & also many others like it. Is that we all agree with what you have said but the problem is as again you have stated. The young muslims & even other muslims coming to this country, do not believe in or even accept or agree with. So we must all try to make our leaders aware of what the majority of the population of this country want, wish, call for. That they see the truth of what is truly going on in this country perpetrated by different groups of muslims. Also the truth of what islam is & what the quran really states.

Anyone who has done the smallest of studies on this book knows the truth of it, what is behind it & what it truly says. Islam is not a religion of peace & many many muslims who first came to live in this country did so I believe to get away from the oppression that is sharia law. To have freedom as is all of mans right to request & even to demand. You state that anyone who does not like what we stand for, what we believe, how we live. That these people should leave & go to live in a country that holds to the same beliefs, thoughts & lifestyles that they wish to live under. That is so true, they should do that. There are no locks on the gates to this country ( that may I add is why we have that many getting into this country who should not be here ) there are no big fences to high for them to climb so they have to stay.

No one is making them stay here against there will. So yes you are so right, any person that does not like how we live, how we act, how or what our laws state. Should leave & go to any other country that runs under the kind of laws, beliefs, actions that they themselves wish to live under. May other bloggers try to say that what is said on blogs like this, that we are racist. That is far from the truth. What we want is that the people f this country all live as one, they do not go round threatening to kill all others who do not believe as they do. Or to say that if you do not live as we do, you have to pay a tax so that you may be allowed to live. This religion of islam is just that a religion, a faith, a way to live there lives. It is not a race as many peoples from many countries have taken up this faith. So for any to say we are racist are twisting what the word truly means, they are not telling the truth. So it is they that are telling lies & not us.

So the answer is plain & simple, they who do not agree with what this country stands for. Or how we all live our lives or even what or how we think. Those people should leave & go to live somewhere that they do agree with. That fact should be made by our own leaders, it should be stated & done so on a regular basis as did the PM of Australia. All those who wish to live under sharia law should go to live under it in some other country & then they will see that it is not all they thought it was, not what they where told it would be, but made to stay there as that is how they have mare than been vocal in this country about doing & living.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that it is a luxury for people to be declaring that they want to live under sharia law when they are not in their own country.
But the point is that sharia law is something that doesn't necessarily have to conflict with the governing law of the nation.

For example, if sharia law involves 2 families getting together and talking about what went wrong and how they can discuss their problem without bothering the legal courts and costing the British tax payers money, then maybe it is a good thing.
It is the same as family remediation, so why don't we just let them get on with it, as long as they inform the police of what they are doing, then maybe with guidance it could be a good thing.

The point is, like I said, this is why I think that it is a positive thing that the British police learn about it, and what it actually is, and they can see how they can work 'with it' in a positive way. It would probably also actively encourage a positive dialogue and increase the self respect that alienates these alienated communities and makes them behave in more alienated and defensive fashions.

If the UK police did learn about the Sharia, they would actually probably be far better informed than the police that I have seen in other countries, that are supposed to be Muslim, where policing methods have got zero to do with sharia, you can be sure.

Here are some examples of 'police' behaviour from Egypt, for example.
A Bedouin friend organised a special dinner event in the desert. 30 'police men' turned up before hand, and then ate all the food before the actual guests arrived.

What else, I was at the pyramids once, and saw a Bedouin on a camel being chased by a police man, also on a camel. The police man was throwing rocks at the Bedouin. I also saw another police man throwing another rock at another Bedouin whilst on foot. Due care and attention of health and safety standards whilst using large rocks was obviously not an issue.

Also, if you park your car in the wrong place, then the policemen will slash your tyres, all of your tyres. Legally they are supposed to write out a form to fine you, and leave it on your window, but they don't like to be bothered with the paperwork, so they just let you go to the expense of having to get new tyres instead.

So you can see, when people come from a background where they have to deal with police like that, you can understand why they are going to be more concerned about resolving things without involving the police. In this country time and time again, I thank my stars that we have a police force that by and large do actually believe in the honourable side of law enforcement and keeping and preserving the peace above all else.

Regarding racial difference, I do know that many people in other countries want to come here, but like I said, that is in general because the conditions in other countries are so bad and there is so much poverty and corruption that life is just much more difficult. So I know for example in Egpyt, many people just yearn for freedom from oppression from police brutality, and life is just much more difficult. That is why people get involved in what they do and why people come here with a chip on their shoulder.
I know that it is hard, and I know I have my own resentment issues, but I do also think that in general if we can try and embrace different cultures to try and diffuse tensions, or just at least try and learn different approaches and a bit more about the world in the process then that's probably a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Is it all a bit too late though?
When we see the Chaldean Archbishop in Iraq kidnapped for god knows what awful fate, and then we see our own Archbishop of England declaring that some citizens should live under a different law than that which the Nation's history has created, what short road to hell are we on?
I bet my bottom dollar that once an inkling of Sharia is allowed to take hold, then it won't be long before British persons in those areas are told they are offensive if they cook bacon for breakfast!
Or they may be told they can no longer have a dog for a pet in those areas, or maybe anywhere.
That could take a long time to come about, but it is certainly likely if we look at where these laws are held to be the rule.
Arab and Eastern culture reads Western relaxed attitudes and accepting traditions as weakness.
A religion that was spread by the sword, is not likely to relinquish that power easily.
We too have swords.
They are kept in bunkers and submarines beneath the Oceans, they have the capability to wipe out vast areas of life on this Planet, and any disturbance of the balance of politics could lead to their use one awful day.
Certainly if more mid-eastern countries acquire nuclear technology, then we are likely to rue the day.
A nation like Iran, or rather it's leaders, having acquired the bomb and believing as they do, that the 12th' Imam is waiting to return to Earth to battle the kuffar, has substantially fewer reasons to use the weapon as say the USA, that wants to maintain the worlds capitalist system, that is working well for many countries despite it's insufficiencies and unfairness.
USA only used the bomb at a time when it was not understood what it's full power and dangers were.
Nevertheless, the bomb stopped short the WWII and saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers both in Japan and USA.
Was that a price worth paying?
I met a Christian nun who survived Nagasaki, yet despite her having seen the horrific injuries of the bomb and having to help nurse those victims, and herself suffering radiation sickness, she still maintained it was the best outcome to stop the horrors of the traditional war.
It is not enough to say, that if everyone was Islamic, then the World would be at peace.
Dar al Islam and all that.
It would be an enforced peace, and there would be penalties for those that could not conform.
IF Al Quaeda uses dirty bombs or suitcase nukes in America, then I am afraid that the mid-east and countries like Iran, will suffer horrendously.
Why do they provoke the tiger?
What sane people poke sticks at such a powerful creature?
We may not love every aspect of USA, but America is composed of people. Plain enough, people.
The fantasies of a man like bin Ladin, who indulged in the Western lifestyle, then when it suited him, turned on that Country that gave his family all their immense wealth are the dreams that will start World War.
I have no doubt who will be the winner of such wars.
I know who also will be the losers.
You and I.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the fires that are stoked to cause and promote wars.
My own belief and also for example of the majority of 'real' Palestinians who I spoke to while travelling in that country (who are probably the most enlightened people politically that I have ever met in general, simply because they are 'living' in the middle all of it) is that the 'war against Al Qaeda' is a fabrication used to justify invasion of Iraq.

Where is Mr Bin Laden?
Why is the US economy propped up by trillions of Saudi Oil dollars?
Why did they invade Iraq and not Saudi Arabia?
Why is Saudi Arabia selling military specification aeroplanes to the UK to be used by American airforces in Iraq?
Why were the Bin Laden family the only family to be flown out of the country when everybody else was grounded on the same day as 9/11?

Almost everybody knows that Iraq was invaded because of Oil, precisely at the time that they knew they could, exactly because they had weapons inspectors in Iraq, surveillance cameras in all of the chemical weapons factories that had been originally built with the help of the CIA (so therefore they knew exactly where they all were), and they all knew exactly when they had been de-comissioned and were no longer functioning.
Sadam had been on the payroll of the CIA since he was a teenager, he was under their wing, just the same as Bin Laden, who is probably also still under their wing.

The main reason as far as I see it, that Iraq was invaded was for the simple reason that Sadam wanted to change the currency with which Iraqi oil was sold, from dollars to the euro.
This would have had a major effect on the American economy.

In fact, the evidence is that most news that we are presented, on both sides of the Western / Middle Eastern is based on disinformation on both sides. The language barrier of the English speaking vs. The Arabic world, means that not many people really know what is going on, on the other side.
Meanwhile, the arms dealers, and war profiteers who plunder from such conflict, meanwhile it is the little people who suffer on both sides.
Religion is being used as an excuse, a political tool to inflame conflict on both sides.
While everybody is fighting, the companies who profit from war can carry on regardless while nobody else is looking.
Regarding the truth behind 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq, you only have to read the book by the last 'real weapons inspector' in Iraq, to see what the 'reality' in Iraq actually was.

Anonymous said...

How can Suadi sell miltary jets to UK when they don't make them, and have just bought a huge number of the Typhoon Eurofighter.
Why would the yanks buy back what they already sold years ago?
Don't make sense.
Can't buy your conspiracy theory.
B.L. is alive in spirit and his devil's grin is in the flash of every roadside bomb.
Taliban is alive and well and taking back Afghans, or trying to but the Brits will just kick their ass.