11 February 2008

The legal cultural Jihad - A weapon being used to try and silence me

Foreword: For anyone who is following my blog you will know that on February 18th I am being required by a Detective from Bedfordshire police to attend Bedford's Greyfriars police station so that I can be interogatted as part of his investigation into me and my blog on the basis of 'stirring up racial hatred' through written material.

This Detective is the one in charge of protecting the ethnic minority community from hate crimes, I wonder who is in charge of
protecting the non-ethnic community from hate crimes by Moslems?

The Islamic Kingdom is protected by British laws and British society is un-protected from Moslems and their hatred towards us.

This charge if convicted carries a maximum 7 year prison sentence.

I found this indepth article today that will give you a glimpse into the legal cultural Jihad that is being used as a weapon of modern warfare by the Moslem community of Luton, a weapon that is now being used to silence me personally.

The large organised gangs of Pakistani Moslem drug dealers who are aligned to Al Qaeda who initially issued me with death threats, that were witnessed by people, were not up to the job of silencing me so they had to resort to a different tactic of modern warfare within Great Britain and that is the legal Jihad.

This shows, the reality to those who are watching, the weakness of Al Qaeda in Luton, they think they are strong when really they are weak and my situation typifies that point. With all that they have at their disposal they could not silence one man, they resorted like little children who could not get their own way, by running to Mummy and Daddy complaining about me telling everyone about the evil they are doing and the names I was calling them.

Pathetic and shows their weakness, now using the only thing left, the breach of community cohesion card.

The Islamic/Al Qaeda war machine within mainland Britain knows exactly what it is doing, what it is fighting for and what weapons it has at its disposal, while our leaders bend over backwards to this cultural intimidation and war like Dhimmis.

This indepth article is dated November 2005 and relates completely to Luton and the Holy War that is unfolding on the ground there and supports everything I have every said, it is a thorough insight to the legal cultural weapon, the weapon that has been deployed against me.

It is more factual documented proof for all of those watching on from afar.

You have to ask yourself; who is the mad man here, me for writing about this truth that is happening to me personally, my community and my country or those who say that I am lying?

Some people who profess to be resisting Jihad have made some very serious allegations against me, and blatant lie's that has weakened my position in the eyes of many gullible people, the worst being that I am a liar!

Judge for yourself.

After reading this Militant Islam Monitor report, I and those peope who support me have to ask the very serious question; Was I the perfect sacrifice to appease the exact Luton Moslem community that is written about here?

In my mind it definately seems that way.

Sacrificing a British citizen on the alter of Moslem appeasement - Sacrificing me!!!

1 Chronicles 16:22 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

The God whom I serve knows all things and keeps me safe in His Loving arms.

Excerpt: Militant Islam Monitor
The Luton Muslims intensive "Free Ahmad Babar" campaign on their website, have recently announced the Muslim Community Liason Unit which "liason with the police and local government" to "combat factors which lead to hate crimes, unfair arrests and detainment of Muslims".Seeing as that the radical Islamist Luton Muslim community encourages Jihad on their website, it stands to reason that they consider any arrest of a Muslim for terrorism to be a hate crime, making by extension any arrest 'and jailing unfair' ."One possible explanation for why Luton has spawned so many suicide terrorists, may have to do with the community website, which includes such inspiring entries as : 'Dying to Live or Living to Die?!' , 'Lowest Rank in Paradise', 'Party of Paradise or Hellfire?' and 'Punishments in Jahannum'.

Continue reading:
Luton & the jailed Moslem terrorist


Anonymous said...

Captain, our captain, where are you our captain ?

Anonymous said...

There also is a serious possibility that the valuable information held on this blog site will be confiscated and shut down

I will vollunteer if no-one has already to maintain it and keep safe the valuable information held in it.

In fact ideally we need at least three people who are prepared to at least hold the info

Please Lionheart contact me time is running out we need to coordinate.

This website/blog must not be allowed to disappear.

know this we are with you brother our prayers are with you and most importantly God is with you.

Dymphna said...

good fisking of the bullies.

In the US we call what they do "libel terrorism." A few Yanks have been taken to court (in absentia) for "hate speech" even though they could document the claims they made. The courts awarded the Saudis judgements against these writers but the US doesn't recognize other courts' jurisdictions against American citizens.

Actually, the Saudis got what they wanted: the books in the UK were withdrawn and destroyed. Of course, they are still for sale here in the states.

Are they creepy to read? Oh yes! The stuff radical Muslims do goes beyond simple barbarism.

Are the books truthful? Absolutely. Radical terrorists hide from the light, like the lords of darkness they are.

Thank God there are some places left where the truth can be told...even in Europe. Denmark would never allow those shameful libel suits that the Crown has no problem carrying forth.

Ignore "All Europe" -- it's either a dhimmi or a lizard. They're hard to tell apart.

Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart,

Like 'concernedbrit'I am willing to help in any way I am capable of if, God Forbid, the need arises.

My heart fell on reading
'concernedbrit's' warning. Could this actually happen. It sounds like something out of Orwell's "1984" - only MUCH, MUCH worse.

God Help Us All
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to stand back and look at the bigger picture. Why is the government allowing all this to happen? Is Islam the threat it appears to be? Why are the security services regularly telling us how many plots they are dealing with (recently 4000 in UK)?

Why has the US allowed 20% of Mexicans into the country? They have their own terror groups claiming the southern states belong to Mexico. Gangs are involved in ethnic cleansing of blacks.

The North American Union is on track: Canada, the US and Mexico. The new currency is going to be the Amero and will be linked to the Euro. There is an African and an Asian Union. The final stage is to united all unions and have a world government.

Who runs the US? The federal reserve (since the orchastrated Great Depression), an independent bank that lends money at interest to the government. Bankers run the western world. Their secret organisation is the Bilderberg Group. Nobody becomes a western leader without their consent. Blair, Bush, the Clintons - they've all been to their top secret meetings. Bilderbergers run the media. A Rockefeller thanked much of the American media in 2002 for its 'cooperation' over 40 years. Kennedy was shot soon after giving a speech (see youtube) telling the press to be more honest and condemning secret organisations.

Lord David Owen is a confirmed Bilderberger, so it was he who negotiated the break up of Yugoslavia into 'controllable' portions. Srebrenica massacre? Didn't happen, it would have been a logistical impossibility. Concentration camps? Google for the truth, find out what the ITN camera crew did. That emaciated guy beamed around the world, he's been named, he has a genetic disorder.

We're being force-fed lies. Charles de Meneses was another 'unwitting' suicide bomber. He opened his rucksack and found a bomb. He went on the run, they tracked him down, chased him through the station, held him down and executed him. Eye witnesses say he knew his killers.

Mass immigration into the West is intended to create chaos so that order can be imposed, the kind of order that will prevent people challenging the New World Order.

Putin told army cadets last year "There are those who would themselves like to control all of humanity" - Reuters.

The global warming myth is another tactic for social control. People will be told to do more and more for the sake of the environment, e.g. one child per family. The New World Order has population control as its stated priority. Their ideal world population is six hundred million.

Why are politicians going along will all this? They have been sold an ideology, a Utopia with no wars, no suffering, no organised religion.

The Bilderberg Group is behind schedule, they're frustrated. They will do anything to achieve their aims. What is the US constructing in Iraq? Huge millitary bases from which to control the whole region.

They are spoiling for a war with Iran. Ahmadinejad has been deliberately mistranslated. He didn't deny the holocaust or say Israel should be wiped off the map. The Guardian is the only paper that reported correct translations.

So, what if they provoke a world war? That's fine, as long as it's not total nuclear. The bankers lend money to both sides, there's depopulation and out of the chaos will come greater order, greater control.

We're fighting the wrong people and those satanic money-lenders are laughing at us. We need to unite and destroy the hidden Great Satan, the bankers, and THEN go back to fighting each other.

Anonymous said...

t-b there is great danger in control by using psychological tricks as advertisers do.
How far can this long reaching conspiracy theory be stretched.
Bilderbuggies you say.
Just BB's? Can we really suppose that is all there is?
Do we go down the road of Irving and see a Rothschild or such behind every tree and stone, deciding the course of history as if they were not mere mortals?
Who are we kidding?
Ourselves possibly.
Could it really be that the aristocracy and government in Europe were penned into familial continuance of the hereditary bankers?
So many questions.
It seems impossible that even the WWW II was engineered in this way.
Sometimes the Liberal strain of thought washes up on the ashen beaches of pure Jew hating, with little clear difference between the Guardian reader's wont to believe that the world is controlled by the banking elite, and if only they could be got rid of, somehow all the worlds problems inc Islam V West would disappear, and the views of the most rabid of far-righters, who want the resurgence of a pure white race.
The fact that Socialism in Britain wants total control of daily life, but does not have the bottle or the teeth to kill it's own prey, berths their dependence on a testosterone fueled aggressive alieanity to do the their hunting for them.
Thus the bureaucrats get their control, but the price is National identity.
Exactly as that cold blooded lizard
Dr Owen diced up Serbia out of arrogance to rattle Putin's cage.
Exactly why that quote, ""There are those who would themselves like to control all of humanity" - Reuters.
is so telling.

Liberalist conspirologists are not out of place at this very table surely, for equally they have much to lose as does the Nationalist.
In every Liberal there is a failed
National Socialist, maybe?
That that mother of all real human progress, "Freedom" is under constant and pernicious attack, is certain.
The Patriot that takes the path to defend, within themselves, and then within their own world, those qualities that raises them above concern for their own personal comfort and safety, are exactly what defended Freedom at all times, no matter whether the cause be chosen or thrust upon them, the Patriot is the greatest friend of freedom, as it is his essence that he defends, the right to choose, to be free within the truth of their being.
If only Britons were led by Lions, not donkeys and hyenas, then we might find the same expression of love of the earth we stand on, and the same conviction in our right to be what we are, as we see in the humblest of Afghanee villagers.
We send our bravest children to far regions to strive for the dream of Democracy, yet we allow our streets to slip into the hands of unfettered corruption.
Until we regain control of our destinies we cannot be free.
Or Liberal.

Anonymous said...

27 December 2007

The first case of human infection with H5N1 avian influenza has been confirmed in Pakistan. Laboratory tests conducted by the WHO H5 Reference Laboratory in Cairo, Egypt and WHO Collaborating Center for Reference and Research on Influenza, in London, United Kingdom have confirmed the presence of avian influenza virus strain A(H5N1) in samples collected from one case in an affected family. The H5N1 positive case was a 25 year old male from the Peshawar area who developed febrile respiratory illness on 21 November, was hospitalized on 23 November, and died on 28 November. Additional laboratory analysis, including gene sequencing, is ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lionheart my dear friend your heart is certainly that of a lion!
Money alas makes this world go around Arab petro dollars made Europeans and westerners in general a commondity to sell off to the highest bidders.
Western Banks bow to Sharia.
Chelsea Barracks now Arab owned. nothing is sacred!
Easier to find by NOT using google.
Arab backed Sovereign wealth funds with their trillions are on the move...Watch Them!
God-Bless Lionheart!