7 February 2008

Hamza's head on an American chopping block

Abu Hamza will definately be extradited to America to face terror charges there which could net him a prize of 100 years imprisonment in one of America's most prestigious maximum security jails.

He did try the old 'get out of jail free' card though which thankfully was rejected by the Home Secretary by claiming his human rights would be breached if sent to America.

The human rights card is definately wearing thin now in the hands of the Islamic terrorists who want nothing less than the complete destruction of our way of life.

Check out this site and see the video's that where gathered by the British intelligence expert Mr. G Jenvey on:
Abu Hamza, Abu Izzadeen & Omar Bakri

And here is an article from the New York Times about Abu Hamza and the Moslem community in Luton where I am from: Jihad & The rule of Islam

Daily Mail: Hamza to America


Fire Base America said...

Come on over Abu we're waiting for you. You'll get no sharia here you ugly bastard! You're done! Keep fighting the good fight Lionheart.

Joanne said...

I do not think I know of one person who does not know of a Muslim who did not say the Americans deserved 9/11 - not one. Every last person I know was totally shocked that the Muslims they knew spoke out against the Americans in this manner, when they thought these people were nice and decent individuals. I have always remembered this, and it continues to remind me that they are not of God but of Satan.

Joanne said...

The reason Muslim thugs attack non-Muslims in no-go areas is because they are the gate-keepers. These thugs attack non-Muslims so the non-Muslims will not see the goings on in those no-go areas, and the only way these people know how to do this is to terrorize those few who lose their way as a warning to any others who may think to enter their no-go areas. I think non-Muslims should march through these areas to let the Muslims know that they'll travel through whenever they damn well please, because England belongs to them, not the other way around.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Cheers for the e-mail Lionheart, I have been busy but will reply,,, I hope he goes to one of the states that has got the death penalty, or Hannibal Lector as a inmate, plenty of eating on that fat Islamic twat. I wonder if he is Halal, now for a nice crisp white wine. Its funny really as he will taste like a pig...

Keep up the fight Lionheart...you have growing support...

P.s have you seen latest BBC news
Shite...Law on the way

Anonymous said...

God you lucky American ladies out there - just look whats coming your way!.

Beefcake or what?.

A once in a lifetime offer - dust off your burkas and najibs and you never know your luck - this hunk could be all yours.

Durandal said...

Hi Lionheart,

it looks like the police is leaving you alone for now.

I pray for you whenever I think of your fight. God bless you.

Deus li vult,

Durandal <><

Anonymous said...

I don't understand who the lawyers who come to the defence of these Moslem Monsters are, or what they hope to gain from their defence. Do they really want them free & living well & dispensing their filth throughout the Moslem communities in their infidel
'host' countries.

I think some of these lawyers themselves should be under scrutiny for aiding and abetting the enemy.

I know defending even the worst criminals is the job of defence lawyers but still, surely there is a limit as to how far a decent (sic) defence lawyer should go - if he has any conscience whatsoever that is.

Mind you, Human Rights (sic) orgs. are worse (made up essentially of the above-mentioned type of lawyer).

In the US, they are campaigning to prevent even the most minimal
'harsh' investigative method (water-boarding) to be used against the worst, most dangerous ticking-bomb terrorists.

Perhaps they would think differently if that ticking bomb was pointed at them and their loved ones - that is, if they have any, as most HR creeps love only themselves.

One thing is for sure. They certainly don't love the general public, whose human rights they ignore, even trample upon,as they pump all their perverse energy into protecting the human rights of the most inhuman sectors of the human race.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Years and years of appeals at the tax-payers expense before this guy reaches US Justice.
Anon, you are so right about the ludicrous lawyers who believe they are serving Justice this way.
It is only a game to them, and a nice pay-check.

Anonymous said...

I as well as lots of others in this country are glad to read of this evil vile creature getting his comeuppance & finally getting what he deserves. The problem with this though is that he still has a chance to appeal. Why I thought all that had happened & the end had come, so why are the papers & news media saying that he has time to appeal against this extradition. I think that if he has already gone through this procedure of appeal, why on earth is he being aloud to do it all over again. It shows the stupidity of this country, this man has had his chance & through the putrid bile that runs through his vain's. He has I hope come to the end of the line & that being the case I truly hope he gets all he deserves all 100 plus years of them.

Red Squirrel said...

Hello Lionheart,
I am glad you are still in the US and safe from prosecution, I must say that I am appaulled at the way you have been singled out for persecution, for telling the Truth!
I feel ashamed that men like Abu Hamza are even allowed into our country in the first place to preach their hatred against us and everything that is righteous and good.I just hope that he gets his just rewards, either by dying from his ill health or in prison in the US.
I have not been commenting on line much the last few days, as I have been giving a great deal of thought to the future. I have been thinking about our Christian Heritage, and taking photographs of Churches, and I must admit that I didn't realise just how important the Christian Faith is.
This is hard for me to explain. I was born into a Christian family but I didn't really appreciate it. I thought it was archaic and had no place in 'modern society'.
When my life became unmanageable (for various reasons)I called upon the old Gods of my Ancestors, mainly for strength, as I see them as the archytypes of my Cultural Heritage.
I still do, but overall I know that there is one God, one overall Truth that applies to us all, providing that we don't follow falsehood and evil (as is typified by Islam)
I came upon the Christian Council of Britain today, and I am so pleased, as I thought that all of Christendom been blinded by the taqiyya of Islam. I am going to join as an an associate member and promote them on my site.
Stay safe.