2 February 2008

Abu Izzadeen - Terror trial starts next week

If there is any media interest in covering this up coming terrorist trial concerning one of Al Qaeda's British leaders, and speaking to the British intelligence expert who helped gather the video evidence that will be used in the trial that you can see posted on this blog, then please email Mr Jenvey direct at glenjenvey@aol.com

Title: Terrorism is Islam

Title: Kill the British soldier

This comes hot on the heels of last weeks
terror trial where British Al Qaeda and their Moslem drug dealing accomplices where going to seize and behead a British Moslem soldier, video it and then release it onto the internet.

If you look closely in this video you will see children sitting in learning and listening from this savage, can you imagine allowing your child to sit in a Church and be exposed to this type of attitude and speech?

More Video's:
Abu Izzadeen


Anonymous said...

Abu Izzadeen like all other hate preachers need to be kicked out of this Country for good, that also goes for any islamic teachers that are taught at the twisted Saudi Madrases. All Saudi money coming into this Country with regard to islam & mosques & schools, again should be stopped with immediate affect. The message should be sent out load & clear that we in this country will not put up with & allow that kind of teaching & preaching in any way shape or form. Can you Imagen if that kind of teaching was going on in a Christian church, what would happen to that church, what would happen to the teacher in that church. He would be imprisoned so fast, his feet would not touch the floor. But as this kind of teaching is being done by muslims, yet again it is ignored, they are left alone, they are not touched at all. The police are to scared to do anything about this kind of thing. When is the Government of this Country going to start acting for the majority who are appalled by this kind of thing, rather than the 3% that is muslim. This Country has gone to the dogs, we are going to be pushed screaming back into the dark ages thanks to they allowing the way the government are letting islam take over. At the next general election the people of this country should show them exactly what we think of the way they have run this country & kick them out of power, I just hope that they are forced into an election sooner than waiting for the next election. God Help us all.

Anonymous said...

Again, these videos are 'no longer available'. Is there some sort of problem???? If so, can it be fixed? I hope it won't be permanent.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

that cunt needs to get back to fuckin pakistan if you dont like england get the fuck out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

pleae don't use such language. Try to respond with some respect for other readers sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

oh how sad are you lot, yeah it's our England, get over it, don't you trust that the Lord will always help those in the right path, coz the way you lot are talking, no-one will be on your side!