25 February 2008

The modern British indignation for Americans

Foreword: The British State will not deport illegal immigrants, violent foreign criminals or Islamic terrorists from the British homeland because of their 'human rights', thus leaving the British population in extreme danger, with innocent people on the receiving end of this madness.

This story in the Daily Mail typifies the lunacy in modern British life that is being dished out by this Labour controlled British society and should act as a wake up call to all Americans as to what this British government really thinks of you - Our supposed closest Allie.

An American citizen wishes to care for her elderly Mother in England, along with her daughter, they do not want to sponge from the Welfare State like all illegal immigrants, violent foreign criminals and Islamic terrorists do, all they want is to be allowed to stay and care for the person they love in the last days of her life.

The British Government say 'NO' - Go back to where you came!!!

We allow our eternal enemies a free reign within our Nation, to feed off of the fat of the land, and reject our friends who only want to be here on grounds of compassion.

The "EVIL TYRANNY" of today's ruling class.

They do not represent the British people.

Daily Mail:
All Deborah Phillips wants to do is care for her increasingly frail 80-year-old mother.

She has no intention of claiming benefits and would save the taxpayer the cost of helping to look after another elderly woman.

But because Miss Phillips was born in the United States, moving to England when she was three, she has been refused permission to stay and must leave the country with her seven-year-old daughter Alexandra by the end of April.

When that happens her English mother Betty Phillips will be left alone.

Despite huge support from her local community and the backing of her MP, Immigration Minister Liam Byrne has rejected her request for residency.

Miss Phillips, 48, believes she would have a better chance of avoiding deportation if she was a foreign criminal or terror suspect facing the risk of persecution back home.

She said: "Some of these people stay here with the help of human rights laws. What about the human rights of my English mother and her right to a family life?

"Sometimes I feel like a criminal. I'm just a very soft target because I am doing everything by the rules. It is annoying because terrorist suspects are treated better and allowed to live here. I don't see the logic in that. We are not costing the Government a penny."

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Ducky's Here said...

I've started casting my latest picture: "Mud Watch for Lionheart".

Lionheart, I want to do location shooting. When are you going inside?

Joanne said...

Lionheart, you have your very own quacking troll - stalker.

"Children born abroad to a British mother and foreign father after February 7, 1961, and before January 1, 1983, can now become British citizens through the maternal line. Miss Phillips missed out because she was born on November 5, 1959." from article

"....can now become British citizens through the maternal line."

Can a British man automatically give his offspring British citizenship, but a British woman can not? I'm not sure what is meant by including 'through the materal line,' but the whole thing is rather cruel. Obviously this ruling goes to show that Britain does not care about the elderly - shame, shame on Britain. The British people must be banging their heads against the wall on this one - such lunacy. There is no rhyme or reason to anything anymore.

Lionheart said...

This Labour government literally make it up as they go along, to fit their agenda at the given moment and we are left to face the consequences, with our society turned upside down and inside out.

The only ones sitting back watching and benefiting from this are our sworn enemies who want our society destroyed so that they can take it over and implement Sharia law.

Anonymous said...


Stopmakingsense said...

Perhaps the Muslim Council of Great Britain have been in touch with our "glorious leader" and told him in no uncertain terms, who it is, thats actually running the show these days.

After all if this Infidel American were allowed to stay in the Islamic republic of Britain, that would indeed upset Muslim sensibilities to the point of no return, and woe be-tide us dhimmis then.

And we can't have that now - can we.....