23 February 2008

The biggest threat to the International community: The UK - Pakistan connection

Info courtesy of Us or Them

Foreword: This blog was specifically set up because my life was threatened by Pakistani Moslems in Luton who are conducting Jihad against my community using streets drugs as a weapon of Warfare, mainly heroin & crack cocaine. It has been my way of speaking out against the civil war that is aimed at my society by the military wing of Islam, that this Labour government wants to deny is happening.

Diren Barot who was Al Qaeda's British General outlined how the armies of Islam within the UK should attack our country and he termed the use of street drugs as a weapon of war to be used under the banner 'chemical warfare' - This can be seen being played out within my community!

My long time friends are either dead of dying because of pure heroin that is being pumped into my community by this Pakistani Moslem street soldiers, which originates in the poppy fields of Afghanistan, is transported through to Pakistan, and then ends up in my community being sold by large gangs of Pakistani Moslems.

Luton was the scene of Al Qaeda's declaration of War against Great Britain, and is home to the front line and base camp to Islam's Jihad within the UK.

This is my home and my community so I know exactly what is going on, on the ground here, and this blog gives people a good insight.

These Moslem's are at War with us, our way of life and in this instance, me, because they have threatened my life, and my community because this is where what I write about is unfolding, and Bedfordshire police now want to arrest me and possibly throw me in prison for this blog of truth, placing me in the exact prison full of Pakistani Moslem drug dealers and terrorists from Luton who I have helped them arrest and who I write about on this blog.

I would do the time if I had done the crime, but this blog of truth should not be classed as criminal considering what is happening in our World today, yet it is, and here is the proof - Police telephone conversations

Below is an article from the Jamestown Foundation stating the facts to the UK - Pakistani Link to International Islamic Terror.

Most of the facts presented in this article relate to Luton where I write about and I have embedded links into the article for you to see for yourself.

Am I meant to just roll over and let these people continue conducting their Holy War against my community and country?

If a military enemy is at war with you, has stated its aims and intentions towards you, is actively daily conducting warfare against you, and your sitting back doing nothing about it other than talking about the war being conducted against you, then what is the ultimate outcome of this War?

I am now having to seek Asylum in the U.S rather than return home and be arrested and placed in a prison system because of this blog of truth - I want to go home but the British State will not let me

I do not fear these Moslems and I do not fear going to prison if I had committed a crime befitting a prison sentence, but possibly being forced into prison for writing words of truth on a blog concerning Islamic terror that is being conducted against me and my community is definitely not worth risking my life over in my eyes, so I will fight for my freedom and watch my homeland burning from afar, not because I want too but because I have too, because those who are employed to protect society have forced me too!!!

Terrorism Monitor
The Jamestown Foundation

The UK - Pakistan Jihad connection

February 22nd 2008
James Brandon

Recent weeks have seen increasing international interest in the connections between jihadis in the UK and their counterparts in Pakistan. Attention has focused on how such groups and individuals could link up and cooperate to carry out attacks in Europe, South Asia or the United States. This concern has now reached its highest levels. On January 29, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said that flaws in the British counter-terrorist strategy were hurting global efforts to contain Islamic terrorism (Guardian, January 29; Dawn [Lahore], January 29). In particular, he referred to the UK’s decision not to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global group that aims to re-establish the caliphate and which has been blamed for radicalizing several individuals who carried out attacks after leaving the group (Independent, January 28). He also suggested that the UK’s policy was excessively focused on preventing imminent attacks rather than defeating al-Qaeda’s ideology. While Musharraf’s accusations may have been partly intended to deflect attention from Pakistan’s own problems, there is increasing evidence that networks linking jihadis in Britain and Pakistan have evolved to survive government crackdowns, threatening the security not only of Britain, but also that of its allies.

Background to the British Jihad

The Pakistan-UK axis has long been central to jihadist movements worldwide. The UK is home to at least 600,000 people of Pakistani origin, many of whom come from areas like Kashmir which have played a central role in Islamic militancy. During the 1990s, several factors conspired to create a radical pan-Islamist identity among British Muslims, notably the entrenchment of Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood activists in mosques and Islamic organizations and the arrival of radical preachers from the Arab world. Conflicts in Kashmir, Bosnia and elsewhere were widely interpreted by many Muslims as a conflict between Islam and Christianity, furthering the process of radicalization. However, the enthusiasm that this factor aroused for jihad was tempered by the idea of a “covenant of security” that radical Islamist preachers said existed between them and the British government and which initially prevented attacks against the UK. Inevitably, this restriction compelled British jihadis to export their violence abroad—often in the direction of Pakistan. In the mid-1990s, Mohammed Sohail, a Pakistani professional, created the Global Jihad Fund to channel donations from British Muslims to jihadis in South Asia.

In the late 1990s, Babar Ahmad, presently fighting deportation to the United States, allegedly used the Azzam.com website to spread pro-jihadist propaganda and to channel money, equipment and volunteers to the Taliban through Pakistan [1]. Separately, Dhiren Barot—also known as Isa al-Hindi—a Hindu brought up in the UK, converted to Islam and fought in Kashmir in 1995, writing of his experiences in The Army of Medinah in Kashmir, an influential book for would-be jihadis (BBC, November 7, 2006). In 1994, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, born to a middle-class Pakistani family living in the UK, travelled to Pakistan where he attended a training camp run by Harkat ul-Mujaheddin (BBC, July 26, 2005). In 1999, he attended an al-Qaeda training camp at Khalden in Afghanistan. In 2002, he kidnapped and killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Richard Reid, “the shoe bomber,” a London-born convert to Islam, and his co-conspirator, Sajid Badat, are also said to have travelled to Pakistan or Afghanistan to collect detonators prior to Reid’s attempt to down a trans-Atlantic airliner in 2001 (Telegraph, December 27, 2001). In some cases, Islamist groups had well-developed networks. During the late 1990s, al-Muhajiroun, a British radical Islamist group whose members were predominantly South Asian, sent several hundred British citizens to train in Pakistan. Following 9/11, the group openly arranged for several dozen British Muslims to travel via Pakistan to fight U.S. forces in Afghanistan. In many cases, these individuals did not work directly with al-Qaeda but with a range of other local groups; it is likely that this remains the case with present-day jihadis making the same journey.

Pakistan’s Connection to the Transit System Bombings in London

The July 7, 2005 bombings in London in which four bombers killed 52 people marked the moment at which the idea of the “covenant” between the UK and its radical Islamists broke down. There were, however, substantial similarities between this attack and previous actions by British jihadis abroad. Three of the four bombers were of Pakistani origin and at least two of them travelled to Pakistan—and possibly Afghanistan—shortly before the bombings. There they apparently met senior al-Qaeda figures, recorded their political testaments and received instructions in bomb-making. In a video released after the bombings, Ayman al-Zawahiri said that the two visited al-Qaeda camps while in Pakistan. This and subsequent attempted attacks indicate that, while the covenant no longer exists and the formal networks of the 1990s have been replaced by looser webs of contacts and family members, a trip to Pakistan nonetheless remains an effective way for British jihadis to acquire military training and mental indoctrination into al-Qaeda’s ideology.

Two weeks after the July 7 bombings, four men—this time of East African origin—attempted to carry out more suicide attacks on the London transport system. Again, there were clear links to Pakistan. In December 2004, the leader of the group, Muktar Ibrahim, an Eritrean, travelled to Pakistan with £2,000 in cash, a video camera and cold weather clothing. During his time there he is believed to have visited a training camp run by Harkat ul-Mujaheddin in Mirpur—an area of Pakistani Kashmir where many British Pakistanis originate—and received explosives training (Independent, July 10, 2007). This group is believed to have also been visited by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, Daniel Pearl’s murderer. Ibrahim returned to the UK in March 2005, assembled the bombs and distributed them to the other three would-be bombers he had met in radical circles in London (TimesOnline, July 10, 2007). Before attempting to carry out their attacks, the bombers also travelled to the Lake District, a mountainous area of the UK, where they climbed mountains in an attempt to replicate some of the experiences of jihadist training camps.

Targeting Muslim Troops in the British Army

In January 2007, police broke up a plan by several Pakistani men in Birmingham to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier in the city (BBC, January 29). The group had planned to videotape the execution and post it online in order to cause panic and make Tony Blair go “crazy” (Telegraph, February 15). The planned murder fit into the long-standing takfiri strategy of attempting to deter Muslims from assisting non-Muslim governments. Significantly, members of the group not only planned to carry out attacks in the UK, but also shipped military equipment to jihadis in Pakistan. Between 2004 and 2006, they shipped goods weighing almost a ton, including tents, outdoor clothing, night-vision binoculars, range finders, walkie-talkies, electronic bug detectors and split-finger gloves, which were useful for snipers (TimesOnline, January 30). Some of these shipments were sent to Islamabad and then forwarded to Mirpur.

Operation Crevice

In 2004, a major police action, “Operation Crevice,” halted plans by another group to use fertilizer bombs to attack nightclubs in London. This plot centered around four men of Pakistani origin and one Algerian. Omar Khyam, from Crawley near London, was the group’s leader. He first travelled to Pakistan for military training in January 2000 when he attended the training camp of al-Badr Mujahideen, a militant group in Muzaffarabad, close to Indian-controlled Kashmir (BBC, April 30, 2007). "They taught me everything I needed for guerrilla warfare in Kashmir; AK-47s, pistols, sniper rifles, reconnaissance and light machine-guns," said Khyam at his trial, adding that he believed that he had received training from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Later in 2001, after briefly returning to the UK, he attended another training camp in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) near Afghanistan before crossing the border to meet Taliban members. In 2003, he traveled to Malakand, in Pakistan’s NWFP, with £16,000 taken from his overdraft, together with some of the other plotters (BBC, April 30, 2007). It is believed that he met Abdul Hadi, a senior al-Qaeda leader; the meeting was arranged by contacts in Luton, a town near London with a large radical Islamic population and a large number of Muhajiroun supporters (BBC, April 30, 2007). Among the other targets discussed by the group were soccer matches and airliners.

Continue reading:
The Pakistani Jihad link


Joanne said...

Off topic -


Church of England giving $500,000 for multi-faith building in which largest space reserved for Muslims

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Lionheart
Another class piece of reporting..

For those still unsure about the threat that islam poses and in response to those that think the Neo-liberals and co are the problem..

I agree, these left wing liberal loonies are partly to blame for the mess we are in re-Islam
BUT I dont hear any of the other major parties voicing their outrage at the situation either, it seems to me by their "silence" that they are in agreement with the left wing liberals.
And dont see islam as a threat either.
DO NOT TRIVIALIZE or underestimate the threat that islam poses not only to this country BUT EUROPE AND THE WORLD.

As I have stated and you no doubt have read Iran are very close to becoming a nuclear power.
AND the UN are unremarkably silent.
It is my belief that the Islamofascists are stepping up their campaign and this is evident in their even of late MORE emboldened speeches and wartime posturing with particular regard to Israel.
As we know Israel are not to shy at taking pre-emptive action against these rogue and downright aggressive nations, particularly Iran, who through their president have made it very clear they intend to wipe Israel off the map.
This chilling piece recently printed in the Jerusalem Post; about remarks made by Nasrallah
echoes if we were in any doubt about their intentions not only toward Israel but also America and the west

this story is from the Jerusalem Post also
It is a brilliant piece drawing parallels with Nazi Germany pre-war and todays Islamic posturing.
this video by Newt Gingrich in America also speaking plainly about the threat the west faces.

I know that we are facing problems also within our own country from our own kind who are, whether knowingly or unwittingly bringing about our downfall.
The “Neo-liberals” and loony left, are the very much at the epicentre, of this tragic situation.
BUT whilst they are a nuisance, they aren't going to be taking up machetes chopping our heads off or strapping explosives to themselves blowing hundreds or thousands of innocent people up.

NOR are these loony liberals hell bent on world domination, nor, and most importantly, likely to utilize NUCLEAR weapons to bring about their aims.

IRAN WILL USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS if they are aloud to develop them.

Anonymous said...

from andrew bostom's blog:


(Samuel)Huntington observed appositely, and with a candor that is now exceedingly rare,

"The underlying problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilization whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture…"


a great many still try and make a distinction between islam and islam. (peaceful vs. radical): this is unrealistic dhimmitic thinking, in my opinion.

well, hopefully an authority like samuel huntington who wrote the "class of civlizations" can settle this irritating contradiction.

cheers mates,

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

a poignant look at the dhimmi status in the balkans: again from bostom's weblog:


My forthcoming “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” includes a poignant description of the chronic plight of Serbs under Muslim rule—a plight shared with Balkan Jewry, as per the system of dhimmitude—by the early 20th century sociologist and geographer Jovan Cvijic.

In La Peninsule Balkanique, Paris, 1918, his detailed psychosocial analysis of the Serbian and other Christian dhimmis under Muslim, including, notably Albanian rule, Cvijic described how the fear of recurrent violence accentuated their submission, engendering prototypical dhimmi adaptive behaviors:

[they became]…accustomed to belonging to an inferior, servile class, whose duty it is to make themselves acceptable to the master, to humble themselves before him and to please him. These people become close-mouthed, secretive, cunning; they lose all confidence in others; they grow used to hypocrisy and meanness because these are necessary in order for them to live and to avoid violent punishments. The direct influence of oppression and violence is manifested in almost all the Christians as feelings of fear and apprehension. Whenever Moslem brigands or evil-doers made their appearance somewhere, entire districts used to live in terror, often for months on end. There are regions where the Christian population has lived under a reign of fear from birth until death. In certain parts of Macedonia, they don’t tell you how they fought against the Turks or against the Albanians, but rather about the way that they managed to flee from them, or the ruse that they used to escape them. In Macedonia I heard people say: “Even in our dreams we flee from the Turks and the Albanians.” It is true that for about twenty years a certain number of them have regained their composure, but the deep-seated feeling has not changed among the masses of people. Even after the liberation in 1912 one could tell that a large number of Christians had not yet become aware of their new status: fear could still be read on their faces.


forrest shalom

Joanne said...

Someone made a comment here lately on their assumption that the killer of five students at a university in the states perhaps was Muslim, well here are a couple links for you...



"School shooter studied Hamas, says friend
'He would especially enjoy practicing his Arabic on me'"

...you can draw your own conclusions....

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being extremely simplistic. There are two glaringly obvious factors which have contributed to our friend Lionheart's current plight.

1. The enactment of repressive, anti democratic, anti free speech legislation in the United Kingdom.

2. The deployment of stretched United Kingdom military forces to far off shores to engage in long term wars of attrition, which are unwinnable.

It follows from #1 that Lionheart would not be sunject to alleged CRIMINAL activity had such legislation not existed.

Regarding #2 UK military assets could be employed to assist the civil power in (a) securing the boarders of the UK. And, importantly (b) be deployed to assist the civil power in rooting out the evil that Lionheart describes so eloquently as occurring in his home town.
Both the above options are constitutionally legal and valid.
All that is required is the political will and a clear understanding of the dangerous situation.

Anonymous said...

PS Lionheart Paul, you are in our thoughts and prayers and feel certain that good will prevail in your unenviable situation.

Anonymous said...

Those that are engaged to protect the Realm are in a state of denial.
They believe that if only they can shut up voices of dissidence, such as Lionheart and so many thousands more, then the big bad wolf will go away.
It will not.
It has set it's lair up in the sheepfold and has taken the disguise of the sheep-flock.
The sheep-dogs (police and State Security) have been beaten with sticks and have had their food rations reduced to the point that they cower and fawn to the Shepherds (politicians and Church and Civil leaders,) whilst the Farmer (Big Business and the Banking system) turn the other way to feast themselves on the revenues of their sale of the Farm assets and flocks and herds. (Our dearly beloved Nations of the Western World.)
In a just world, Lionheart would be regaled as a true Patriot for sounding the alarm.
Instead the hounds have been loosed against him, by those who refuse to deal with the evils that poison our Society.

truthseaker said...

I have just read today about a group of muslims meeting at the mosque at Alum Rock, where the kidnapper & prospective killer Pavis Khan went & lived. Have meet & are demanding sharia law to be brought into this Country. Now that is no surprise to any of us, but this is the bit that makes me smile. We all know what the arch Druid said about bringing in certain points of sharia law.

Well this is what these muslims have said about that little statement & remember this is from muslims themselves. Abu Ibraheem told the meeting that, sharia law is a comprehensive system of divine rules & rulings on all area's of life. The command is not open to interpretation, it is not open to discussion or to negotiation. It has to be implemented in its entirety otherwise it is a act of apposticy. He said that islam is not open of subject to dilution or compromise or relegation.

So the comments made by the arch druid are a joke as we all knew they where. This shows that he has absolutely no understanding of his own Church nor any understanding of the islamic religion as he seems to think in his idiotic liberal mind, he has. There where 10,000 leaflets that where distributed before the meeting of this group to muslims telling them that the statement made by the arch druid was made to take muslims away from the true meaning of islam, they stated that the introduction of some elements of islam would not function without the full implementation of all the elements & justice that is the muslim sharia law.

I think this says it all don't you. statements like these only go to enforce what we already know of this evil cult of death. That they will not accept any kind of compromise of any kind, they want the full implementation of islam & the full control with sharia law & nothing less. These quotes & statements are made daily by these people & still our own Government deny that this is true or real. They still try to say that this is a religion of peace, that the majority of muslims wish to live in peace with us. What a load of rubbish that is, the muslims speak the truth daily of what the truly want & it is full control, full submission of anyone who is not muslim. When are these jokers that are our leaders going to wake up to the truth & to reality. God Help us all, we need it.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analogy (wolf in the fold)

Anonymous said...

To: truthseaker,

'Arch Druid' is truly an apt and graphic way to describe the once-honoured & honourable position of Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the once-honoured & honourable Church of England, in the once-honoured & honourable British Isles.

In the words of King David: Oh, How the Mighty have Fallen...

Oh, Britannia, what have you done to deserve this? You, who once ruled the waves and half the planet, no longer even rules herself in her own land.

Truly, England needs another Alfred the Great - perhaps even another (Saxon-Norman)William the Conqueror - for the particularly difficult job of clearing out the enemies of Britain now threatening her very existence - whilst in her very midst and being tolerated by a cowed government and all sorts of PC Leftwing Loonies.

Mind you, we could do with another King David here in Israel too....!

In fact, Israel-Judea, Britannia & the USA are in dire danger & their people need to pray fervently for the Arrival of King David's descendant, the Promised Messiah, to save us, His people, from the horrors the world will face when the forces of the Anti-Christ/the Beast/the 12th Mahdi straddle the planet and almost succeed in destroying ALL life on earth.

May God Help Us All,
Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Lionheart is a Dissident. In the same way that Solzenitzen was in Soviet Russia.
How long will it be before the Commissars of Soviet Britain open the Gulag prisons for the dissidents?
They move ever closer to it.
Great Britain, CCTV on every street corner, the land occupied by pestilence and corruption.
How long before they roll out the barbed wire and install the search lights?
Forrest, what a telling item you have highlighted.
anon-lady, perhaps we shall have to stand with Israel on her own soil in defense of that Realm. Such would be a just and righteous last stand. You often speak with wisdom and clarity.

Anonymous said...

Truthseaker, if you speak with the shariaists, you will find they believe the Archbishop has become a Borg already.
They think he dare not declare the fact because the Establishment prevents him!
With his appearance he is already halfway there.
He just needs some slight adjustment and Bingo!

Lionheart said...

I wonder Russia wants to give a home to a British dissident.