9 February 2008

The madness of the Arch Bishop and his modern Inquisition

Info courtesy of Najistani

Foreword: I hope and pray that the God whom I serve removes this wolf from his position over His innocent flock, he has done enough damage to the fold, with innocent sheep escaping through the gate as quick as they can and others who should be seeking out the true shepherd running the other way as fast as they can, because of this man who is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Matthew 7:15 You Will Know Them by Their Fruits
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

This man should not be the head of the Church of England, unless the Queen who is the human that has been given the 'divine' responsibility on Earth over this part of God's Church accepts this wolf leading God's sheep on her behalf.

What happens now determines the future of the Church of England within Great Britain, will it now fall never to be what it was ordained to be or will God and His servants rebuild and restore it to its former glory within this Nation.

My hope and prayer is that it will arise from the ashes of this mans destruction, and that it will be rebuilt into the house it once was, a house on Earth with the eternal light inside that the darkness of our modern society cannot contain, the light from heaven that effects the fabric of our society, shining forth Christ’s Love into our hurting Nation and World, a light no longer blotted out by this wolf and his treason towards God and Gods people.

This recent madness from a man who calls himself a Christian is a step too far by any sane Christian's standards, even non-Christians see the madness of this mans words and intentions, so how does that reflect on the Church of England and all the good honourable Christian leaders and their congregations who have sacrificed their lives to build Gods Church and lead hurting, sick and lost people into the knowledge of the truth.

Who in their right mind would want to be led into the fold where this man is the head gate keeper?

Divine providence and decision time for the Church of England.

It was reported last month that this same Arch Bishop was pressing the government to change existing laws for blasphemy, so that those who criticize religion should be prosecuted for their ‘thoughtless and cruel’ words. That means me, who out of my righteous anger because of my personal experience criticizes Islam, Moslems and Jihad within Great Britain. That same law that the Arch Bishop was pushing for would apply to every other critic of Islam who speaks out against the religion and its followers for their own personal reasons.

This is this Arch Bishops potential 21st Century religious inquisition against Christians on behalf of Islam and its Moslem followers within Great Britain. He as a Christian leader should be supporting me as a brother of the faith, instead he wants the government to change the laws to have me arrested on even more serious charges of blasphemy, blasphemy against Islam carries the death penalty under Sharia Law, that same law that this supposed Christian leader wants to integrate into the fabric of British society.

This excerpt from the Timesonline article shows where this man stands and who he wants these laws brought in to protect, and believe me it is not to protect me, and it comes 3 weeks after I learned I had an arrest warrant out on suspicion of ‘stirring up racial hatred’ through written material on my blog.

Mr Sanderson said that the Archbishop appeared in his speech to be making excuses for those who rioted about the Salman Rushdie case and threatened the author with death. He also seems to think that those who created lethal street protests over the Danish cartoons had a point. “The Archbishop’s speech is, at base, self-serving and dangerously illiberal,” Mr Sanderson said. “We certainly hope that the Government is not now going to bring forward something even more extreme as a quid pro quo for abolishing blasphemy.”

He wants the British government to protect the wolves in our midst.

This twisted shepherd believes that opening the gate and letting the wolves into the fold is a good thing for the innocent sheep, which is you, all that will happen is that the wolves will have a feast on our blood until there is nothing left but a fold full of wolves that once was a sheep fold.

The Queen has no other choice but to sacrifice this Bishop for the good of her people.

New laws to punish ‘thoughtless cruel’ words.


Always On Watch said...

As you know, I'm neither in nor from the UK. Nevertheless, the news this week of the UK's recognition of Muslim polygamy followed by the dhimmi spoutings of the Archbishop of Canterbury distressed me beyond words. I actually have had to turn off the computer for several hours each day in order not to jeopardize my health. I'm no good to the counterjihad if I'm unwell!

So, I want you to know why I'm not around as much the past week. For the next few months, likely through May, I foresee my spending less time on the Internet so that I can get well (from the car accident I had well over two years ago). I'm undergoing the last-chance treatment and must maximize my recovery.

I will continue to dedicate my time to working with the radio show I cohost.

God bless you. And stay safe!

Always On Watch

PS: Prayers for my successful recovery will be deeply appreciated.

Always On Watch said...

The Lord's ways are mysterious. Had it not been for that car accident, I'd never have gotten so much into blogging and likely would never have "met" you.

In all things, give thanks.

Joanne said...


A brutal beating and justice meted out in a humble back street cafe: how sharia law already operates in Britain


I obtained the very top link from the blog above.

Lionheart, I imagine you may have heard and perhaps even wrote about this young man being attacked by Asians.

Anonymous said...

From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2008/02/07/nwilliams307.xml

"Since being chosen as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002, Dr Rowan Williams has made something of a habit of riling politicians and traditionalists alike with what have been perceived as pro-Islamic comments.

Three months ago he gave an interview to a Muslim magazine called Emel in which he compared Muslims in Britain to the Good Samaritans, and praised the Muslim ritual of praying five times a day, but attacked “Christian Zionists” and claimed “the United States wields its power in a way that is worse than Britain during its imperial heyday”.

He also angered victims of 9/11 by saying that Al Qaeda terrorists “can have serious moral goals” and arguing that the 9/11 terrorists should not be called evil.

As one of his inner circle was recently quoted as saying, his biggest fault “is that too often he seems to bend over backwards to be kinder to his enemies than he is to us”.

At first I thought he ought to be sent back to academia, as a Professor of Interfaith Kumbaya in the Department of Fluffy Studies at some moonbat theology college. But I have discovered he has a track record of treason going back to his support for the USSR in the cold war, so perhaps he ought to be sacked outright as a warning to other dhimmis, quislings and appeasers. See http://www.socialaffairsunit.org.uk/blog/archives/001670.php

Anonymous said...

Crown HIM the Lord of Love, behold his hands and side:

Rich wounds yet visible above, in beauty glorified.

All Hail Redeemer Hail! For thou hast died for me.

Thy praise shall never never fail! Throughout eternity.

-George J. Elvey (1816-1893)

Can you sing this famous hymn with all your heart to Jesus? If you can then you are a true Christian and a brother of mine.

forrest shalom

Anonymous said...

Dear Previous post,
Go forth and multiply (Is is Bedfordshire police planting incriminating race-hate evidence again? D.C. Holden as Agent Provocateur?)

Nevertheless a rather unpleasant situation has to be faced: the Church of England is headed by a person who is regarded by the vast majority of his potential flock as a total liability.

Others would go further and describe him as a dhimmi, appeaser, quisling, traitor, sneering self-loathing academic Marxist, or pseudo-intellectual parasite.

But whichever way you look at it, the Church of England is personified by in the media and popular consciousness by a leader who is the object of the ridicule, loathing and contempt of his congregation.

He should resign; or if this prospect offends his pride he should do the honorable thing and put his affairs in order then retire to his study with a bottle of whisky and a revolver.

Anonymous said...

"Fellow Patriots" is obviously an attempt to smear your blog. It may be an individual, or more likely a state agency. I would recommened an immediate deletion and statement of the limit of acceptable comments.

Joanne said...

Hell or high water, I don't see Rowan Williams having any intention of stepping down, just of clarifying his point, of which there is none. For a so-called intellect, he fits in with the rest of them - all too smart for God's teachings in their own eyes. It would be wonderful if a God-fearing, politically incorrect, faithful Arch Bishop was appointed.

Anonymous said...

Joanne said "It would be wonderful if a God-fearing, politically incorrect, faithful Arch Bishop was appointed..."

Like http://archbishop-cranmer.blogspot.com/2008/02/english-law-and-sharia.html

Anonymous said...

G_d bless and protect Michael Roffen.

Anonymous said...

I've just had a revelation and feel naive and fickle as my views have taken a U-turn. I just watched endgame on youtube by Alex Jones about the global government and the Bilderberg Group and I feel physically shaken.

Fear of Islam, immigration even climate change are all red herrings. There is a greater enemy in our midst and it seems there is only one Crusader with any power left: Putin.

Watch this documentary, download it, buy it, copy it and pass it on. Watch also his documentaries on 9/11 and 7/7. For the record I'm in my forties, not easily persuaded and have never been a conspiracy theorist...

Anonymous said...

2 very telling public comments taken from the ?Telegraph article about the AoC.

"Rather than vilify the AoC I think we owe him a debt of gratitude. I doubt that the controversy he has aroused was his intention but nonetheless it has has had a very positive and desirable outcome. We have stopped being PC, for the moment, and this looks to be the first glimmerings of a return to free speech."

"UK Muslims now know exactly how the vast majority of the population regard them. If they wish to remain in the UK and adopt our lifestyle and values they are welcome to remain. If they choose not to, then I suggest they begin consulting airline timetables so they can take themselves and their debased and barbaric religion off to some other country where they can live out their values to their hearts content.

Anonymous said...

get well soon AOW.

Englishsummer said...

Its just stating the obvious I suppose but to this imbicile no matter what he says, to him its all just theory. When is he ever going to have to come face to face with the Islamic hoardes on the streets of our cities today.
Never thats when, so his words of politically correct self rightiousness in effect dont mean a damned thing to either him or his Nu Labour puppetmasters whom are equally shielded from what they disgustingly bestow on the rest of this society.

Shame on them!!.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest to the C-of-E (Anglicans?) that they politely, but firmly, give Dr. Williams his marching orders and then appoint
Bishop Michael Nazir Ali in his place for being a REAL believer, a REAL Anglican and most important, a REALLY BRAVE MAN.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Hi najistani -
A propos Dr. Williams nonsense, he did the same in Israel a some months' ago.

He came, so it was claimed, to see at first hand what was happening to the Christians in Bethlehem.

As most people know by now, those Christians have been undergoing much 'unpleasantness' (to put it mildly) since the Oslo 'peace'
accords (as have the Israelis).

Christians have been robbed of their livelihoods, their shops, homes & lands, beaten up, shot to death & live under constant threat. Their womefolk have been insulted & abused in the streets, abducted and raped.

But what did the Archbishop do? He bashed Israel, going so far as to blame us for all the woes the
'palestinian' Christians have been suffering under the PA.

He said nothing even about the fact that Bethlehem is now a town of more mosques than churches,that the former Christian majority of 80% Christians has shrunken to
25% & is decreasing rapidly.

Bethelehem, a town holy both to Jews (King David was born there) and to Christians (Jesus was born there) but not to Moslems except as a place to Islamize, now has a large Moslem majority.

For the Archbishop, all this is Israel's 'fault' not his beloved Moslems' fault.

He also never mentioned that there are over 150,000 Arab Christians living free, prosperous lives in Israel, compared to the now only 30,000 who remain in repressed, dhimmi condition under PA rule.

An Israeli Arab-Christian from Jaffa, Mrs. Nadia Hilou, is a member of Israel's parliament
(the Knesset) together with 8
non-patriotic Israeli Arab-Moslem MKs.

Christians thrive in Israel, the only country in the Middle East where they do (indeed, most Arab countries have no Christian communities). While the Israeli Christian community is growing rather than diminishing the once-Christian majority Lebanon has been undergoing de-Christianization
over the past 3 decades.

But Dr. Williams used the easy way out....Blame the Jews to ensure that the Islamic Crocodile keeps you for last - for dessert! As usual, Churchill had a word for it: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

As for William's blast at those wonderful Christians who proudly call themselves Zionists, does he not know that the first & eternal Zionist is the Lord our God. The second, earthly, mortal Zionist was Abraham. The 3rd was Moses who led us back home from slavery in Ancient Egypt.

In my opinion, if Williams is against Zionism, he does not believe in God. He also does not read the Bible but even if he does he obviously doesn't understand the the many Zionist prophecies therein.

That being the case, he is an ignoramus and certainly not a Christian & thus should not be the head of a Judeo-Christian Church.

He should become a Moslem and get it over with. After all, maybe he fancies getting some of those 72 virgins for 'Moslems Only" after he passes away....!

Anonymous Lady