17 February 2008

Behind the scenes of Luton & Dunstable's street Jihad with Al Qaeda's heroin

Foreword: For anyone who has been followng my blog you will know that the main point I have been trying to get across to people is about the street Jihad that is being conducted against my community by the large Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton, the same place that took centre stage on 7/7 and operation crevice.

Diren Barot Al Qaeda's ex-British general outlined for Islam's soldiers within Great Britain to use street drugs as a weapon of war against British society under the banner chemical warfare.

This type of warfare has been happening for the past 20 years by the Pakistani Moslem's of Luton and has created a paramilitary force upon the streets, they earn millions through the trade in heroin & crack cocaine which funds their organised street Jihad.

Being someone who lives in and around the Luton area and knowing what I know, it is no wonder that Al Qaeda used this community to declare war on Great Britain, they have an army of street soldiers here on the ground who have forced the community into silence through intimidation and violence.

I have personally watched the Jihad with street drugs and have seen friends lives destroyed, their families ruined and others no longer here because they have been killed.

This is a part of life that most people do not see unless it affects them personally or their children, then they are forced into the living hell that comes with addiction to heroin.

This story in the News of the World is another insight into the consequences of that street Jihad, consequences that are happening up and down the country and consequences that are happening on the streets of Luton with children, I know this to be a fact because I know people who work amongst street girls, vulnerable girls who are forced onto the streets by their drug dealers to pay for their heroin & crack cocaine.

In Luton it is the gangs of Pakistani Moslems who control this trade in drugs and the girls on the streets. You only have to look at what happened up in Yorkshire to see what is happening out of sight and out of mind to our children.

Take a read of what some of our children are being forced into and then realise why I have spoken out on my blog for the sake of others, and Bedfordshire police knowingly allowed a Pakistani Moslem drug den to operate 100 yards away from a school with children going in their during their lunch breaks, the owner delivering food into the school at lunch breaks and the 30 year old owner who I helped the police imprison for selling heroin and crack cocaine having several children with is girlfriend before she had left school.

Why should I knowingly put up with this savagery and barbarism within my community that puts future generations of young people at extreme risk?

I wont and now have Pakistani Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda wanting to kill me and Bedfrdshire police wanting to arrest me, while this paedophilic drug dealer in my community still operates unhindered and I have to seek asylum in America for speaking out possibly being forced through the courts with a possible prison sentance at the end of it for writing words of truth for the protection of my community on this blog.

The twisted ideology of modern Britain.

(Everything I state can be proved with facts)

News of the World: Child prostitute at 12

THE PONY-TAIL and Fanta bottle are the only remnants of this broken child's innocence as she loiters by the side of the road...

She could be waiting for her mates, maybe a boyfriend from school. In fact she is waiting for a PAEDOPHILE.

For this girl has been working as a HOOKER since the age of TWELVE —offering her body to passing kerb crawlers to pay for a £60-a-day addiction to HEROIN and CRACK COCAINE.

She's no stranger to the police, or to a string of social workers, but nothing has ever been done to repair her shattered young life.

And in an ironic twist to her shocking story, part of her "beat" is the pavement outside offices—home to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

A car pulls up. The window is wound down. The girl—whom we will call Jenny to protect what little dignity she has left—leans in... and agrees to sell another crumb of her childhood for just £20.

She is nearly 15. Getting a bit too old for some of her perverted customers. Yet business remains brisk.

"I see two or three punters a night," says Jenny. "They pick me up in a car and we'll have sex in a side street. They know I'm under age and I have regulars who see me just for that reason.

"Usually they pay £20, but I've had as much as £70 from some of them who'll pay more for sex with a kid. The oldest I've had was in his 70s. I do hate them. They're basically paedophiles. But without them I can't support my habit."

Young Jenny's future lies in a little parcel in a dealer's pocket. She reckons she has spent more than SIXTY THOUSAND POUNDS on her drug addiction since 2004.

Continue reading:
Child prostitute at 12

Take a watch of this video to see the consequences of the street Jihad with Al Qaeda's heroin where I live.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in my latest comments in the express



10.02.08, 8:30pm

The muslim doctors and lawyers of this nation

TERRORISM in our nation

From the lips of an english ex-muslim terrorist.



This video is a program made by our own media
60 minutes

an interview with an english ex-muslim terrorist

So much for your boast about the so-called decent muslim people of Britain


• Posted by: concernedBrit • Report Comment
User Image

10.02.08, 8:05pm

Your claims to this country are bogus

On what basis do you claim citizenship..

On the basis of some leftwing loony politician

who thinks he can just hand out citizenship to anyone he likes at the drop of a hat.

What was given in a moment of madness and error can be taken away.

And you will see that the good people of this nation, are waking up to the fact that you and your kind are most definitely not welcome in our country.

Enough is Enough

As I said if you wish to remain you better start changing your tune. and renounce islam

Islam is simply an unacceptable evil that is swamping not only this country but the world.


We will not tolerate a malignant expansionist, medieval, twisted theocratic, Bloodthirsty Ideology.


We will not be dominated by the rantings of a madman.a Pedophile, a narcissist for his own personal gains. Muhammad was a conman, a ventriloquist who projected his own words into his imaginary dummy deity to fool the gullible. With a promise of a carnal and orgiastic paradise (just for men) and threat of hell he goaded his foolhardy followers to raid and slay innocent people under the pretext that they were infidels. He and his merry band of terrorists looted villages and cities, raped the women, and enslaved all who were not killed outright.

To this day, Muslim jihadis are following the footsteps of their prophet who bragged, "I have been made victorious with terror" .

Nor will I

permit the proliferation or promotion of this kind of ideology in OUR nation.

This backward sick and twisted Religion MUST be stopped.

will I yield nor turn back nor given in even in the face of terror.

Bigot you have the audacity to call me a bigot in my own country.

You who brazenly promote and defend this ABHORRENT Ideology of sick and twisted mind.

No not a bigot, a Patriot who is simply defending what is right, defending my nation from bottom feeding scum of the earth that would attempt to put a polite facade on this hideous Religion.

I will Defend the future of my nation and the legacy for my children.

I will never allow this sickness that is islam to continue to infest this once great nation.

Anonymous said...

Do you think I went a little to far?

well you still havnt responded got in touch with me yet, Lionheart.

But who knows we may just bump into each other at Her Majesty's special hotel.

Anonymous said...

A 23 year old woman who worked in catering on a North Sea oil rig made a threat about having a bomb on board.The threat was taken so seriously that a massive exacuation costing half of million pounds was undertaken.

The woman has not been named but if the threat was taken that serious that so much money was spent on the evacuation, it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on this news item.


Englishsummer said...

I must admit to how well this current government have done their homework, in respect of keeping the vast majority of the British peoples away from the ugly and depressing truths, of Nu Labours real designs for our future fates.

Talk to the man on the street about political correctness, and his tone will lower as he whispers of Big Brothers attempts to silence us all. "Of course it will never happen to me ", He'll suddenly pipe up, but in that instance perhaps hes already realised the truth of his words.

And what of Islam?.

Does the typical Brit have the slightest notion of what we now survey in our midsts?.

Not a chance!!.

Religion is blasphemy to all whom adhere, and the very idea that a Muslim could possibly take their religion more seriously than football or socialising is tantamount to insanity as far as my countrymen are concerned.

Do people really think that the E.U. superstate is a worrying development?.

Out of sight is out of mind, is the numbing reaction that I am left with in which to contemplate.

How about the promised vote on the subject?.

People seem to have accepted with a mundane mediocrity that the dye has already been cast and there is nothing to be done.

Yes-Sir-Re-Boss, Our Marxist puppetmasters have understood the British publics psyche far better than I could ever have given them credit for.

Their aim has been simple, Their motives so true. They silence decenting voices with BBC properganda and a nagging self-rightiousness. And then - as if by magic - what do you know -Indoctrination by proxy and they did'nt even need to get their hands dirty.

Of course this tried and tested approach has convieniently allowed them to get on with the job of importing a new set of peoples to replace the current incumbants that Nu Labour detest so very much.

Power to their peoples - Their Islamic peoples that is!!!.

Englishsummer said...


I read with some cosiderable interest in yesterdays Mail on Sunday at how - at the very time their quangos of spite were forcing the office workers of Edinburgh to go hungry at work, as not to upset Muslim sensebilities in their fasting of ramadan - Brown and his treachorous militant parasites were sitting down with the Hierarchy of Islamic dignitaries of Britain to celebrate the festival of Eid.

When does the imposition of what Nu Labour prescribe for their own people ever collide with what they do themselves?.

Talk about hypocrites.

When do Brown and his idiotic lackies ever come into contact with the Muslim on the streets?.

Never thats when - and yet they still insist on giving us, the people, huge doses of their Marxist doctrine that would put Lenin himself to shame.

Just a thought before I retire to a darkened room to seethe in solitude.

Perhaps you could look-up and then put the site "LONE VOICE" onto your Blogrole as there is one cat whom refuses to yield to his political foes!!.

Anonymous said...

My latest comment in the express
for your Perusal

11.02.08, 12:15pm

This article tells us a great deal actually

whilst it highlights a MASSIVE problem of illegal immigrants

It does not really reveal the full extaent of the problem we face.

But if 1 every four minutes is caught

How many do you think didnt get caught.

This does not so much reflect the efficiency of our border controls, which I am sure are doing their best with the resources they have.

But rather it tells us of the truly Gigantic problem that this nation under siege is facing.

The hordes of hell are litterally pouring through every nook and cranny

And this woeful and totally inept government is nothing short of treasonous in its lack of response and neglect of duty.

The fact is that to address the problem means thay would have to accept there is a problem.


because that once again would only highlight the complete and utter failure of this government.

They know that by addressing this problem, it would result in a backlash from the muslim community.

More terror on the streets of Britain

So we keep on playing the appeasement game, ride out the storm and leave the mess for someone else.


This government is the most disgraceful and shameful shower, that this country has ever known

paralysed to act against this hideous evil that is flooding into our country

Their only thoughts for their own political survival.

AND whats more the pathetic weak willed opposition are equally guilty.

The future for this country has never looked so bleak, not even the most well drilled, trained and equiped army in the world, could get near us.

But this disgraceful shower are inviting them in huge numbers and turning a blind eye to the rest.


Anonymous said...

And then I discovered someting that had escaped my attention

And responded with this

11.02.08, 2:11pm

Yes misjudged all right

This treacherous rat....

I was giving him the benefit of the doubt imagining he was just another spineless ingrate afraid of his own political career.

But he is worse much worse.


Gordon Brown has said he wants Britain to become the centre of global Islamic banking; Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states are buying up more and more British and Western companies, and we now have "Sharia-compliant" mortgages.

Nothing less than a complete sell out


That coupled with the rest of this government’s headlong plunge into the Islamisation of Britain
passing laws left right and centre to accommodate them.


selling us down the river

I saw a column recently marking
Tariq Ramadan the most dangerous man in Britain as the main protaganist for the
"Muslim Brotherhood" in the UK



and throw away the key

This poisonous despicable wretch
This treasonous filth

He is selling us down the river



NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you feel as I do please write in the strongest terms

to the newspapers

and anyone else that may have influence


previously I had just thought it was shear ignorance that was allowing it to happen

I know believe it to be unwritten
POLICY being driven throuhj by the PM of this country

The treachorous scum

Gordon Brown

remember his name it will go down in History

Joanne said...

concernedbrit - I believe there is a significant change in how people are perceiving Islam now. People initially gave Islam the benefit of the doubt, but now people no longer buy into Islam being the 'Religion of Peace' and do not believe a practising Muslim can be a 'moderate' Muslim.

There needs to be a tipping point for Britain, wherein, the British tolerance of Islam has reached its vomit level, and this may possibly be in June, in England, during the 60th year anniversary celebration of Israel. I am sure the Muslims will be outraged and unable to contain their hatred; plus it will present an opportune time for them to exhibit their outrage and hatred for Jews.

People need to change their words into action, and millions need to take to the streets in peaceful demonstration marches. The people need to show the government, their Queen, Muslims, other Brits, that they've had enough and that they are not alone in their thinking of how Britain is being stolen from them by treasonous officials and Muslims, right under their noses. People may be afraid to speak up on their own because they will be targeted as Lionheart has been, but in numbers, the establishment, will be dealing with the masses, and it is the masses that speak for Britain, not the officials - Britain belongs to the people, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Thanyou Joanne

for acknowledging my posts

And yes you are absolutely right, the people of this nation need to do exactly that.

However I fear that whatever is organized would be hijacked by right wing activists.

And it would turn into a bloodshed and guess who will get the blame.

My Proposal is that we go a slightly different route that cannot be upstaged in the same way.

If we all speak with one voice, and approach the media and government, as a highly organized pressure group. With hundreds and thousands if not millions of members, then the powers that be cannot ignore us.

In order to do this we need to rally under one banner and the internet is a perfect vehicle for such a campaign group.

Add to this Internet campaign people on the streets all over England gathering signatures, backing our proposals.

Then we stand a chance of shaping the Policy of each political party in order to get our vote.

They will be falling over themselves trying to accommodate us and would form, the basis of many a discussion in the halls of power.

But we need to move quickly and galvanize and pool our resources we must contact every sympathetic group and lets form a nationwide strategy.