3 February 2008

A message of support with a sobering thought

Foreword: A sobering thought for any doubters who read my blog or for those of you who are still sitting on the fence not really wanting to believe the truth, because believing the truth would then mean accepting the severity of the situation.

Accept it and join with the rest of us in repeling this modern evil from amongst us for the sake of our children and their futures.

This email of support from a friend, echoes the same message that is spoken by
Brigitte Gabriel who experienced the same in Lebanon.

We in the West must listen to what our friends and allies from different parts of the World are saying to us about this alien culture and religion that has sprung up in our midst.

Lionheart, I really commend you for your courage when others are too afraid to speak up, for the pride you have of your country when others have forgotten or don't care.

I'm middle aged, just like you, actually I'm in my early thirties, I think just like you. I actually was in London in the Islington, Hackney area for seven days less than a week ago.

I've never felt the need to donate to a cause as I did today reading your story and following it for the last week.
I'm an Assyrian Christian, and I emigrated with my family over two decades ago to the US from Turkey.

No matter what religious Moslems and liberals say about Islam being the religion of tolerance and peace, it's not true.

It's a lie to lull uninformed peoples.

My family as well as 95% of my nation fled the middle east, the land of our forefathers for more than 3 millennia because of constant religious persecution and abuse by Moslems. Assyrians are one of the most ancient peoples of the near east, as well as the first people to accept Christianity.

It took 1300 years, but Moslems, through conquest, murder, forced conversion and intimidation have wiped out nearly all Christians of the near east. The greatest example of the not too distant past is the Christian genocide (although some call it the Armenian Genocide) committed by Turks in 1915, where along with Armenians and Greeks, 2/3s of the Assyrian Christian population was massacred.

Would some of the things me and my family experienced living in Turkey I wonder happen to Moslems living in Britain? Like having to take on a fake Turkish name not of one's birth to hide one's faith, like being constantly harassed by people even the milkman who would tell us most sincerely that we were in the wrong path and to come to the one true faith; Islam, like being denied service at businesses for being Christian, while our own businesses were constantly being targeted by police and government officials, like always being discriminated against and being told by people to leave and go back to our own country, as if we were the foreigners, whose ancestors had lived in that land for more than 3 millennia while Turks can claim but 5 centuries.

Wouldn't it be a dark day when a British person wakes up and feels like he is the outsider in his own country.

Haven't peoples of the world learned from history?

A person isn't evil for having pride in his community, his culture, in his language, for being glad of the contributions his culture have made to the world and to want to preserve this culture for his children and grand-children.

Today liberals would call such a person a nationalist, fascist, a racist or xenophobe - I don't agree.

The problem is that Europe and the West have lost their way over the last 100 years, it takes people like you (and yes me when I can) to remind them.


God Bless,



Anonymous said...

Exactly. What better summary of the future in Britain as it is, could we need?

Anonymous said...

Churchill's parrot has expertly defined that subtle line between attempting to preserve one's own invaluable culture, and simple racism -- a line which our Muslim and Marxist enemies are keen to obscure.