14 February 2008

Moslem's - If you dont like our way of life, then LEAVE

Foreword: A Journalist who is not afraid to speak the truth within this crazy politically correct society that Britain has now become.

Why should the British people give up their way of life and system of living that has been built and fought for over many centuries, just because of this new alien religious force that has war and conquest at the core of its belief system that is now flexing its muscles on account of the inspiration they recieve from their Islamic leaders from around the world like Osama Bin Laden and Omar Bakri.

British Moslems did murder their innocent neighbours on 7/7 on behalf of Al Qaeda after all, as a way of terrorising our society into giving into their every day Islamic demands - Give them an inch and they take a mile!

This alien religious force within todays modern British society has duped our modern liberal Marxist leaders into a position of surrender and Dhimmitude, using every piece of freedom they have been allowed within our civilised, progressive, and free, 21st Century Judeo/Christian society.

The Sharia Law is the only way of life for a true Moslems life to be ruled.

Their only aim is to transform our society into one ruled by Islam and Sharia Law no matter how long that takes, for their future children, this is the divine obligation of the followes of this alien religious force.

2 Kingdoms now living upon the one tiny Island and only one will live on into the future, the battle for the Heart & Soul of this once Great Nation truly has begun.

Journalists like Patrick O'Flynn - Speaking up for Britain - is doing just that, speaking up for Britain.

Read this excellent article that captures the mood of the silent majority within Great Britain.

I pray that Almighty God will keep this man safe and give him the courage to write more of the same, capturing the 'heart and soul' of the silent majority within Great Britain.

If they do not like it here living our British way of life then its time they packed their bags and left, travelling back to their ancestral home lands from whence they came because the British people will not be bullied and forced by this invading alien religious force into handing their way of life over at any cost.

Our children and grandchildren depend on us, the civilised citizens of the United Kingdom.

When they first arrived upon our beautiful green shores we never knew of their ultimate intentions because we viewed them as peaceful guests, a people who were privilaged to be here amongst us feeding from the fat of our land, now there is a few million of their Islamic descendents and religious brothers and sisters who are now living here from the 4 corners of the World things have changed and the truth is finally being revealed. We now have an Islamic army that is devestatingly entrenched within our land, camped throughout the Nation who are ideologically inspired by this generations global Islamic leaders who are calling for and conducting the global Jihad (the greatest in history) to destroy the West (me and you) in this generation.

We are now well aware of who these guests are, and what they think about us because of what their holy book teaches them to think, and their murderous warmongering intentions towards us, our homeland and our way of life.

You cannot ignore the facts.

This Marxist Labour government chooses to bury its head in the sand pretending that reality is not reality, for political gain. Take the renaming of Islamic terrorism to anti-Islamic activity as a prime example of changing reality to suit Labour's Marxist political agenda.

Smoke and Mirrors!

Daily Express:
IT WAS the Church of England’s Gerald Ratner moment, wasn’t it?

A comprehensive trashing of the brand by the guy meant to be spreading the word.

Whatever Rowan Williams does from here on in, his call for Britain to accommodate the Islamic legal system of sharia law is what he will always be remembered for.

With the General Synod now in full swing, perhaps the time has come for non-Anglicans to withdraw from intruding on private grief because there is a far bigger and scarier problem to be considered in the wake of Dr Williams’s outburst than the shambles that is the CofE.

It is this: while the Arch­bishop and his fellow travellers spout their nonsense, the leaders of British Islam still don’t appreciate the degree to which their behaviour is despised by the majority of the public.

"Our hospitality is being abused by radical Islam."

Unless they give up their obsession with grievance and victimhood and instead under­stand the need to integrate and contribute positively, Britain will slide towards segregation and civil strife.

There are plenty of opinion polls which highlight the views of the estimated two million Muslims in this country. Apparently, 40 per cent wish to live under sharia law. But there never seem to be any polls highlighting what the rest of us think about the Muslims in our midst. I wonder why?

Consider which of these statements best reflects your own view:

a) Britain would be a better country if there were more Muslims living here.

b) There is the right number of Muslims in Britain to serve the country’s interests.

c) It would be preferable if Britain did not have a large Muslim population at all.

Got an answer yet? I bet it wasn’t A. The ferocity and extent of the backlash against Dr Williams demonstrates that the British people feel their hospitality has been abused and will brook no further compromise with radical Islam.

A profit-and-loss account of the impact of Islam on Britain will quickly demonstrate why.

On an economic level, the impact of Britain’s Muslims is massively negative. Research shows Muslim communities are typified by heavy levels of welfare dependency and low levels of wealth creation.

A report last year by the Left-wing Institute for Public Policy Research found that fewer than half of adults from four of the biggest Muslim groups here – Somalis, Bangla­deshis, Turks and Pakistanis – are in employment.

Continue reading: If you dont like it LEAVE


Anonymous said...

The window of opportunity for voluntary repatriation is passing.

"If you don't like it LEAVE" will have to be replaced by a simple "YOU WILL LEAVE", if necessary at the point of fixed bayonets well greased with bacon fat.

Joanne said...

"Though Britain’s Muslim population will continue to rapidly expand, it will for many years remain a minority. So in any head-on clash, Muslims are bound to come off worse."

I don't agree with this author's statement - it may give the British a false sense of security. It does not take many to terrorize the masses.

Lionheart said...

I agree Joanne, it only took 19 to change the modern World with a population of 6 billion, and it only took 4 to murder 52, injure 700 and terrorise Tony Blairs Labour government into appeasement and Dhimmitude.

These modern terrorist cells consist of a few and harm many.

This reporters comments is probably based on his thinking of when the British people erupt and retaliate because of this minority.

A head on clash.

Anonymous said...

a man with a "black beanie" shoots 17 at a northern illinois college then shoots himself.

no further details provided by the dhimmi NBC television news.

does anyone venture to wager that a moslem is the culprit who acted in the name of ISLAM?

please update if any reader has new facts.

if i am wrong, then of course i stand corrected, but it does not diminish the fact the our mainstream media will not criticize islam!!!

for shame.

truthseaker said...

As has been said in the article if they do not like it then leave. There are no locks on the entrance door to the country ( its a shame that as it may well have stopped them coming in, in the first place ) All we ask is they shut the door on the way out, oh & to spread the word that its not as fantastic as those trying to come have been told.

We do not have barbed wire around the beaches any more, again that's a great shame. If they got cut trying to get in they might go back to where they came from. It really get to me when the liberaty brigade start to shout racists racists, when its far from the case. I do not think that many of those who are against the islamification of this Country are against immigration to this country. They are not against people of other races & even beliefs coming into this country, that's if they are willing to work for this country & with those who are part of this country for the benefits that this brings.

I do not think many people are against that. What they are against though is when these who come to this country then try to take it over for there own gains, that is what is happening with islam & muslims. They are trying to take over this country for islam as the quran tells them to. It is quite clear in the quran & I am sure that anyone with half a brain can read that for themselves. I ask one thing & one thing only, that is when are those in power within this country going to finally admit that they where wrong about islam & so then start to do something about it all & stop this islamification of our country.

Anonymous said...

they are never going to admit to anything.

I keep telling you they have sold us out.

They are orchestrating the islamisation of Britain!!

Gordon Brown along with man of straw, and the rest of the PC liberal loony brigade are bringing about the total and utter destruction of a nation and its way of life.

Brown is the chief architect, determined at any cost after chasing leadership for years to succeed where TB failed.


So he sold his soul to Satan (Grand mufti of Saudi)

It is now up to the British public to ensure the future safety and security of our nation

thankfully there are those in the upper echelons of power, that not only recognise the problem but are prepared to take action.

Question is how far are they prepared to go.

How far are the good people of this nation prepared to go, in order to secure our future.

I have stated from the beginning of my campaign that
Borders must be closed
Mosques must be closed
And ALL practising muslims deported.

I stand by those comments

And anything short of that will result in disaster, and bloodshed for the British public

I should of course say prolonged disaster for the British public.

As I fully expect that this Evil horde will mobilize and attack whenever and wherever they can.

So the quicker we can get rid ourselves of this menace the better.

Now having said all that, what people are still not taking into account is the quickening of events nuclear and open warfare that are unfolding in the M.E.

I have already stated both here and in the express of what Iran are up to regards their nuclear program. Their intentions are very clear, and we better wake up to that fact.

Anonymous said...

"If you don't like it leave" is on everybody's lips.
NuLab is paying them to stay (and vote)

Anonymous said...

Their true face was glimpsed for the first time on these shores, when they brutally killed over fifty citizens and vistors to London alike.
The same thoughts were in everyones hearts and the Nation was prpared to take action.
The strength of feeling in factories, homes, offices and the Streets was the same,"They have gone to far now."
Then the Labour cronies had to dream up a diversion scheme and the poor fellow Jimenez was sacrifised (whether accidentally or not, I know not)to divert peoples thoughts from the reality of what had happened.
Another blow will bring that feeling closer to the surface and then Nu-Labour and the advocates of the destruction of Britain's traditional values, the multicultists and the racist anti-British goons-squad will see there dreams evaporate in smoke as the terrorists strike again.

Anonymous said...

hi there,
i'm new in this forum and i speak french but i am a swiss citizen, so forgive me for my spelling mistakes.
As we all know here, everywhere in Europe and in the world, the muslim try to kill us slowly, by changing our politics or by killing here and there some individuals in the streets, raping our womans and threatening those who speak agains them.
Our cowards politicians dont do a thing to protect us.
Worst, they try to silence us by putting us in jail or giving us fines for speaking about it.
We cannot win this war against 1 billions muslims and probably 450 millions fanatics.
We are just a few who understand the danger here.
I dont have any answer on how to win this war, but one thing i know for shure is that i will not wait for them to come in my house and cut my throat, rape my wife and kill my little daugthers.
Since last year, i join a shooting club and i get a gun licence because i have no criminal records, so the police gave me the 'go' for having this privilege.
I am practicing twice a week, shooting many diferent kinds of guns and riffles, from Glock 17, Sig Sauer, beretta, to Kalashnikov and M16 without to forget 'pump guns' and FAS90 the swiss army riffle.
i'm practicing how to load 17 bullets in a magasin in less then 15 sec, or to shoot on a 25 meter target a full magasin in less the 15 sec with all the bullets in the target, and if possible in the head.
All my money, my salary, is going for that.
I dont even try to save money, i just spend the few coins that i have left at the end of the month, to practice, practice to kill.

All that, to tell you, that we are on our own in this one. There is no 'knights army' who will rise and come to save Europe. Nobody will come.
USA is glad to see Europe loosing the battle and loosing so much money on security and social service for our immigration.
If Europe is going down, it's good for America and Asia, and even better for the muslims.
Noone will come and save us.
So we must prepar on our own for our safety and start to understand that the muslims will take control of our society sooner then we expect.
With a good weapons knowledges, i can at list kill as many bastards as possible when the day of the uprising will come.
No mercy !
I will go down the streets and shoot on every muslim that i see, children and women include !
If my way of life is destroyed, if my familly has to die, if i have to get killed, this is the will of God, but at list i die with the honnor of killing as many of those barbarians fashistes with me.
And even on the other side, in Heaven, i will start a coalition that will throw them in Hell and to destroy them again if it is possible...

So Get Ready for this journey.
It's going to be a long, hard and bloody journey, trying to kill as many as possible before leaving this planet.

Take care and Good Luck !

A man that is born for this war....