14 February 2008

A Leader of the British people emerges

The coming U.S - U.K diplomatic row.

"Prince Andrew tells the Americans 'You should have listened' over Iraq. "

I wonder what the American's position is on 'free speech' and whether the U.K government should listen to them about the God given right that is enshrined in the American constitution stating that every human being should be allowed to speak freely and openly, especially in relation to speaking about the global War on Terror.

Or are we meant to listen to this Loony Marxist British government that tells us there is 'no' War on Terror, and that all Islamic terrorist attacks are merely
anti -Islamic terrorist activity, and that those who say otherwise are racist neo-Nazi's who should be imprisoned for saying such nonsense - Pull the other one!

I wonder what Prince Andrews position is on what is happening to my
local community that has a wealth of Royal history. Does he sit back in his luxury and say "oh that’s a poor state of affairs old fellow" and then get back on with his life of splendor, or does he really care about what is happening on the ground to his own country of which his Family are the Sovereign Rulers.

I wonder whether he cares that someone like me, an English peasant is being
arrested for standing up and speaking out against what is going on in my community, in relation to the global War on Terror - Islam's modern global Jihad

Was 7/7 a figment of my
imagination or did Al Qaeda really declare War on Great Britain from Luton where I live, using British born Moslems to murder and maime innocent people in their quest to conquer the World for Islam and establish the Caliphate from one end of the Earth to the other.

Daily Mail:
Prince Andrew has launched an unprecedented attack on George Bush's administration for failing to listen to British advice over the Iraq war.

He said the consequences of the conflict had fuelled a "healthy skepticism" towards Washington and a feeling of "why didn't anyone listen to what was said and the advice that was given?".

The criticism by the prince, who begins a tour of the U.S. as the UK's "trade ambassador" next week, is an extraordinary departure from protocol.

Members of the Royal Family are expected to refrain from public comment on sensitive international and political issues.

The 47-year-old prince, talking to the International Herald Tribune on the eve of his ten-day trip, said Britain's imperial history meant it had already experienced the challenges facing the U.S.

He said: "If you are looking at colonialism, if you are looking at operations on an international scale, if you are looking at understanding each other's culture, understanding how to operate in a military insurgency campaign - we have been through them all.

"We've won some, lost some, drawn some. The fact is there is quite a lot of experience over here which is valid and should be listened to."

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Americans should have listened


Joanne said...

I find it rather amusing that Prince Andrew is perplexed that the Americans did not listen and take to heart the knowledge the British had gained from previous experience in Iraq....it is the Americans, after all.

I think it is about time the royal family spoke up on anything really; it is about time before they become obsolete. Quite frankly, prophecy is on the side of the royal family, so perhaps the Queen is just humbly awaiting for Jesus to take care of business. Now Queen Elizabeth the 1st wouldn't stand for what is happening in Britain right now and would have already taken the bull by the horns, so to speak.

Lionheart, you are not a peasant, and I am sure the royal family is well-aware of the goings on - now if they would just speak up and be counted, I believe the people would be behind them.

Dymphna said...

Actually, the Brits are mad at us re the differences of opinion the US/Brit military have on handling the kind of conflict that has become Iraq.

They're even madder that Petraeus' tactics are paying off.

As for the Queen, I do wish she had a tenth of the spine of Queen Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who chastised everyone, including herself, for being "lazy" (her word) about making sure the immigrants were assimilated.

Were you Danish, you'd still be home, and free. They have more liberal free speech than the US.

Dymphna said...

Oh, btw, the American rumor is that Bonny Prince C. has already 'reverted' to Islam.

Denise said...

I left my comment on that piece. I wonder if they'll publish it? I doubt it.

Ronbo said...

If Prince William is serious about becoming King he could get the hated Prince Charles Daddy out of the way by playing the anti-Islam/Nationalist Card with a series of speeches. How could he be stopped? The British People are looking for leadership and where better to find that leadership than in a member of the Royal Family?

Anonymous said...

I would never presume to offend the Royal Family when posting on a UK site, and being a Yank. It would not be very polite or express how much I admire our cousins across the pond.

Lecturing my President is the right of anyone living outside of Islam since we fight, and some die protecting our freedoms and those of others. I will just say that the war in Iraq was something that had to be done, and I expect there will be plenty of further conflicts all hopefully outside of the USA and Britain. Showing the seventh century mentality that we are willing to fight for freedom is sadly the only thing they understand. The US seems to be taking the fight to Islam, and I hope we continue no matter who thinks that is not the proper thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget our own Tony Blair's role in the decision to invade Iraq.
He was the smoothing oil on International concern.
My view is it was the right war for the wrong reasons.
Oh, there weren't any reasons, I forgot.
Lets face it the Seals or SAS could have got rid of Saddham.
The result could not have been worse.
Remember the motif for the hero in "Apocalypse Now?"
Going into the jungle to take out a renegade who was once on Americas side.
When America does deals with the Devil to win a war by proxy, (Mudjhadeen/Afghanistan/Soviets,)there comes a time when it backfires.
Then we all pay.
Better an open war than fostering bin ladins.