16 February 2008

“We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization"

Thank you anonymous for leaving this link in my comments section.

Foreword: Yesterday the British public were made aware of the RUSI report that stated to the British government that the Defence of the Realm was the No1 priority now for Great Britain - Is it too late though?

This is a subtle way of saying we are now at War and the future of our Nation is now at stake.

This is a completely different type of war than any previous, and it is being fought with a different style of warfare, that is the consequence of the evolution of warfare, from legions of armies with swords and spears on the battlefield 1000's of years ago, to the present day with small cells of soldiers carrying out massive acts of murder and carnage, with the potential of using modern weapons with chemical, nuclear or biological capabilities.

The ultimate aims, objectives and consequences of war and warfare never change though.

This is not Hollywood, this is the reality of the modern world in which we now live, and an offensive war has been declared, and is being conducted against us, an enemy that is seeking for the complete and total destruction of our way of life so that Islam can rule the World as is commanded by the false prophet Mohamed through the Koran.

Many will not believe those facts, but thank God there are people out there who do know the facts, we can only hope that those who do know the facts will help those of us who are on the ground in the frontlines of this new and perceived
'Long War'.

The United Kingdom at this moment in time from my perception, is lost, people go about their daily lives because this modern enemy does not effect their day to day routine and the false bubble of 'peace & security' that they live in, the enemy has blended into the fabric of our society and is feeding from our land, whilst all along systematically using our democratic system and way of life against us as part of their warfare so as to subdue us and implement and enforce their Islamic way of life upon our society, with our modern leaders appeasing them and actually helping them with the process.

The armies of Islam within Britain are grouped, they have a well oiled guerilla war machine in place on the ground, they are trained, they are radicalised and they are already conducting warfare against British society on a daily basis.

We who they are fighting against cannot even 'write' about this modern warfare that is being conducted against us which is unfolding within our society because they use the laws of our land as weapons of their warfare to silence and then imprison us - What hope have we if 'we the people' cannot even talk about this 'Long War' that concerns us, our future and our children?

We are doomed to defeat!!!

There are many sides to a this new 'Long War' because it is on a global scale, with different Nations and people having their own objectives but siding with one another because of the end results - When the dust settles who do you want to be standing with in the New World Order of things?

War is to the end of our way of life and civilisation or our enemies, and the new enemy we face is on a much larger scale than the enemy we faced in Hitler and his Nazi party during WW2. This military force is global spanning the 4 corners of the World, it has a human cess pool of almost 2 billion with which to draw its army of suicidal psychopaths from, and it is being driven with a religious belief that it is ordained by god to conquer the World for him and subdue it under his rule no matter how long it takes them, and that there is nothing that pleases their god more than for them to die in the process of killing us, with their god honouring them with 72 daily virgins for their human sacrifice - How can we not call them suicidal psychopaths?

'We are in a new phase of a very old War', the end game, or final quarter of that 'Long War'.

Every side and country involved in War has a military strategy to obtain Victory, below are some excerpts taken from a letter to the American Senate from The Honorable James Woolsey, Vice President, Global Strategic Security Division. The whole letter is linked and gives you an insight into some of the facts behind the military strategy that our Western Civilisation is now facing from our modern enemy.

We are at War and their can only be one winner at the end of it and death and destruction is the name of the game, exactly like every other war our world has ever known, this is no different, the only difference is that it is happening now in our generation, so Victory or Defeat rests in our hands and not our forefathers who we look back on who have already played their part in establishing and building our Western Civilisation that we now live in.

Where do you stand and who do you stand with?

"We face at least two fanatical theocratic totalitarian movements in the Middle East today. Both, with the sponsorship or assistance in some cases by regimes in the region, have attacked us in recent years. One explicitly states that it wishes to destroy us, the other that it wishes to drive us from the Middle East and ultimately to incorporate us in a world-wide caliphate, a theocracy operating under the movement’s version of ancient Islamic Law."

"Such totalitarian visions seem crazy to most of us; we thus tend to underestimate their potency. Yet these current theocratic totalitarian dreams have some features in common with both the secular totalitarian dreams of the twentieth century, e.g., the Nazis' Thousand Year Reich and the Communists' World Communism and with the one powerful twentieth century totalitarian movement that had a religious component, Japanese Imperialism. These twentieth century totalitarian movements produced tens of millions of deaths in part because, at least in their early stages, they engendered "fire in the minds of men" in Germany, Japan, Russia, and China and were able to establish national bases. This century’s Shi’ite theocratic totalitarians in the Middle East have had such a national base for over 25 years in Iran and the Sunni totalitarians had one for the better part of a decade in Afghanistan. In addition Wahhabism, one variety of Sunni theocratic totalitarianism, has been the state religion of Saudi Arabia for some eight decades. None of these groups has attained the Nazis', Japanese Imperialists’ and Communists' death totals yet, but this is principally due to lack of power, not to less murderous or less totalitarian objectives."

"One of its stated objectives is, quite explicitly, to destroy us. At a large “World Without Zionism” conference recently in Tehran President Ahmadinejad stated that “a world without Zionism and America . . . . surely can be achieved.” President Ahmadinejad’s expressed view is that it is his mission to help bring about, by mass killings, conditions for the return of the Mahdi and thereafter the end of the world. The chief of strategy for Ahmadinejad, Hassan Abbassi, has said: “We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization . . . we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front by means of our suicide operations or means of our missiles. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them. . . . Once we have defeated the Anglo-Saxons the rest will run for cover.”

"Our enemies’ ideology is religiously rooted and is thus central to their behavior. Many adherents of these movements have no fear of death – indeed they welcome it – and it sustains them in both hatred and patience. I would judge that their next attack on the US will be larger than that of 9/11 (each al Qaeda attack on us has been, in an important sense, larger and more audacious than the one before), and that they care very little whether it is this year or next – the key thing is that they be as sure as they can be that it will damage us badly and, among other things, lead us to withdraw from the Middle East."

"Far from being safe behind our shores we have already been invaded, albeit not occupied, and we live on the battlefield. Our enemy has already attacked New York and Washington, and in the case of the Ahmedinejad regime, quite possibly augmented by Hezbollah, its Chief of Strategy has said that the “29 sensitive sites” in the US and the West have already been “spied out” and that he knows how he will attack them. As for negotiations, sometimes even during periods of major tension between our governments during arms control negotiations in Vienna or Geneva, I would take my Soviet counterpart out to dinner, treat him to a nice bottle of wine, and end up trading jokes with him. President Ahmedinejad, Osama bin Laden, and Saudi Arabia’s most senior Wahhabis would, to put it mildly, be unlikely to agree to such tension-reducing conviviality with any representatives of their movements. "

Full Letter:
Wartime Executive Power

Further reading: British power stations are a target


Anonymous said...

Tell me. Which religion is it when to respect the word of Christ the Lord, and yet to not "support" the homosexual druggie usurer state of Israel?

I know "Christianity" is when you fain belief in Jesus; but really really adore the Christ-hating jews, the same jews who push the England destroying multicultural bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I heard that less that 300 people attended the "Islamist" terrorist conference in Dallas Texas two weeks ago. (Why are word games employed? Is it to infer that regular "Islam" is harmless?)
A falacious strategy in my opinion.

There should have been tens if not hundreds of thousands attending and showing their concern and support for those speaking out.

Of course, at $149.00 for admission to the conferences, it would have left many out and it did. These conferences should be made much more affordable and not marketed for the elites of society only.
Why not make them available on a donation basis or for a nominal cost?

It wouldn't take much to bring the west to its knees: just knock out numerous power plants. how long could you survive w/o electricity in our modern world? it would bring mass panic and utter turmoil.

well just airing my thoughts tonite.

the attitude of the general population has to change in order to bring sufficient pressure on our leaders to DO SOMETHING. But aren't they all in the pocket of the Moslems already?

Our only hope is in Christ: the world is on a suicidal course with destiny.

forrest shalom

Celtic Crusader said...

this is an email i left on 'little green footballs' blogsite, after i saw was a bitch-fest attacking Lionheart after he criticised them for criticising his support of bnp.These are well-to-do fake anti-islam for the most part, who have nothing to lose and for whom their comments are a hobby:

the difference between lgf and Lionheart is background. lgf is more privileged at the expense of street reality and Lionheart has street reality at the expense of education/articulation. hence lgf supporters are of a cretain type- usually smug college educated conservatives who have the luxury to lambast all around them, especially those who are on the same side of the fence but are seen to be inferior. i.e lower social,financial,educational standing. Somehow it is then taken as effrontery, the attention that they seem to see as theirs and theirs alone has been usurped by an undesireable- at least the tone of the anti-Lionheart people suggests a smug superiority and arrogance. I would not go to lgf types to find out the barometer of muslim society and what they think and what islam is about- i would go to Lionheart types who may actually be able to give me practical as well as ideological info on what i can expect walking through a muslim suburb. that info can only be got from individuals who have spent some time at the level of the street - not by those who get from A to B in wheeled transport. the drive everywheres have a much more cosseted unrealistic view of the liklihood of threat. Lionheart for his lack of education has probably more wisdom and knowledge/experience than lgf and most of lgf supporters. I would pay heed to him before any of you. you all yes..all sound very smug...too educated for your own good with not much wisdom, common sense or humility. when you see that you know people are full of something and it aint good. In short, your heads are up your arses and you're full of shit.In essence you're little cosy smug cossetted frat house is miffed and your noses have been snubbed and hissy fitting that a ne'er-do-well is getting more attention.In truth your ego's are dented. nothin worse when the gates are opened by treacherous weasels from within, you twats are the enemy within-fraudsters occupying a cosy perch sniping at those who put their lives on the line.!


Celtic Crusader said...

yes i spelt the word 'certain' wrong on purpose- because there aint nothin certain about those treacherous cretins.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, how do we fight this war? Someone with your knowledge should be useful for MI5 surely. Now that your in America, maybe you could approach the CIA, because America is nervously watching what is happening in England.

Lionheart said...

Good to see you Forrest, as the article states, they already have the plans in place to knock out our infrastructure and destroy our way of life, our economy and living conditions i expect.

The same as we have the knowledge to knock out theres, the only difference being is that ultimately they do not care about what happens to them just so long as they destroy us in the process.

Also with Osama Bin Laden, his network is global within no Nation state power structure so there can be no tit for tat retalitory strikes.

Thanks for the support Celtic Crusader, foul is the only word i can use for that website, thanks for standing with me, what ever you witnessed must have incensed you enough to write your email, its not a nice sight or sound over there, you have to be evil to get involved in that hate fest.

It only took 9 Knights to change the ancient World, those people can spew and the hatred they want, but it will not change the truth.

God bless you

The British state want to arrest me for this blog anonymous, i am an undesirable :)

It is too late for America, the damage has already been done in relation to your supposed closest allie, the question is about how to clear up the mess and contain the problem.

400,000 Pakistani's Moslems travelling freely between Pakistani every year and then travelling freely between America for the past 20 years.

Modern warfare, being fought by stealth, terrorist attacks are only one weapon in the Jihad.

The armies of Islam are already amassed within Britain, the final outpost of Eurabia and stepping stone into the Greatest battlefield of the 21st Century - America

The greatest Jihad in the history of Islam is now upon us - The global Jihad

The battle to the End

Anonymous said...

'anonymous' of 1st Comment:

Do try to take something to render yourself more coherent. The mumbo-jumbo of your comments is almost incomprehensible, except for the insulting garbage on Israel and British Jews.

How dare you pontificate such rubbish, you ignorant nincompoop!

I wonder where all your hatred, ignorance & mendacious nonsense about Israel/the UK Jews spring from?

I doubt you could be a REAL, TRUE, BELIEVING 'Christian' when such BS pours out of you against Jews, especially British Jews it seems.

Pray, enlighten me as to WHICH British Jews? A few, or all, 300,000 of them? Names please.

True I now live in Israel but I am still British. Part of the reason I 'fled' to Israel was because of people like you who, only when they realized I was Jewish, turned against me and made my schooldays a misery. But, before they learnt I was Jewish, I was really popular and obviously didn't 'look' or 'behave' like their idea of a
stereotypical 'Jew".

It was their meanness,their verbal and physical aggressiveness, which made me seek out that 'f****** home country' they always demanded I 'return to'!

So when it became possible, I took their advice. I had already decided that if I ever had any children, I did not what them to go through what I had gone through for being a Jewish girl in a land to which I was assured I did not

Neverthess, I still feel very much British and, in spite you and your ilk, love & care for the British people as I care for my own. Most British people, Thank Our Mutual God, are good and decent and do not hate the Jews nor Israel. In other words, they are definitely NOT like you at all.

On the other hand, you may be an undercover Moslem, spewing forth vicious hateful libels to stir up out-dated antagonism between Christians and Jews.

After all, it can't be pleasant for Christian- and Jew-despising Moslems to see how, over the past few decades, a movement of REAL Christians has begun implementing the long-overdue process of Reconciliation between the 'older brother' (Judaism & the 'Old' Testament)& the 'younger'brother
(Christianity & the NT teachings of the Israeli-Judaean Jew,Yeshua/

I've been part of the Jewish side of that Reconciliation Movement in Israel right from the start.I have many Christian friends here in Israel & indeed all over the world.

They & We together will face & fight the hordes of hatefilled, terrorists & warmongers and, in the final run...it is WE WHO WILL OVERCOME and sit on the right-hand side of Messiah when he rules from his throne in Jerusalem.

Shame you won't be there to enjoy that wonderful future on earth for you will have been unceremoniously flung down into Hell together with all those rebellious Satan worshippers to burn for eternity.

And serve you right.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

hi there,
i'm new in this forum and i speak french but i am a swiss citizen, so forgive me for my spelling mistakes.
As we all know here, everywhere in Europe and in the world, the muslim try to kill us slowly, by changing our politics or by killing here and there some individuals in the streets, raping our womans and threatening those who speak agains them.
Our cowards politicians dont do a thing to protect us.
Worst, they try to silence us by putting us in jail or giving us fines for speaking about it.
We cannot win this war against 1 billions muslims and probably 450 millions fanatics.
We are just a few who understand the danger here.
I dont have any answer on how to win this war, but one thing i know for shure is that i will not wait for them to come in my house and cut my throat, rape my wife and kill my little daugthers.
Since last year, i join a shooting club and i get a gun licence because i have no criminal records, so the police gave me the 'go' for having this privilege.
I am practicing twice a week, shooting many diferent kinds of guns and riffles, from Glock 17, Sig Sauer, beretta, to Kalashnikov and M16 without to forget 'pump guns' and FAS90 the swiss army riffle.
i'm practicing how to load 17 bullets in a magasin in less then 15 sec, or to shoot on a 25 meter target a full magasin in less the 15 sec with all the bullets in the target, and if possible in the head.
All my money, my salary, is going for that.
I dont even try to save money, i just spend the few coins that i have left at the end of the month, to practice, practice to kill.

All that, to tell you, that we are on our own in this one. There is no 'knights army' who will rise and come to save Europe. Nobody will come.
USA is glad to see Europe loosing the battle and loosing so much money on security and social service for our immigration.
If Europe is going down, it's good for America and Asia, and even better for the muslims.
Noone will come and save us.
So we must prepar on our own for our safety and start to understand that the muslims will take control of our society sooner then we expect.
With a good weapons knowledges, i can at list kill as many bastards as possible when the day of the uprising will come.
No mercy !
I will go down the streets and shoot on every muslim that i see, children and women include !
If my way of life is destroyed, if my familly has to die, if i have to get killed, this is the will of God, but at list i die with the honnor of killing as many of those barbarians fashistes with me.
And even on the other side, in Heaven, i will start a coalition that will throw them in Hell and to destroy them again if it is possible...

So Get Ready for this journey.
It's going to be a long, hard and bloody journey, trying to kill as many as possible before leaving this planet.

Take care and Good Luck !

A man that is born for this war....

Lionheart said...

Well said Anonymous Lady.

God bless you

truthseaker said...

Anonymous Lady your words stand as a tower for all true believers of our God YHWH & His son & our Saviour Yeshua. I truly pray that you are blessed for your words & also all you may well be doing in Israel to bring together both Jews & Christians, keep up the great work & down let idiots get you down.

As for the think tank now stated what we have all known as the obvious for so long now, is. Well lets just say, is it trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted. Or am I wrong in that assumption, please correct me if I am. We all see day in & day out the evidence that is islam & the truth of what the muslims are doing & have been doing in this country & still those power that rule over us ( you all know the ones, the three blind deaf & dumb monkeys ) Do nothing.

The intelligence org's in our country have known the truth for years now. They must have been passing what they know onto those in power. So, maybe this is a daft statement though, why on earth has nothing been done up to now about this whole pathetic situation. Why have these evil vile creatures not been stopped. Why have these people been aloud in this country when they must have known from the start what they are & who they are.

I know I keep saying this & you all must be fed up with it by now, but that is all I can say is God Help us all, coz we need it. Boy do we need it badly. Lionheart keep up the great work & all you others as well, we need to get the truth out to as many as possible & as quick as possible as well.

By the way every time I try to post a comment I keep being kicked out & I have to re subscribe each time. Am I being kicked off this blog or is there something wrong with the system.

Lionheart said...

Thanks for the comments truthseeker.

Its a problem with the blog, i have had the problem myself and someone else has mentioned it.

Best thing to do is write it then copy it just in case.

God bless

Anonymous said...

i think the war against islam could be won IF someone with the means to do it would do what is necessary.

moslems worship an idol called 'allah', so simply destroy the idol and faith in islam will collapse. this would cause the fewest casualties as i for one do not relish a street to street nor house to house fight with moslem barbarians.

is a concerned nuclear submarine triggerman stationed off the coast of saudi arabia listening?

if so you know what to do and do it fo the good of your children.

forrest shalom

Joanne said...

All we need to change this world is me and thee, and quite frankly, thee doesn't even need me. People need to put their trust in the Lord, he does not falter. The only failings of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, and the Gentiles with them, was they did not follow God's laws and statues; otherwise, they were strong warriors prepared for battle at all costs.

The Swiss citizen is preparing himself to be in a position to protect himself and his family - I hope others are doing the same. Remember that there are countries where every male and sometimes females all receive compulsory military training - such as Russia, etc.

"Why have these evil vile creatures not been stopped. Why have these people been aloud in this country when they must have known from the start what they are & who they are." by truthseaker

You sound like a God-fearing individual - you should know why this is happening to us. I know people hate to hear it, but God is punishing us for our iniquities, but we will turn back to God and he will save us.

Joanne said...

"There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them. . . . Once we have defeated the Anglo-Saxons the rest will run for cover.”"

Doesn't this just 'piss' you off!

Lionheart said...

Yep, but this is War, even though the British government deny it.

They have surrendered us and our country to the Moslem minority living within Great Britain.

Appeasement and Dhimmitude.

truthseaker said...

Joanne, thank you for your words. Yes I do try to be a God fearing individual & yes as you say I do know why we in this country are going through what we now are. I would be surprised however if many more do truly know why.

I some time ago was given a DVD to watch on that very subject, I was absolutely astounded when I did watch this DVD. I could not believe what I was watching & what was done by this country to the Jews & to Israel. I would advise anyone to watch this DVD if they got the chance, it will open peoples eyes. The name of this DVD is The Forsaken Promise, it is in 4 sections & shows what happened to the Jews & Israel & what this Country did to them, I was close to tears when watching this. If anyone gets the chance please see this DVD & after watching this DVD you will see why we are now in the position we now are & why we lost the Empire so fast.