12 June 2012

Some basic logic for Norwegian psychiatrist

Quote: If Breivik think he has had meetings he has had, and think he has talked to people who are not, he has a psychosis. But if Breivik boasts of a network and secret meetings to appear larger and more dangerous than he is, or to give meaning and importance to his unsuccessful expedition diamond is not Breivik psychotic. When he is just a phony, or a person with a need to inflate his importance and success - or an image-busy "selling" of fascist ideology.

I liked that one it was a good assumption that covered both bases. Firstly it gave the first set of State sanctioned psychiatrists a get out clause for their report that nobody believes in and Secondly it endorsed the Norwegian police’s ‘official’ claim of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one line.

It is only a professional assumption though, and it is completely contradicted by another psychiatrist who does believe that Breivik is connected to other people which is what I agree with.

Quote: Defense Geir Lippestad asked IPS about her thoughts on the Knights Templar, the organization Breivik said to belong to. Police do not believe that the organization exist. - I have drawn the conclusion that he met some people. Some guys have met and there has been a kind of mixed blood, so many guys are doing.

Simple logic says that over the space of 10 years and an international itinerary that spanned several continents Breivik met like minded people along the way, the question is whether or not he is connected to anyone behind his terrorist attacks either mentally or physically though.

The Norwegian police have stated that nobody helped Breivik mentally or physically which is endorsed by the first psychiatrist above and propagated through the media for the benefit of public perceptions.

First bit of logic.

Breivik actively sought out physical contact with his Norwegian comrade Fraudman who he named his “2083” manifesto after which is a fact.

If Breivik sought out contact with Fraudman because he was ideologically aligned with him then what are the chances based upon that fact, that Breivik sought out other like minded individuals over the space of 10 years?

Considering he actively sought out Fraudman then it is logical to say he sought out others which contradicts the ‘official’ conclusion.

Second bit of logic.

Breivik boasted in his manifesto that he had 600 EDL and BNP supporters in one of his Facebook accounts, and he posted comments on the EDL forum just before his attacks.

That means he sought out other like minded individuals even if it was only online which agrees with the first bit of logic.

Did he meet any in person is the question that needs answering though.

He also claimed in police interview that Alan Lake’s website Four Freedoms Community is ideologically identical to his planned Knights Templar organisation which links in with the EDL because Lake is the director behind the EDL. The timeline for the countdown to the attacks also coincides with the founding of the EDL.

Alan Lake is the other alleged English ‘mentor’ who has been interviewed by the Norwegian police over his possible role behind Breivik.

Did Breivik attend any EDL demonstrations?

Third bit of logic.

Is it not the Norwegian police who can confirm or deny the existence of any accomplices due to their investigation and not a psychiatrist who does not know the evidence with which to form an opinion over?

A psychiatrist is only forming an opinion based upon conversations and not factual evidence and here you have 2 completely different psychiatrists giving completely contradictory opinions after conversations with Breivik.

Who is right and who is wrong?

I say the one who based their conclusion on basic logic that fits in with their conversations which then calls into question the professional integrity of the first psychiatrist above who has based his professional integrity on the Norwegian polices fundamentally flawed ‘official’ conclusion.

The first one looks good for the Norwegian State media story surrounding Breivik that they want the World to believe though.

Breivik the son of a Norwegian Government diplomat, step son of an Army Major and best friend of a Norwegian Ministry of Defence Lawyer who is connected to no one and was recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mother’s home whilst he was ‘insane’ and playing computer games.

Only the ‘insane’ label has not been upheld by 12 out of 14 court witnesses within the field of psychiatry, with the only 2 upholding that label being the State sanctioned ones who wrote the first report on him which is endorsed by a completely biased Psychiatric Commission that has been perverting the course of justice. Also there are 16 out of a team of 17 who dealt with Breivik in prison who have also stated they saw no sign of psychosis or schizophrenia in him.

That is called a general consensus against the first State sanctioned report and the State sanctioned Psychiatric Commission.

No psychiatrist dealing with Breivik can base any professional opinion on the investigative angle of the case based upon the Norwegian police’s ‘official’ conclusion due to the facts.

After 10 months they could not trace Breivik’s Liberian contacts to pursue that critical line of investigation, in the end it was the Norwegian newspaper VG who traced them in a matter of days. In 10 months they did not know Breivik’s cover name whilst in Liberia which only emerged yesterday when Breivik told them himself. In 10 months they have not looked through all of his email accounts either which includes the one he used for his Liberia trip.

How can you come to an ‘official’ conclusion about something without knowing the evidence?

That is only one line of investigation the Norwegian police have failed to pursue before stating their ‘official’ conclusion.

Breivik has stated that he has 2 Facebook accounts that contain around 8,000 contacts and within them they will find a link to an accomplice, only the Norwegian police have ruled out looking because they say “it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack”.

Another critical line of investigation completely dismissed.

Where did Breivik learn to create a bomb big enough to blow up his Government building?

Or are we meant to believe that he was completely successful first go after downloading an internet recipe that was able to do the large scale damage that it did?

The PST under its old leadership are culpable for Breivik’s attacks because he was flagged by Norwegian Customs after purchasing chemicals for his bomb from Poland but the PST did not do any checks on him after being told to do so.

If they had of done their jobs properly July 22nd 2011 might have been averted and 69 young people would not now be dead with many more injured for life, this also includes the 8 people killed at the Government building.

We all make mistakes, only some not as bad as others.

Fourth bit of logic which calls into question the Norwegian State’s case against Breivik.

Breivik was very active online within the Counter-jihad and Right-wing movement over the space of 10 years which is the whole basis behind his actions and why he is now sitting on trial.

So why has there not been one single person from this political environment who he has been in direct communication with over that space of time now giving evidence in court?

You have players from his online World of Warcraft game he was in communication with giving evidence.

You have personal friends outside of his political World giving evidence.

But not one single person from the political environment he was involved in over the space of 10 years who he was in direct communication with.


He must have been in direct communication with someone (plural) because look at how active online he was, but that completely contradicts the ‘official’ conclusion of the “solo terrorist” connected to no one line which is why nobody he has been in communication with from his political environment online has been called to testify in court.

Instead they want to call players from WoW because that helps endorse through the media the ‘official’ conclusion in the mind of the public of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one who was ‘insane’ and went out and committed his murderous terrorist acts after playing computer games in his bedroom.

Case closed.

State sanctioned trial by media that is nothing more than a kangaroo court with a predetermined goal in sight with all functions of State controlling the case via the "secret group" working towards that goal which then makes you question everything (I have anyway), but those in control of the Breivik case currently control the bigger media platform and nobody wants to seriously criticise the Norwegian State’s case surrounding Breivik even though the evidence is in plain sight.

Fifth piece of logic.

This is the most important piece for me because it is integral to me.

How did I end up being smeared all over the World news by the Norwegian police as being the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik?

Either Breivik was inspired by me which was the part written for me by those behind ‘Operation Breivik’ with them dressing up his actions in the ideology behind me and this blog with intelligent pointers then placed inside the manifesto pointing to me or I was the actual person he met in London in 2002.

I have never met or had any contact with Breivik in my life so I am not the person he met in London in 2002 which rules that out, and the accusation was not that I was his inspiration it was that I was his actual English ‘mentor’. His ideological inspiration is his Norwegian comrade Fraudman who he mentions inside his manifesto 111 times who he named his manifesto after but you never saw their photos next to each other in the papers, and the only ones who claimed I was his inspiration were journalists through the media because that was how those behind Breivik wanted the script to go.

The media story surrounding Breivik for mass public consumption.

All media attention deflected from the real source and reason behind him in the days after the events centering on me with the very real prospect of me being arrested under the prevention of terrorism act and charged with directing or inciting terrorism which they hoped would kill two birds with one stone.

Breivik is a godless militant Nationalist who claims to be upholding Christian values and not a Christian fundamentalist although he professes the clothes of Templarism which is based solely on the Christian faith.

I do not believe that his Knight’s Templar organisation exists in the form he first claimed, what I do believe is that he is connected to “individuals” as part of a secret financially and politically motivated group who are connected to a larger network and they are the ones behind him and the events in Norway and are now using the name Knights Templar.

They are just using the name for the benefit of public perceptions which ties in with them wanting to remove me from being a threat to their continued political agenda by apportioning blame for Breivik upon me based upon the clothes they dressed Breivik up in.

Wolves in sheeps clothing as any Christian will tell you when they look at Breivik who actual says himself he is not a Christian.

Using the name makes the group look bigger than they are when in reality it is a small secretive group attempting to start a much larger organisation and terrorist campaign on the back of ‘Operation Breivik’.

There are untold terrorist groups all over the World today from all different religious and ethnic backgrounds who all have their well established networks in place so why is it out of the realms of possibility that Breivik is part of an already established network who trained him, with him then attempting to start a new terrorist group called Knights Templar with his small secretive group directed by his real English ‘mentor’ which is in-line with everything he says and has done?

Because I knew I was not the English ‘mentor’ from 2002 and I knew I was not accused of being his inspiration (only in the media) I had to think logically about how and why Breivik would carry out a hostile act towards me considering he does not know me personally.

Who had reason and motivation enough to want me removed from being a threat and was part of the same ideological network as Breivik?

The only person is Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake the director behind the EDL who has a political agenda throughout Europe which would mean he is the real English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik.

I gave the Norwegian police a voluntary 15 hour interview over 3 days stating my belief and the reasons for it.

This is another line of investigation completely ignored by the Norwegian police because if proven it would conflict with their ‘official’ conclusion that the Norwegian State controllers of the Breivik case are now stating to the World and means that Breivik is connected to other people, and then a completely different story about Breivik would start to emerge.

They do not want this for some reason.

All evidence that has emerged about Alan Lake over the past 10 months proves that there is suspicion enough to warrant a full and thorough police investigation on him as part of the massacre of a group of innocent young children on their summer camp in the name of politics but up to this point that has not been carried out and the ‘official’ conclusion in Norway prevents that from being carried out because they have closed the doors on other possibilities.

They have not even investigated the case properly so it is no wonder this line of investigation has been completely ruled out too, it is as if they do not want to know the full truth which is why they have covered everything up and attempted to white-wash the whole event, using the media to create the story in the public mind that they want the public to believe.

There are 2 seriously incriminating pieces of evidence that could link Ayling directly to Breivik himself and the Norwegian Government or at least people from the political class.

Who is his friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

Who is his friend in the Norwegian Government?

You can read the background profile on Alan Ayling here: Food for thought

Considering I was an integral witness at the start of the Breivik case and the Norwegian police smeared me all over the World news as the alleged English ‘mentor’ with me voluntarily traveling to Norway to give them an ‘official’ witness statement explaining things from my perception you would have thought it only courtesy in the interest of ‘truth & justice’ that they would have called me as a witness to the trial.

I have been mentioned on numerous occasions from different witnesses in the trial and parts of my writings have been shown to Breivik during interviews pre-trial.

So why has my witness statement not been used in the court room as part of the evidence in the case?

Because my witness statement completely conflicts with the ‘official’ conclusion and would leave many questions that need answering and it would be in full view of the Worlds media so my angle on the Breivik case has been completely shut off from the public trial.

My witness statement is a whole line of investigation that has been completely ignored and would have been completely ignored if I had of not spent the last months writing about it here on this blog. My media might not be as big as their media but it is not about size it is about quality and who reads it. There is enough evidence on this blog that shows a whole investigative track with supporting evidence which means that it cannot be ignored forever.

Trial by media…

It would be interesting to know the logic of the first psychiatrist above behind how I became involved in this case although I know the answer already.

“He took parts from different sources”.

But that is not based upon factual evidence other than how the manifesto itself was written.

My witness statement is based upon factual evidence, and it is factual evidence you should form professional opinions over and not baseless assumptions.

The reputations of many people are on the line now because this case is well documented in the media. They only have their professional reputations to think about; I have the accusation of being behind the massacre of a group of innocent children to think about although I am not written inside the manifesto.

The manifesto is named after one of Fraudman's essays which is war like in name and content based upon the name used by the Americas when declaring Independence at the start of the civil war.

See the parallels?

If there is evidence to substantiate my witness statement over the Breivik case then do the police not have a duty to thoroughly investigate it to determine whether or not it is true?

Breivik says he is connected to other people, the Norwegian police say they are still trying to trace the English ‘mentor’ ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and there is a whole body of evidence pointing towards Alan Ayling only absolutely no action has been taken against him.

If you look at the background to his personal and professional life and the people he is involved with it is no wonder no action has been taken.

How damaging would it be and to who if he is directly connected to Breivik.

For starters the EU controlled bank he works for that now has a mandate in several Arab Countries where they have just had an Arab spring with 1 billion investment going into those Countries.

Financially and politically motivated.

What are the financial and political repercussions of Breivik and who stands to gain?

If Ayling is the English ‘mentor’ then he should be charged with his complicity in the crimes and then let him tell his side of the story. Breivik has told the World his side of the story only the Norwegian State does not believe him which in turn forces the public not to believe him either because they control the media story surrounding him.

What would Ayling’s story tell?

Looking at 10 – 15 – 20 years in a Maximum Cat A British prison awash with Islamic terrorists for being behind a massacre of a bunch of innocent Norwegian children on their summer camp in the name of anti-Islam is a very heavy burden to face.

Who will he incriminate to try and escape that?

The unraveling of the truth behind Breivik…

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