8 June 2012

The outstanding evidence

If the first State sanctioned psychiatric report done on Breivik is fundamentally flawed based upon the evidence then why has the Psychiatric Commission not passed one single negative comment on it?

Probably because one of the psychiatrists who wrote the report was head of the Psychiatric Commission and is good friends and work collegues with 6 of the 7 psychiatric professionals now presiding over over the Commission who worked under her during her time there.

How is that impartial?

It explains why the first State sanctioned report has not been criticised at all and has been upheld by the Commission in stark contrast to the second report and all leading psychiatric professionals opinions.

The first report that is based upon false information from the Norwegian police states that Breivik is a paranoid schizophrenic who was psychotic at the time of his actions so is criminally insane which fits with the “solo terrorist” connected to no one profile that the Norwegian State controllers in control of the case want the World to believe.

The second psychiatric report carried out on Breivik on-behalf of the families of Utoya and other leading professionals in the field of psychiatry who criticised the findings of the first report found that Breivik is not a schizophrenic and was not psychotic at the time of his actions so is criminally sane but this report has been completely undermined by the Psychiatric Commission through the media.

The only conclusion is that the Psychiatric Commission wants Breivik to be declared ‘insane’ which is why they are supporting the first flawed report and damaging the integrity of the second report through the media for the benefit of public perceptions ready for their predetermined verdict upon Breivik.

They have their State sanctioned psychiatric team in place with the former head of the Commission overseeing the the State's case against Breivik, writing the first psychiatric report declaring him 'insane' which fits with the 'official' story the Norwegian State controllers want.

If he is declared ‘insane’ through the media then everything else they have said about him fits together perfectly in the mind of the public and nobody will ask any probing questions.

The Norwegian Government have even built him his own psychiatric unit in a secure hospital under complete secrecy and declared whatever the outcome of the trial he will be going there for the rest of his life.

That goes against the ‘rule of law’ and completely undermines the judicial process and means the current Norwegian Government is above the law.

Why is the Norwegian State going against the ‘rule of law’ and attempting to cover-up the truth surrounding Breivik?

That is a question you have to ask yourself.

The ‘official’ Norwegian story in the media is that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who woke up one day psychotic whilst being a paranoid schizophrenic (that nobody saw) and became the most successful political “solo terrorist” of all time in the history of international terrorism.

He created a massive bomb on his farm with absolutely no help, prior training or test detonating of his deadly creation anywhere (if you believe the ‘official’ Norwegian police line of him having no physical help in his attacks) that was capable of blowing up his Government building on his first ever attempt at bomb making. He then had the composure to travel to an island and carry out a massacre against a group of innocent children, and he wrote a 1500 page manifesto in picture perfect English explaining his reasons behind his actions with absolutely no physical help (if you believe the Norwegian police line), even though they say he was a failure and high school dropout.

That has got to be hard for any ardent terrorism expert to swallow but all the ones wheeled out in the media propagate the “solo terrorist” connected to no one line without a hint of criticism which suits the Norwegian State controllers story for public perceptions.

The general public who have no real knowledge believe this because the Norwegian State have crafted their story surrounding Breivik in the media to fit this profile and they have no reason to disbelieve what they are told because nobody has seriously criticised the ‘official’ story yet and pointed out the fundamental flaws that make this claim completely unsafe and stated so.

In 33 years Breivik has not had one single psychotic episode and nobody he ever had any dealings with over the course of the past 5 – 10 years saw any signs of paranoid schizophrenia - He is a political terrorist.

The only ones who have are the first State sanctioned psychiatrists who based their report on false information and they are being endorsed by the blatantly biased Psychiatric Commission.

The independent psychiatrists disagree and have been severely criticised in the media for disagreeing.

The Norwegian police and health care professionals in control of the State’s case against Breivik are being controlled by a “secret group” of high level Government figures in the respective fields controlling the State’s case who are operating independently outside the bounds of the Democratic process, which now includes sending Breivik to a specially built psychiatric unit no matter what the outcome of the trial.

There can be no other conclusion than there is a high level Government cover-up underway in Norway over Breivik, and all under the gaze of the compliant international media.

A "secret group" orchestrating the State's case behind the scenes and a blatantly biased Psychiatric Commission.

Then you ask the question why?

Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is ‘insane’ - or - Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence lawyer who was recruited into a secretive group because of his family background for financial and political reasons and trained for July 22nd 2011?

Which is more realistic in the scheme of things?

Breivik’s actions were all about politics and not some random acts that have no meaning that you expect from a paranoid schizophrenic who woke up one day psychotic wanting to kill people.

If you accept the Norwegian State’s 'official' story surrounding Breivik then there is no story he is just a mad man who did just wake up one day suffering from a psychosis and became the most successful “solo terrorist” of all time in the history of international terrorism after playing computer games in his bedroom.

Come on!!!

They say he is connected to no one which means their story stands because if he is connected to someone then there is a bigger story and then the unraveling and explanation of the real story behind him begins and God only knows where it ends and what it reveals.

The Norwegian State controllers of the Breivik case do not want this which is why there is a complete white-wash of the story in the media.

If there is evidence that contradicts this ‘official’ story then what could the reason be that the Norwegian State controllers behind the Breivik case do not want it revealing so as to get to the bottom and the whole truth behind ‘Operation Breivik’ and the events of July 22nd 2011?

The current Norwegian State apparatus controlling the case have closed it down completely and refuse to accept Breivik is connected to anyone even though there is still evidence outstanding that needs to be fully investigated.

The dilemma…

What would it mean if Breivik is connected to other people?

What story would that tell?

Whatever it is the Norwegian State controllers of the case do not want the World to hear it which is why they have closed it down and dismiss the possibility that he is connected to other people.

Is the memory of all those innocent Norwegian children murdered by Breivik and all those injured for life in the name of politics at his hands not worth finding out?

This to me is one of the most important lines of enquiry left that could completely shatter the Norwegian State’s story surrounding Breivik and open up a story in itself that could quite possibly explain the truth behind Breivik and other people’s involvement with him.

Then who knows what the bigger story would tell?

Breivik is guilty but what about other people’s involvement with him.

Breivik claims he had an English ‘mentor’ assigned to him after his Liberia trip when he travelled to London where he says he became part of a secretive group. His father was a Norwegian diplomat in London around this time and we all know these people working in high positions are part of funny secretive handshake groups involving financially and politically motivated people, and they rub shoulders with all different types of influential financially and politically motivated people from all over the World as part of their Government work.

The codename of his English ‘mentor’ is ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is from the world of funny handshake groups of financially and politically motivated people and works within a major EU bank located in the square mile London. He was given a mickey mouse interview over his possible role as the English ‘mentor’ and he has a friend who uses the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ online which puts him directly in the frame.

Is that not a piece of evidence critical to the investigation concerning Ayling?

What story would this person’s identity reveal?

Alan Ayling has a contact in the Norwegian Government who lost friends at Utoya and the Government quarter in Oslo which puts him directly at the scene of the crime.

Is that not a piece of evidence critical to the investigation?

What story would this person’s identity reveal?

Alan Ayling had a Norwegian secretary in one of his money funneling companies which shows he had links into Norway prior to July 22nd.

Is that not a piece of evidence critical to the investigation?

What story would this person’s identity reveal?

He is in the frame as the English ‘mentor’ and these 3 critical questions that are integral to the investigation because they are 3 direct factual leads into Norway and the heart of the case need answering as part of the evidence in the ongoing police investigation.

Also who taught Breivik the failed business man and high school dropout the art of international banking that saw him have 11 different accounts in 7 different Countries that ended up with him washing $600,000 through them and out the other side in his own mother’s accounts in Norway?

Alan Ayling works inside a major international bank operating in many different Countries and has had multiple money funneling companies with one of them being linked to Norway if my memory serves me correctly.

Are these not questions that need answering to prove or disprove whether or not Breivik is telling the truth about having an English ‘mentor’ meaning he is not a “solo terrorist” connected to no one, and whether or not Alan Ayling is the person he speaks of considering he is in the frame?

One can only hope that the Utoya families are now pressing the Norwegian police for the answers to these questions seen as though Ayling has been interviewed as the possible English ‘mentor’ behind the man who murdered their children.

Unless of course they believe the ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik and dismiss all other possibilities?

If Alan Ayling is the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik then it could be very damaging for many people considering he works for the EU controlled bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development that is now working in Islamic Countries, he has supporters of his political agenda right into the heart of the British Establishment, links into the Swedish Government and quite possibly links into the ruling Norwegian Government.

Who knows what story he would tell the police if directly connected to Breivik and was facing 15 – 20 years for directing terrorism in a Category A British prison like Belmarsh that is awash with Al Qaeda terrorists?

Nobody is saying any of Ayling’s connections knew about Norway but guilt by association is bad enough if Ayling is connected when the story unfolds and MI5 must have a file on him due to his directorship behind the EDL which means they know all of his political supporters and endorsers.

What reason could there be that he has been shielded from the investigation?

Have members of the British Government shut down the case surrounding him?

The Norwegian State controllers of the Breivik case do not want to even go there with Alan Ayling and admit the possibility that someone might be directly connected to Breivik which is why they have closed the case down in Norway and white-washed the case through the media, completely dismissing all outstanding evidence as being irrelevant to the case.

What could the reason behind that be?

I wonder if the Utoya families believe that the outstanding evidence in relation to their children’s cold blooded murders is irrelevant.

Alan Ayling is the only person who had reason enough to frame me for being behind Breivik (full explanation cannot be denied) because Breivik does not know me personally and his actions towards me were hostile in nature so there is a reason and explanation behind why he did. He is from the exact same ideological movement as Breivik and is linked to Breivik’s ideologues of which I am not one of them because I am not mentioned in the “2083” manifesto once (thank God), he has direct factual links into the case and the Norwegian police have my witness statement concerning this.

Only nobody has done anything about it and the Norwegian State controllers of the case do not want to do anything about it because they are all satisfied with the “solo terrorist” connected to no one story they have presented to the media and are propagating in court room 250 in Norway.

Ann Marchini was the one who brought Ayling into the picture and into the American controlled Counter-jihad movement (not anti-jihad movement) which has its own ideologues which includes Fraudman and the only way she can save herself and the reputations of those she is directly connected to which includes a Companion of Honour is by giving a witness statement against him and revealing the identity of ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

If Ayling infiltrated the movement for his own personal reasons that have damaged the movement and possibly people’s reputations then this can be explained as such (infiltration), otherwise it means complicity and I don’t think the leaders of the American side of the Counter-jihad movement would want or endorse complicity in Breivik’s acts, nor the Companion of Honour and all of the other high level contacts associated with him through their mutual politics.

That’s not for me to know though, only time will tell and they know.

Under no circumstances am I taking responsibility for the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent children on their summer camp with many more injured for life in the name of politics, as their attempt to frame me for the crimes so as to remove me from being a threat to their continued political agenda.

Would you?

My hands are clean…

The outstanding evidence; what will it tell us?

The media should be asking the questions about Alan Ayling and reporting on his profile for the benefit of the public following the case, but the Norwegian State controllers of the Breivik case claim he is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one which places an impartial media in a dilemma.

To continue to question other people’s possible involvement with Breivik completely undermines the Norwegian State’s story surrounding him and to ignore it means a public endorsement of it.

We will see whether or not the media is impartial.

The only thing with this though is that the Norwegian police have themselves completely undermined the Norwegian States story because they have admitted that the investigation is still ongoing with about 50 detectives working on the case with the identity of ‘Richard the Lionheart’ still a missing piece of their evidence.

This means there is the possibility that the Norwegian State’s ‘official’ story is wrong.

The English language media have all stuck with the ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik for their audiences and created the perception of a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is ‘insane’ because this is what the Norwegian ‘officials’ have presented to them.

Even though they are still investigating the case.

The “power of the media” and Norwegian State sanctioned trial by media with high level State actors directing events in the media towards their predetermined goals for the benefit of public perceptions just like the Portuguese case against the McCann family over their abducted daughter.

The Norwegian State Orchestrators…

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