17 June 2012

The New Norway PLC

I almost forgot; remember the Russians breaking into Breivik's lawyers home?

What was that all about?

Not knowing anything about Norwegian Russian diplomatic relations I posed a question about it that only other Norwegian politicians or those involved in politics in that Country would know.

Is the current Norwegian Government a pro-Russian Government?

I believe that Russia have a hand behind Breivik on some level for geo-political reasons (oil & gas).

My hypothesis is here: Hidden in plain sight

Call me crazy but that is my belief.

A recent statement from the Norwegian politician Skie Grande at her parties National Executive Committee said all I needed to know to support my belief.

Quote: While the doors of Russia has become more open over the years has been Foreign Minister, we have also gone quieter and quieter in them. It becomes less and less criticism, said Skei Grande in a speech to the party's national executive committee in Halden on Saturday.

- It's a big difference between having a foreign minister that sets values ​​to be the foremost goal, and a foreign minister who is primarily concerned with acquiring new oil contracts, she added.

So the current Norwegian Labour Government who Breivik helped stay in power and who have the potential to stay in power for a lot longer on the back of his actions are more concerned about big business (oil) with Russia than promoting the ideals on the World stage that the International Community have come to know and expect from Norway.

Hundreds of billions of dollars and more in the offing for one of the last and largest natural deposits of oil & gas that both the Russia and Norway governments have a mutual agreement over is the reason.

So rather than the Norwegian Foreign Minister rocking the oil & gas boat and challenging the Russian government on their human rights abuses that are being carried out against anti-Putin activists who are being rounded up, beaten and imprisoned for their dissent that the International Community has come to expect from Norway, there is silence.

Obviously other politicians in Norway see what is happening at the hands of their current ruling Government and how it is damaging the integrity and reputation of their Country in the eyes of others abroad and are starting to publicly comment on it.

The question is; do they believe that Breivik was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who is 'insane' after playing computer games in his bedroom - or - Breivik the son of a former government diplomat, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence Lawyer was a recruited agent into a secretive group with financial and political motivations.

The Norwegian State in control of the Breivik case want the World to believe the former.

Maybe 69 innocent misguided children murdered and many more injured and maimed for life was a price worth paying for the faction behind Breivik who have their eyes on the money in the North sea.

The Norwegian Foreign Secretary who has been accused by a political opponent of being more concerned about the oil & gas business with Russia than criticising it's human rights abuses is tipped to be the next Prime Minister once the present one steps down.

Planned to perfection...

I wonder who could have orchestrated that one?

There are some very powerful people out there with serious political and financial motivations concerning Norway's natural wealth so is it out of the realms of possibility that Breivik has been used by a secretive group for political purposes. He did commit his acts in the name of politics after all.

Now the compliant Norwegian Government oil man is going to be the head of the Country and subservient to his new bigger Russian masters who now own him, and he will have control over the Norwegian State infrastructure to keep the people subdued while the plundering in their backyard takes place right under their noses.


I do not know anything about Norwegian politics so do not know the full political implications of 'Operation Breivik' that is for those who have an insight and understanding of the political landscape of their Country like the Armed Forces and opposition political parties.

I wonder what their political analysis is of Breivik's actions and their long and short term political implications and who benefits from them?

It is taboo to challenge the 'official' story surrounding Breivik though so the public have to just accept the story they have been fed through the media by the 'officials' in Norway via the "secretive group" who are controlling the case because they own and control the State infrastructure.

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