6 June 2012

Daily Telegraph's Freudian slip

Daily Telegraph: Atleast 100 people support Breivik

I was reading the Telegraph article about people supporting Breivik and came across the journalists Freudian slip in his article. It should say that Breivik detonated his bomb in the government quarters of Oslo, instead it says Moscow.

Maybe the government quarters of Oslo are more like Moscow now so it is quite a fitting Freudian slip, especially if the current Norwegian AUF Labour government plc is nice and tightly tucked up bed with their new bigger Russian owners in Moscow.

Other people know the answer to that question, I am just speculating from my view point...

I wonder what the Norwegian people would think if they knew that they were now controlled by-proxy by Russia through their democraticly elected AUF Labour Government, (helped along by 'Operation Breivik') if that is what is happening?

Control the government and you control the Country which includes access to the black gold in the North sea.

'Operation Breivik' worked well for someone (plural)?

Breivik possibly trained by former KGB agents and an ex-Soviet Colonel in Belarus after possibly teaming up with anti-Nato anti-Western Serbians via Liberia who taught him the art of terrorism and political science.

But the current Norwegian State controllers of the Breivik script deny he is connected to anyone and want the whole World to believe he woke up one day after a 5 year schizophrenic episode that nobody saw and then carried out his terrorist attacks without being trained anywhere that made him the most successful "solo terrorist" of all time, whilst psychotic, for no other reason than his right-wing beliefs that emanate from minor experiences growing up.

Then nobody will look at the bigger picture that surrounds him.

Breivik the son of a former Norwegian government diplomat to London, step son of a former Norwegian Army Major and best friend of a Norwegian Ministry of Defence Lawyer connected to no one?

They control the 'official' script and they control the media so the World has to believe what they are told through the media from inside Norway concerning Breivik even if it is a lie to cover-up the real truth.

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