19 June 2012

The name Knights Templar & Regalia

Using the name Knights Templar and dressing up in the clothes does not mean Breivik is a Knights Templar based upon the historical context that has spanned the ages.

Breivik is a proud godless militant Nationalist as you saw in court the first days he appeared who has stated himself that he does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and not a Christian fundamentalist so he is not a true Knights Templar so that means the name Knights Templar and the regalia were used for a specific purpose.

Also his actions were based upon politics and not Holy War.

What specific purpose in the context of the whole case could be the reason behind why Breivik used the name Knights Templar and the regalia to dress his acts up in?

Considering I was singled out the day after his terrorist attacks for arrest with Breivik himself believing someone would be arrested, it is very obvious that the clothes he wrapped up his acts in were designed to frame me for his crimes.

Or was it just all a big coincidence within his imagination?

Who had reason enough and motivation enough to frame me?

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake.

So not knowing Breivik in any capacity whatsoever it left me with the only logical conclusion and that is that Alan Ayling is Breivik's English 'mentor' and he told Breivik to frame me.

What other explanation behind my involvement in the case do the Norwegian police have?

I am not his inspiration that is Fraudman.

11 months after making that first claim all circumstantial evidence points to the fact that I am completely correct only no thorough police investigation has taken place even though there is factual evidence possibly linking Ayling to Breivik.

Take away the name Knights Templar and the regalia and what you have left is Breivik the militant Nationalist and his 1500 page manifesto that have nothing to do with Christianity, along with me possibly sitting on trial now as the English 'mentor' if Breivik had of been killed after his planned martyrdom mission on July 22nd 2011.

Planned to perfection only they underestimated and even denied the power of the Lord Jesus Christ upon His throne who would not sit back silent when one of his elect is attacked and falsely accused.

The case is not over yet...there is still outstanding evidence and Breivik is still alive.

A neo-Gladio secret group of financially and politically minded people attempting to start a terrorist campaign and new terrorist organisation fits in-line with what Breivik has claimed and the Knights Templar name and regalia is what they have used.

If Ayling is Breivik's English 'mentor' then it killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

'Operation Breivik' did not take account for me in 2002 and it is my belief that the Lord placed me in the middle of it in 2011 for His own reasons which will be explained when this is over.

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