14 June 2012

The Norwegian State's mental health cabal

Update: They have worked together 51 times

VG: They always agree

The agenda of the Norwegian State controllers behind the Breivik case is to have him deemed 'insane' and then their 'official' story of the "solo terrorist" connected to no one who flipped out one day after playing computer games in his bedroom fits nicely into place within the psyche of the global media audience following the trial who do not know the facts behind the case being presented to them through their TV screens or newspapers.

They already have the Norwegian State's so-called 'official' story because it has been played out for the past 10 months through the media that sounds convincing, only it is now coming unstuck and the facts are starting to emerge showing the truth behind what is really happening in Norway.

Breivik is guilty of his crimes but what about those he is connected too?

It has now turned out that the State sanctioned psychiatrists who wrote the first report on Breivik claiming he was 'insane' suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and psychotic at the time of his actions have a long history of working together on just such criminal cases. They have worked together on 17 and out of the 17 they found that 12 were criminally insane just like they found Breivik, and funnily enough all 12 of those they did find 'insane' they diagnosed with exactly the same diagnosis as with Breivik.

Paranoid schizophrenia.

What are the chances of that?

All subjects who they deemed to be 'insane' being given exactly the same clinical diagnosis by exactly the same 2 psychiatrists.

You could argue; were they specifically chosen for their role based upon their proven track record?

The State wanted him diagnosed as 'insane' to cover-up the real truth behind him for whatever reason and the 2 State sanctioned psychiatrists who wrote the first report on him both found him 'insane' using their well worn paranoid schizophrenic label.

Their diagnosis was then upheld by the Psychiatric Commission with absolutely no objections to it, which was in stark contrast to the second independent report carried out that found him criminally sane which they completely undermined through the media because it went against the Norwegian State's case that they have wanted the audience to believe.

This has all been played out in the Norwegian media.

All professionals within the field of psychiatry witnessing in the trial disagreed with the first report.

How could the first 2 State sanctioned psychiatrists and the State's psychiatric commission get things so drastically wrong?

That is a very serious question that needs an answer to.

One of the first State sanctioned report writers was head of the psychiatric commission herself and is intimate friends and work colleagues with several of the members of the commission which explains why the commission endorsed the first report and completely undermined the second.

Is this another reason why she was chosen for her role?

You cannot say that those who chose her for her role did not know her professional background and how her working on the case was in no way going to be impartial when being overseen by her professional colleagues and friends on the commission that she was once head of.

Who orchestrated that one?

Probably the "secret group" who are orchestrating the whole Norwegian State case concerning Breivik.

Quote: There is as much wanted by those who have appointed us. There is no desire on our part. We are called from the crime boss' office, and often know when we say yes to an assignment, not who we should have it together right away, he said.

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