5 June 2012

A voice or reason in the midst of insanity

Dagbladet: Judgement possibly adjourned till August 24th

It does not look like it is going to be a Norwegian State sanctioned "full house" over their attempted cover-up of the real truth behind Breivik. They have those who have been in control of the police investigation for the past 10 months which includes the PST, they have their willing State prosecutors propagating the police's 'official' conclusion in the court room, and they have the psychiatric commission now endorsing the first flawed State sanctioned psychiatric report. All controlled by the AUF Labour Government "secret group" directing the proceedings towards their intended goals which is completely against the expected transparency of the Democratic process we expect within a European Democracy.

It leaves no other explanation other than a high level Government sanctioned cover-up of the truth.

The Norwegian judges obviously do not want any accusations leveled at them that reflects on their legal institution which could bring the whole Norwegian justice system into disrepute more than it is already (in my opinion) so are taking the wise and necessary step of prolonging Breivik's judgement day when they have to pass their sentence on him of 'sane' or 'insane' in front of the Worlds media which means prison or life on a mental ward.

Considering the investigation into Breivik is still ongoing now while you are reading this even though the present State script controlled by those State elements above have determined he is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who is 'insane' which is a paradox in itself, it would not look good for the court to pass sentence on him on that basis only for the ongoing police investigation to reveal the first State script was completely wrong and that Breivik was actually connected to people.

It is the difference between passing the sentence of 'sane' or 'insane'.

To pass sentence now only to be shown at a later date that the sentence was wrong would completely destroy the integrity and impartiality of the court in the eyes of everyone, so taking the step of leaving sentencing to possibly 8 weeks away gives the new investigation team enough time to fully investigate the remaining unanswered questions and lines of enquiry which could completely change everything and contradict the long standing 'official' story surrounding Breivik the so called "solo terrorist" connected to no one and implicate others in his atrocities.

Thus he would then be judged 'sane'.

Time will tell...

Getting to the bottom of the truth behind the cold blooded murder of a group of innocent Norwegian children on their summer camp in the name of politics has got to come far above protecting the reputations of people who are servants of the people and not the other way around. Reputations can be rebuilt over a life time where as the dead are gone forever so all that is left is their memory and their memory deserves that the whole truth be known as to why they were taken from this life in such a barbaric way at such an early age.

Nothing less should be expected by the families and those in whom the families place their trust in.

Was Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a lawyer from the Ministry of Defence a "solo terrorist" connected to nobody who is 'insane', so there is no explanation behind his acts or is he a recruited agent, enlisted into a secret influential group who have an political agenda in Norway and beyond.

This is the question.

The present Norwegian State actors controlling the Breivik script want the World to believe he is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one, where as I disagree with that based upon the evidence.

My belief is in a stronger position than their belief because there are still unanswered questions and lines of investigation that need to be fully examined as part of the still ongoing investigation which could completely contradict their belief.

They are at the end of the road with their belief and are now propagating it in the court room in front of the Worlds media even though the police investigation is still ongoing behind the scenes - The Paradox

The present State actors controlled by the "secret group" have ruled out any other possibilities and made their decelerations through the media as part of their trial by media to secure the verdict they want in the eyes and minds of the public.

How will it look if they are wrong?

What will the eventual outcome be?

Breivik cannot get out of the punishment for his crimes whether 'sane' or 'insane', but this is about much more than that now, and if there were others involved with him then they should be held to account for their complicity and not be protected by the current Norwegian State apparatus for reasons unknown at this moment in time.

I have my own reasons and motivations for wanting to get to the bottom of the truth that encompasses the memory of the young people who lost their lives at the hands of Breivik on July 22nd 2011 and whoever he is involved with.

Hopefully the high level international observers watching this case unfold will have their eyes personally on the final stages of the Norwegian police investigation to make sure there is impartiality and neutrality in the eyes of everyone for the sake of Democracy that we are so proudly attempting to promote in the Arab World so there can be no claims of a State sanctioned cover-up that we lesser mere mortals have no ability to stop if that is what is actually happening.

Hopefully there will be a department in the UN overseeing this too, seen as though the one in the Hague has done absolutely nothing to make sure 'truth & justice' prevails in Norway.

Any Norwegian police investigation team has to be completely different from the one that has come to the current 'official' conclusion about Breivik otherwise they are going to come to exactly the same conclusion which is not impartiality or transparency and will always leave the accusation of a continued cover-up if they do come to the same conclusion.

Considering this is all about politics the police investigation team tasked with investigating the final lines of enquiry should be endorsed by all of the opposition political parties in Norway which is impartiality and is different from having a "secret group" controlling everything from behind the scenes outside of the legal Democratic process which is criminal in nature.

But they are above and beyond the law because they are Norway's political rulers and above suspicion and criticism because they have committed their acts in the name of Utoya..

Then nobody can complain at the final Norwegian police's investigative conclusion whatever professional conclusion they come too.

In my personal opinion anyway, as someone who wants to see 'truth & justice' prevail which is in stark contrast to what is currently happening in Norway.

The Norwegian police say there are 3 witnesses still not identified from the manifesto, 2 women and Breivik's alleged English 'mentor' 'Richard the Lionheart'.

This means that everyone else inside the manifesto has been identified and are real human beings so there is no reason to doubt that 'Richard the Lionheart' is a real human being too so needs to be identified as a critical piece of evidence.

If this person is eventually identified it will completely contradict the current Norwegian State claim of Breivik having no physical or mental help behind his attacks.

Hopefully the British Security Services will assist an impartial Norwegian police investigation into Alan Ayling and his known friend 'Richard the Lionheart' and their mutual associates.

Further reading: Questions surrounding Alan Lake

There are many more unanswered questions like where did Breivik learn his bomb making skills, did he attend training camps in Belarus etc which would mean he had physical help, but one questions stands out to me at this moment in time that hopefully the American Security Services could help an impartial Norwegian police investigation out with and that is whether or not the Norwegian who sent Pamella Geller an email was Breivik or someone else. This would confirm or deny Breivik's claim of there being other cells in Norway ready to strike.

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