22 June 2012

Operation Weeting

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From: Glen Jenvey
Date: 18 June 2012 20:09
Subject: Operation Weeting
To: enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk,

Police complaints

Police officers released my witness statement in a terror related case involving Abu Hamza for cash. I was first shown my witness statement by a reporter who wrote the book called terror tracker (Neil Doyle) who was given the witness statement by Lewis Pather of the News of the World, who was planning to expose police lack of action on Abu Hamza.

Lewis Pather via police officers at Scotland yard paid officers money for the statement. At no time did I give permission to the police or News of the World to have my witness statement. I was promised £10000 by the News of the World for the story which was never printed and I was not paid. I was also promised a % of the profits from the book terror tracker which quotes the statement. I have not been paid for this also. A year after the writer Neil Doyle was given the statement I was given my first look at the statement since it was made to Sgt Durrant of the anti terrorist squad.

Lewis Pather told me later that the News of the Worlds solicitors met with police officers and have a close working relationship with the police? I believe the police leaked this statement, but found out that the story it was going to be used for, would paint the police in a bad light. I was told later that the police leaked other stories to the press in a close working relationship and in effect controlled what was printed. Money would changed hands.

Even MI5 officers sold stories to news international this can be seen by looking at the Times newspaper story records I was also told this by a Sunday times reporter, that David Leppard at the sunday times was the reporter who paid MI5 for story's, by a reporter who now works for the Sunday Mail Abul Taher. He named the reporter who paid MI5 officers who at this time never had a press office. Another reporter told me of a close working relationships with members of the Home office he would have dinners with and paid for stories for the Sun newspaper.

I have not had no reply from Scotland yard into this matter mainly my witness statement being given to reporters before any court case without my permission so Im writing to you and sending a copy to a person I trust as a record of this complaint.

yours faithfully

Glen Jenvey


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