18 June 2012

Ominous warning sign

VG: I sat 3 feet from him with a knife

I had a thought and feeling the other week that there was the possibility that someone would attempt to assassinate Breivik because he is a direct threat to those who are behind him whilst he is still alive, that is of course if there are others connected to him as I believe there are, and if there are then they have the ability to carry it out.

I know many in Norway would probably like to see Breivik murdered after what he has done but if he is murdered then he is silenced and then the full truth surrounding him will never be known. As it stands he is still alive so there is the "possibility" that he will talk at some point and then the whole game changes when he implicates people.

I should imagine there are some nervous people out there right now.

His mother is a co-conspirator to his criminal activities so you would have thought a deal would have been done with him for her immunity from prosecution but that seems to have slipped the case just like everything else that could conflict with the 'official' story the Norwegian State wants the World to believe about Breivik that has also slipped the case.

Someone in court room 250 in Norway sat 3 feet from Breivik with a knife today that they had mistakenly taken into the court house.

Take that as a warning...

Imagine if that was someone who wanted to kill Breivik?

There would now be a dead Breivik all over the World news with the most important piece of the mass murder case silenced, never to give up his truth to the World.

First a car crash on his way to court and now a knife in the possession of someone sitting 3 feet away from him.

What next?

How hard would it be to orchestrate an assassination attempt on Breivik's life?

As each day passes if he is connected to someone then he becomes more and more of a threat to them.

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