3 June 2012

Eskil Pedersen is not a Utoya survivor

Do not be mistaken.

Eskil Pedersen
is not a Utoya survivor he was protected by his political masters that day when they called him and removed him from the island before Breivik arrived to unleash his carnage against all the innocent kids left behind to fend for themselves.

His political masters did not secure the island for the children's protection they just removed their protege.

Now he can jump on the Utoya survivor bandwagon for political purposes which in my opinion was the whole purpose behind saving him from Utoya that day.

That is taboo to think and say though!

As he says himself
"I think I acted as people do in such situations. Mon acting on instinct. I did as I was told and went on board the boat, based on the information I had at that time, the Pedersen previously said in an interview with the BBC."

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