10 June 2012

Say's it all: The test of Breivik's sanity

Dagbladet: Only 2 out of 14 think he is insane

Only 2 out of 14 professional witnesses testifying about Breivik's state of mind believe he is 'insane'.

The 2 who do believe he is 'insane' are the first 2 State sanctioned psychiatrists who wrote the first report on him that was based upon misleading information given to them from the Norwegian police which completely undermined their whole diagnosis of him.

They seem to disregard that vital piece of information though which made their report legally unsafe.

The State sanctioned Psychiatric Commission presiding over the case have not thought so and have done their utmost to undermine the second impartial report carried out on Breivik that declared him 'sane' and uphold the first report at all costs with not one single criticism of it.

You could argue why have the State's Psychiatric Commission carried on in such a way when presiding over such a serious case when they should be impartial?

Because the 'insane' label makes the Norwegian State's media story surrounding Breivik sound more convincing to the public mind so the State have fought to uphold that label against him at all costs which is very clear to any observer of the facts, even at the cost of its own professional integrity which moves it into the realm of clear criminality when confronted with the evidence.

12 out of 14 credible health professionals is evidence enough to show that there is something seriously wrong with the current Norwegian State's Psychiatric Commission presiding over the Breivik case that needs to be fully investigated by an impartial investigating team and charges brought against the one in charge of it for professional misconduct in public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice because it is a "clear cut case" of perverting the course of justice staring everyone in the face.

I wonder if they are all paid up AUF members?

One thing is for sure is that one of the State sanctioned psychiatrists who wrote the first report on Breivik used to be the boss of the Psychiatric Commission with 6 of the 7 current members of the Commission working under her.

That is in no way impartial and clearly shows that there is something seriously wrong with the State's case over Breivik's mental state of mind, just like the State controlled Norwegian police's investigation that has concluded that Breivik is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one when they are still investigating now as you are reading this which is a paradox in itself.

So that is a Psychiatric Commission acting criminal, 2 State sanctioned psychiatrists writing a report based upon misleading information that undermines the whole report which is proven by the fact that 12 other professionals in the field of psychiatry contradict it, and a Norwegian police investigation making official conclusions about the case that has then been propagated in trial by State prosecutors when they have not even done their jobs properly.

And all controlled by a "secret group" behind the scenes too...

What conclusion do you come to when looking at these facts?

Breivik is guilty of his crimes but what about those connected to him who the current completely corrupt Norwegian State want the World to believe do not exist?

What more evidence do you need of a completely corrupt Norwegian State in control of the Breivik case?

The only thing next is for some seriously damaging evidence to emerge to prove beyond doubt that the Norwegian controllers in control of the Breivik case have conducted an attempted State sanctioned cover-up and white-wash of the truth behind Breivik.

Then the unraveling of the truth begins.

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