25 June 2012

Irish leaders of an English movement

The Irish IRA supporting leaders of the English Defence League who are supported and endorsed by a faction right into the heart of the British Establishment standing behind Alan Lake the point man and trusted employee from within the EU controlled European Bank for Reconstruction & Development.

They are leaders of the movement and not the founders.

Remove the Irish leaders of an English street protest movement and that British faction of the American Counter-jihad movement have nothing left in the UK after spending several years financing and endorsing them whilst using the 'useful drunken English idiots' of the EDL to further their political agenda.

I agree with the anti-Jihad anti-Islamisation agenda just not their UK leadership.

I and others have been against these wolves in sheep's clothing for some time which includes Alan Lake because we know how they operate, how their network is set up and how it is contrary to the Loyalist Protestant case upon English shores.

What dictates their actions is different from what dictates our actions...

Second generation Irish IRA supporting Catholics running around the Country directing English followers to
Linksmash the place up, terrorise communities, whilst costing the British tax payer millions and achieving nothing of note in the process whilst standing under the English banner proclaiming a righteous cause.

Basterdised English Defence League.

The foreign leadership of this current movement upon English shores had a lot to lose and myself and others were a direct threat to that and then next thing I stand accused of being the 'mentor' behind a mass murderer in Norway that could have turned out very differently than how it did.

You explain to me how and why that happened?

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You can see the cabal here: Counter-jihad alliance Stockholm

Funny how all those at the Counter-jihad alliance Stockholm are directly connected to Alan Lake and written about by Breivik himself inside the manifesto, where I am not mentioned once, yet I stood accused in the media because of the name and regalia which are irrelevant to the real reason behind the attacks.

Lake the ideological political extremist who was/is a direct enemy has a friend who he invited to the pre-founding EDL meeting in his London Barbican flat who calls himself 'Richard the Lionheart' online, he is a few years older than Breivik and was important enough for Lake to invite to that meeting.

Who is he?

Another Breivik?

Breivik claims his English 'mentor' is called 'Richard the Lionheart' and Alan Lake was given a mickey mouse interview over his possible role as the English 'mentor'.

2 + 2 usually = 4

Why has this persons identity been withheld from the public? And why has the knowledge that Alan Lake who was interviewed as the possible English 'mentor' and is directly connected to someone who calls himself 'Richard the Lionheart' not been reported on in the mainstream media?

Probably because of all of his political and financial connections. How would it look if he is the real English 'mentor' and who could he accuse which would then tell a different story from the 'official' Norwegian one of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

Video: Insight into Gladio

There is silence surrounding such a critical piece of evidence in the on-going investigation, and it is still on-going because the Norwegian police are still trying to locate the English 'mentor' from the manifesto.

How long is it going to be before someone else starts to question this?

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