3 June 2012

The Secret Norwegian Labour party July 22nd group

Aftenposten: Secret 22nd July group

A "secret group" of Norwegian Labour party members holding high positions within Norway led by the party Secretary was set up in the aftermath of July 22nd to direct proceedings towards their intended goals. Interfering with the Norwegian police's official role along with the health care professionals charged with overseeing Breivik.

All high ranking Norwegian Labour party stooges in positions of power over the Breivik case.

Surprise surprise they never took minutes of their group discussions either so there is absolutely no trace of this groups intentions, so they operated in complete secrecy.

That is probably why you have a complete white-wash and cover-up of the truth surrounding Breivik with the Norwegian police's 'official' conclusion of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one, accompanied with a bogus and flawed psychiatric report that seeks to endorse this claim in the public eye with the 'insane' label which was written by 2 State appointed psychiatrists along with the psychiatric commission doing its utmost to now secure this label on Breivik by undermining the second impartial psychiatric report that was carried out on-behalf of the families of Utoya and other leading health care professionals who criticised the findings of the first report.

What more proof do you want of a Norwegian Government cover-up of the truth?

This political group was set up outside the boundaries of the normal and current Norwegian State apparatus that should operate with transparency before the Norwegian people and worked completely independently from the State.

A politically motivated "secret group"...

All opposition political parties in Norway should start exposing the blatant inconsistencies in their ruling Government and start holding them to account in the media now that there is World wide media attention surrounding the events of July 22nd 2011 and the subsequent trial that is now underway.

There must be a host of international observers watching the proceedings with interest so legitimate voices of discontent will be heard I should imagine.

There should be UN observers brought in on the case considering it was a politically motivated massacre of a bunch of innocent children, then let them come to an impartial conclusion concerning Breivik and any other people's involvement with him.

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