8 June 2012

More madness from Norwegian psychiatry

Update: No Asperger's or Tourette's

Daily Mail: Now a 3rd diagnosis

There is now a third conflicting evaluation of Breivik which means that Norwegian psychiatry is currently going through its own psychosis observed by all international professionals in the field of psychiatry looking on from afar and documented in the media.

First the State sanctioned report that concluded Breivik was a paranoid schizophrenic and psychotic at the time of his actions so was criminally insane.

Then the second independent report concluded that Breivik was not a paranoid schizophrenic or psychotic at the time of his actions so is criminally sane, instead he suffers from a narcissistic personality

Now we have a third conclusion that completely goes against the former 2 conclusions which means there are now 3 different conclusions upon Breivik's mental state of mind.

The third conclusion states that Breivik suffers from Asperger's syndrome or Autism.

It seems that the Norwegians want to explain away Breivik's terrorist acts as mental illness rather than just accept the fact that he is a political terrorist who planned his attacks over a lengthy period of time and has logical reason and explanations for them within the framework of extreme right-wing political terrorism.

How many other Countries in the World want to explain political terrorism within the context of mental health?

Mental health is one thing and Political terrorism is another.

The horrors of what he inflicted upon the children of Utoya island was part of his terrorist mission that can be explained within the context of everything else. The shock and horror was for maximum effect which he says himself and is the art of terrorism taken from the Beslan school siege and its psychological effects on Russia and the wider world who watched from afar.

If he was trained by ex-KGB agents and Former Soviet Colonels who learned the science of terrorism from the Chechen conflict then it makes complete sense.

Unless you believe he is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who was recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mother's home then you have to have some psychiatric terminology for his mental state of mind so that you can legally send him to a specially built psychiatric unit.

He was a recruited and trained terrorist who carried out a terrorist mission how hard is that to understand and explain?

Very hard if you believe the Norwegian State's story surrounding Breivik.

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