6 June 2012

Russia warns Finland over Nato membership

VG: Russia warns Finland

Maybe the Scandinavian Countries is where a New Cold War is now being played out in today's changing geo-political World with emerging Nations aligning themselves or carrying out asymmetric warfare in the age of oil & gas crisis as we enter the downward slope after the peak of Earth's natural deposits of oil.

Norway is critical for Russian interests in the Scandinavian Countries and has been in negotiations for almost 20 years for access to Norway's last deposits of natural oil & gas.

Is the AUF Labour Government a pro-Russian Government?

The Norwegian's know how close to the mark I am on that one.

'Operation Breivik' could quite possibly mean a pro-Russian AUF Labour Government for another 20 years which suits both parties as they
exploit the Norwegian people's inherited natural wealth, with a select few at the top making billions from the deal.

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