7 June 2012

Sane or Insane Norwegian Government have already determined

VG: Secret hospital for Breivik

Quote: For the first time the government has now confirmed that Breivik's future address is Ila, whatever the outcome of the trial. - We are building a high-security psychiatric hospital in-Ila. Preparations are in full swing, but it remains a formal approval of the hospital of the Health Directorate, said Robin Koss (AP), State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, told VG Nett.

In complete secrecy from the Norwegian public their Government have been building a special hospital psychiatric wing for Breivik where they say that he will be placed whether found 'sane' or 'insane'.

Is that part of the Democratic process?

Breivik should be punished for his heinous crimes that were a crime against humanity but how can the Norwegian Government dictate where he spends the rest of his life which is supposed to be down to the justice system and is the whole point of the trial and the case being played out in front of the Worlds media that will determine whether he is 'sane' or 'insane'.

Is it a kangaroo court for the media and public?

The Norwegian Government have completely over-ruled the 'rule of law' and Democratic process.

Can they do that?

"When those who make the law break the law in the name of the law then there is no law."

The Norwegian Government cover-up is becoming much more clearer now.

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