4 June 2012

Some questions surrounding Alan Lake

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Alan Lake director behind the hijacked English Defence League, real name Alan Ayling who works for the prestigious EU controlled European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (that is linked to Russia and the Balkans) as his day job was interviewed by the British police under observation of the Norwegians over his possible role as the English 'mentor' behind Breivik.

So there is a legal witness statement in the Breivik case files concerning his interview.

The most important question is; who is his friend 'Richard the Lionheart'?

Considering Breivik claims to have been mentored by someone using the codename 'Richard the Lionheart' and Ayling who was interviewed as the possible English 'mentor' has a friend involved in the same right-wing political movement in the UK using that name, and the Norwegian police have said they are still looking to uncover the identity of this person from Breivik's manifesto, it is a crucial and critical question that still needs answering as part of the still on-going investigation.

Also what is the full background of his Norwegian secretary?

The Norwegian press did a good job locating Alpha Kallon, better than the Norwegian police themselves, so it will be interesting to see whether or not they report on Alan Ayling and his Norwegian connections in their newspapers considering he had a mickey mouse interview over his possible involvement in the events in their Country, he has direct Norwegian connections, and he is linked to someone calling himself 'Richard the Lionheart'.

The Norwegian police have said they are still looking to uncover this persons identity so it is a relevant piece of information.

Who knows what the background of his connections would reveal.

This question is another key question; who is his friend in the Norwegian Government? (check image above)

Hopefully that question is answered in the Breivik case files?

If not why not?

Probably because those behind Breivik do not want the full truth to be known and linking Ayling to members of the Norwegian AUF would be extremely damaging for all concerned, which is why he has been shielded from the investigation.

The old Norwegian State sanctioned police investigation team should be sacked and replaced with an impartial team endorsed by all political parties in Norway in the interest of neutrality. A team that wants to do its job properly and get to the bottom of the full truth in the interest of 'truth & justice' and not be used as a political tool for political purposes by a "secret group" when many innocent Norwegian children lay dead with many more maimed and injured for life in the name of politics.

Possible English 'mentor' linked to members of the ruling Labour party.

I wonder which Norwegian newspaper or foreign media outlet is going to scoop that one and shatter the global perception created by the current Norwegian State apparatus in their trial by media to secure the story they want the World to believe?

Connect Alan Ayling and then where in Norway does it lead because he has publicly stated he has friends in the political scene in Norway, just like he has friends in the political scene in Sweden.

Considering those who died on July 22nd 2011 were all Norwegian Labour party members apart from the innocent bystanders at the Government building, Ayling's friend has to be a member of the Norwegian Labour party to have lost friends at both sites.

That is just basic logic...

So who is the person he mentions in his public statement over the events in Norway?

Alan Ayling who is directly involved in extreme right-wing politics being directly linked to those involved in left-wing politics in Norway, if it is correct.

How would that look?

Hopefully the families of Utoya along with their legal representatives will press the Norwegian police for the answer to these questions that are crucial to knowing the full truth behind their children's cold blooded murders in the name of politics, even if to just disprove this line of investigation that is still open.

I was accused of being the English 'mentor' and have absolutely no connections in Norway, Alan Ayling was given a mickey mouse interview over his possible role as the English 'mentor' and he has connections possibly right into the ruling Government which needs to be confirmed or denied.

I hope that the international observers following the case will want to know the answer to these questions too, in the interest of 'truth & justice' for those innocent Norwegian children murdered in the name of politics.

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