12 June 2012

Psychiatric Commission is Guilty of misconduct

It has now emerged that contrary to the 'official' declaration of the Psychiatric Commission that there was complete agreement amongst its members over upholding the first State sanctioned report and completely undermining the second which was spread around the World news, there was actually 3 members who did disagree.

That means whoever made the 'official' statement on-behalf of the Commission was lying to the public and to the court which re-enforces the criminal proceedings against whoever it was once a thorough investigation of their professional misconduct has taken place.

With 3 independent witnesses and a phone recording to back it up.

It turned out that NRK were accidentally listening into the meeting which probably means that not all was well within the secret walls of the Psychiatric Commission, with not all of its members being willing State tools attempting to cover up the truth behind the massacre of a group of innocent Norwegian children on their summer camp in the name of politics.

The biggest battle in the court room over Breivik which was his sanity has turned out to be a completely corrupt charade on-behalf of the Norwegian State, that is well and truly operating in the realms of criminality with members of the Psychiatric Commission "perverting the course of justice".

What more proof do you need that not all is as it seems in Norway?

Next will be the Norwegian police in charge of the investigation once evidence emerges.

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