12 June 2012

Criminals - Perverting the Course of Justice

Aftenposten: Forensic Commission is disqualified

Look at the evidence!

Not one single criticism of the first State sanctioned psychiatric report and the complete undermining of the second through the media for the benefit of public perceptions.

"Perverting the Course of Justice"

12 out of 14 expert witnesses in the field of psychiatry disagree with the findings of the first report, with the only 2 upholding it being the 2 who wrote it.

Endorsed by the completely biased and criminal Psychiatric Commission.

There is also 16 out of a team of 17 who dealt with Breivik on a daily basis in prison who have stated they saw no signs of schizophrenia or psychosis.

What does the situation say other than it is criminal in nature?

That is taboo to say and not very diplomatic though...

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