7 June 2012

British exports under threat

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By Glen Jenvey Reporting from London exclusive for asian tribune

Shariah4India run by a man called Mizanur Rahman AKA Abu Barra who say’s ‘’its alright to kill the Queen’’ http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4b5_1239147887 lost the UK for its insult to India a several billion pound defence deal ,this was one of the world's biggest defence deals lost because MI5 and the Police can’t crack down on Al-qaeda inside the UK.

The French firm Dassault has emerged as the best bid for a $10bn (£6.3bn) contract to supply India jet fighters a personal friend of mine who I’m still in contact with who spoke for some time to me about the contract said at one time India was looking into buying British military equipment.

I advised him to look at other countries as well as the UK stopped supplying spare parts to Sri Lanka during the war due to LTTE pressure put on government ministers and the Sri Lankan Government was forced to go to eastern europe for new weapons arranged by my old boss chris who became second in charge of the NIBS for the whole of Sri Lanka.

One of my personal friends I have spoken with on the matter is: LT. GEN. SUDHIR SHARMA Retired from the Indian Army in the year 2008, after four decades of an illustrious and brilliant career of selfless service to the nation .

During his career he has seen active service in India and other countries and has held very critical and challenging appointments in higher echelons of defence management, including a diplomatic assignment in London as the Defence Attaché’ of India where I would have dinner with him or he would come down to me in Salisbury Wiltshire.

He commanded the largest operational force in the world and led the logistics and administration of the 1.3 million strong Indian Army in his last assignment before retirement.

General Sharma, an acknowledged expert relating to national security and anti terrorism matters is very highly regarded in the defence arena, wherein his exemplary leadership and astute strategic thinking has earned him many prestigious awards and commendations, including one for gallantry .He has been felicitated with awards by the Presidents of India on two occasions for his leadership and devotion to the country.

He was one person insulted by the British police failure to act on terrorists supporting al-qaeda and Kashmiri terrorist based in London.I would sit chatting in his office about the links for hours and via email.

The current deputy head of the Indian military intelligence who name i’m not allowed to disclose told me we have the greatest respect for the British People and Armed services and the Queen the head of the commonwealth,but when you look at the security nightmare we all face in this global war on terrorism, how can the UK expect us to share information or trust so called partners who allow open insults and threats to our security.

He went on to say look at London only this week with flags of the LTTE and 1500 terrorist supporters insulting a guest of the Queen this would not be allowed in India the LTTE are still a ban international terrorist group, the LTTE is the only separatist militant organization to assassinate two world leaders, Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993 and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 .But the British police allowed this demonstration to take place are they RACISTS towards our leaders? do their corrupt press rule their country? and make government laws and policies this was a insult.

It’s quite clear the British government policy on terrorism is far from clear for the police to act ,that’s down to poor leadership from the top.MI5 is a wash of experts with no vision or common sense in my view but yes it was interesting how the British media insulted the Sri Lankan president. many years ago the police would not act on another terror cell in London http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-18563_162-636344.html

This is when another personal friend of mine the Russian military attache who was a fsb officers helped me expose Hamza with other diplomats . He also told me inside the Russian Embassy that Moscow had a problem with Nazi gangs on the streets? so to cure the problem the order was given for the army to dress in civilian clothes and attack them. the gangs soon went away,

This story i once told to Patrick Mercer MP over lunch at st john’s chapel near westminster a place his parents got married at, with a reporter Russell mere for the Sunday People a British newspaper ,But added that the EDL A peaceful demostration group should be allowed to address the Al-qaeda problem the next time they insult the public. Patrick felt it was a good idea even as an MP and he was a senior Government minister in the cabinet , I know you would see no terrorist group based in the country like we are all seeing hushed up by a D notice (a british government reporting ban) .

Is the UK exporting terrorism and hatred yes! But it is sure not exporting planes to India.!

Shariah4India http://www.anjemchoudary.com/press-releases/the-shariah-4-hind-campaign-will-continue-until-islam-rules-in-dia I
s a Racist site towards other faiths and linked to other radicals ,if members of the Police or public wish to ask why they have put British jobs on the line please call.

Sheikh Omar Bakri MuhammadFounder of Al-Muhajiroun, Islamic Scholar & expert in Islamic movements – 00961 70957759

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