3 June 2012

Breivik is one big cover-story

Update: The Secret July 22nd group

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To challenge the ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik in no way means supporting him of defending him it is a matter of getting to the bottom of the ‘truth’ in the interest of ‘justice’ in the case, and truth and justice for me means getting to the bottom of who set me up to be the fall guy for events in Norway, and for the families of Utoya it is about getting to the bottom of the full truth behind their children’s cold blooded murders in the name of politics.

Which one below is more believable?

Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one who was recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mother’s home whilst playing computer games who went out and committed the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century whilst leaving behind a terror manual in perfect English for any followers to copy in the name of his right-wing politics, with there still evidence not yet fully investigated to support this ‘official’ claim that could disprove this claim.


Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat, step son of an Army Major and best friend of a lawyer from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence being a recruited agent into a secretive group who had a political agenda in Norway which is in-line with Breivik’s own story behind his actions with the evidence not yet investigated possibly confirming this.

As all evidence stands I go with the latter which is contradictory to the Norwegian State’s ‘official’ opinion which is the former.

Which do you choose?

The Norwegian State are now fighting tooth and nail to secure the ‘insane’ label on Breivik which would make their ‘official’ story sound more convincing to the public. The only thing with this though is that pretty much everyone except the State actors attempting to secure the ‘insane’ label on Breivik have not seen any signs of mental illness in him.

I find it amazing that after 33 years if Breivik was a schizophrenic as the first State sanctioned report claims then he had not one single schizophrenic or psychotic episode in his life prior to July 22nd 2011 that resulted in hospitalisation. Nobody who ever encountered him saw anything out of the ordinary in his mental state of mind, even his local Freemason lodge who accepted him into their fraternity.

Any abnormalities in his normal behaviour quoted from friends was down to his planning for July 22nd 2011.

Yet we are to believe from the Norwegian State that he is a schizophrenic and was psychotic at the time of his terrorist attacks.

If Breivik woke up one day and committed acts of violence for no reason and motive other than it was all in his head with no explanation then the ‘insane’ label would fit him perfectly.

This is not what happened, Breivik planned his terrorist attacks over a lengthy period of time as the evidence shows and he has logical reason and justification for them within the framework of his stated beliefs. Beliefs that are held by a large number of people all over the world, but who would not commit the terrorist acts he committed.

Part of Breivik’s ideology comes from an ideological movement that has many influential leading political and military figures attached to it.

Are they all ‘insane’?

So the ‘insane’ label does not fit the person in my personal opinion, just like the ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik does not fit the evidence.

You decide for yourself what you think.

Is it out of the realms of possibility that Breivik was recruited by a well connected group of individuals in Norway because of his family background, who assigned him his English ‘mentor’ specifically to prepare him for a terrorist attack in Norway that would result in pre-planned political results that were in the benefit of the group?

Norway is the 3rd richest Nation on Earth and has one of the last and largest remaining natural oil & gas deposits in the World.

Could this be motivation enough for a secretive group to plan ‘Operation Breivik’ along with the large amount of money that is at stake?

Hundreds of billions of dollars and more.

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that Russia had a hand on some level behind ‘Operation Breivik’ considering they have been in negotiations for almost 20 years with the Norwegians over access to the oil & gas deposits in Norway’s territorial waters?

Further reading: Hidden in plain sight

If Breivik was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is ‘insane’ like the ‘official’s’ in Norway want the world to believe then no because there is no bigger story surrounding Breivik and its cased closed.

But if Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a lawyer from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence was a recruited agent then the answer is yes and the case is still open.

You make your own mind up on that one like I have.

It was revealed in the newspapers last week that a Professor in Denmark has just been sent to prison for espionage on-behalf of Russia so Russian influence in the Scandinavian Countries cannot be ruled out. They carry out espionage in America and the UK so why not Norway where they have a vested oil & gas interest which is in-line with their long term National interests.

If Breivik was a recruited agent, recruited into a pre-planned political agenda, it would mean that his recruiters knew the long term plan and the goal. The intelligent minds behind such acts which are in-line with espionage just like the Professor who has been sent to prison in Denmark.

Someone had to just guide Breivik along until the right time.

There was a lot in the Norwegian media last week concerning the Norwegian police’s ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik and his cover stories based upon police witness testimonies given to the court.

A cover story is exactly that, a story to cover up something else to hide all traces of the truth.

If Breivik was a recruited agent enlisted by a secretive group to carry out his terrorist attacks for political purposes then his recruiters would have been well versed in the art of espionage and covert secret service work.

They would have trained their recruit to the best of their ability for the end result they wanted.

Any secret service agent working in the field now on-behalf of their Government as you are reading this is living and operating undercover and has his/her cover stories in place, it’s the first and most basic ‘law’ of espionage.

A foreign power does not know the spy is a spy, that’s just basic logic, they believe they are something completely different because of the cover-story.

It covers-up the truth.

A cover story has to be as real to life as humanly possible because if they are ever found out then their cover-story has to hold up under scrutiny otherwise it could cost them their lives.

So those well versed in espionage know their art very well and pass that knowledge on to their recruits.

A lot of emphasis has been put on Breivik’s Liberia trip for blood diamonds which he says was a cover-story, but the Norwegian police who have conducted the investigation so far do not believe him because all of the traceable evidence shows that he was intimately actively involved in working out the diamond business.

If Breivik was told by his recruiters to create the blood diamond story as his cover-story then they would have advised him to do the research necessary so that if he was exposed during the course of the 10 year planning stage behind July 22nd 2001 then he had his cover-story in place.

The blood diamond cover-story running alongside the real under cover reason for his Liberia trip.

A cover-story is not a cover-story unless you actually know what you are talking about and there are provable links.

The Norwegian police do not understand this logic though because it conflicts with their ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik because they cannot find any evidence to the contrary.

The whole reason of a cover-story.

Because they cannot find the evidence does not mean it is not real it just means they cannot find the evidence which is why the cover-story was created in the first place and is the first rule when trying to cover your tracks. Hide the truth.

You have to look at everything in light of Breivik’s acts on July 22nd 2011.

If Breivik was a recruited agent would his recruiters not have educated him in the art of espionage?

Breivik’s cover-story worked well because now when the Norwegian police look back because of his terrorist acts they cannot see anything other than his cover-story and it deflects all attention from the truth and real reason he has said he was in Liberia during the civil war there.

The art of espionage…

The Norwegian police also believe the real reason behind Breivik’s trips to certain Countries (cant remember which) where he opened up bank accounts was solely for opening up the bank accounts for his fake diploma scam where as Breivik says he met people connected to the network he is connected to.

Is this another cover-story behind the real reason he was there in the Country?

He had to have a reason for being there other than meeting war criminals or former Soviet KGB agents from Far West LCC if this is what he really did.

The Norwegian police believe that the bank accounts were opened up as part of Breivik’s online diploma scam.

Was this scam a cover-story for his group to send him money?

They could not just send hundreds of thousands of dollars to him so had to have an alternate way of sending him the money. They would have had to have taught him the art of international money funneling too which is probably why he opened up 13 accounts in 7 different Countries.

If he was in one of those Countries to meet a member of the network then why not use opening up the bank account as a cover-story thus killing 2 birds with one stone?

If so it worked well just like with the Liberia cover-story because the Norwegian police have formed their ‘official’ conclusion on this basis.

Also if the bank accounts were for his online diploma scam then why open bank accounts in his own name in foreign Countries and then wash the money through his own mother’s accounts if he was trying to disguise his tracks?

That does not seem very logical.

The Norwegian police believe the $600,000 he washed through his mother’s accounts probably came from the online scam which is not definitely and leaves an air of doubt.

Either it was or it wasn’t which is it?

Considering they know who made the fake diploma’s it only takes the simplest mathematical skills to add up whether it was or not.

2 + 2 = 4

Was money funneled to Breivik through those international accounts he was also using for his online scam from members of his group or was the $600,000 all from selling fake diploma’s?

$600,000 is an awful lot of money to earn from an online fake diploma scam if you ask me.

Who taught Breivik the failed business man and high school drop out the art of international banking where he then went on to make $600,000?

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake who I believe is the real English ‘mentor’ works inside the prestigious European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and has multiple money funneling companies located around the World.

I believe that washing the money through his mother’s accounts was one of his biggest mistakes if not the only mistake he made. One of those times where you do something then think in hindsight “why did I do that”.

His mother is now a co-conspirator to his acts which places him in a dilemma if the Norwegian police used this piece of evidence in the right way, only they do not know what they are doing which is why they have not cracked him.

I don’t think they want to crack him anyway because to crack him would shatter their ‘official’ story that is being propagated in front of the World’s media by the State prosecutors, supported by the State sanctioned psychiatric report and endorsed by the psychiatric commission and would reveal the bigger story surrounding him that they do not want revealing because of what it means.

A serious dilemma.

Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is ‘insane’ means there is no bigger story surrounding him and it is this that the Norwegian State are fighting tooth and nail to secure contrary to ‘truth & justice’ that you would expect when 69 innocent Norwegian children lay dead with many more maimed and injured for life.

There should be UN observers on this one considering it was a massacre of innocent children in the name of politics, and then maybe ‘truth & justice’ would prevail.

The other piece of evidence that emerged was the fact that Breivik bought an expensive pen when he was on his way to London in 2002 directly after his Liberia trip.

Is it a coincidence that Breivik bought an “expensive” pen which signifies what he was about to sit down and do?

Write a 1500 page manifesto on-behalf of the group he is connected to.

Call it a finger print when looking back which I think is what those involved in this type of activity like to do as a little calling card, a little like the murder location of the MI6 agent turning up in Breivik’s manifesto.

A top British code breakers murder location turns up inside an embedded code inside a manifesto linked to the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century where nobody can find any other meaning behind the 46 embedded locations.


The whole police investigation surrounding Breivik is completely undermined and there are still unanswered questions that could completely contradict their ‘official’ story and shatter the illusion of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one that is currently being played out in court room 250 in Norway.

There are 2 points I will highlight why the police investigation is completely undermined which means the families of Utoya should have absolutely no confidence in the police investigation into Breivik whatsoever.

Firstly after 10 months and an extensive ‘official’ police investigation they could not trace Breivik’s diamond contact Alpha Kallon.

Within a few days investigating the newspapers Dagbladet and VG both interviewed the man in question at his home in America.

If they could find such a crucial witness integral to the whole investigation in a few days then what have the Norwegian police been doing for 10 months on an ‘official’ Norwegian basis over the worst crime to have been inflicted upon their Country since the Second World War?

Alpha Kallon is not going to now turn around and talk about Serbian war criminals, Breivik only met him for diamonds and that is all he will know.

The other point is the fact that the lead detective has ruled out looking for evidence in Breivik’s Facebook accounts even though Breivik has stated they will find a link to prove the existence of the group he says he is connected to.

Considering Facebook is integral to the new social media everyone uses you would have thought it would have been one of the first places they checked but after 10 months they still have not checked and do not intend checking even after Breivik’s claim.

How can the families of Utoya place any confidence in the current Norwegian police investigation into their children’s murders by Breivik and the ‘official’ story surrounding him when this evidence clearly shows they have not done their jobs properly.

You could say they do not want to find anyone else connected to Breivik for some reason which is why they have not gone searching which means they are never going to find any evidence that anyone else is connected to him.

They do not want to.

They just want the World to believe Breivik was an ‘insane’ “solo terrorist” connected to no one.

With regards to me, the Norwegian police smeared me all over the World news at the beginning stages because it suited their “solo terrorist” connected to no one line who was inspired on the internet by me.

They did not even have the professional courtesy of making contact with me before smearing me all over the World news.

It took me ringing up the investigation and inviting myself for an interview after their smears against me all over the World news.

If I had not take the step then they probably would not have taken the step to invite me for questioning because in my opinion they already had their pre-planned script of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one line which you can read in all the first reports coming out of Norway over the case that has not changed since.

Even before any investigation took place they made their claims of Breivik being a “solo terrorist” connected to no one, so is it not a little suspicious that 10 months on that line has not changed a single inch and they have not carried out the simplest of investigation of credible leads that could contradict this ‘official’ claim.

The political ruling class of Norway are obviously not spending all their National wealth on National Security and Policing.

They are probably spending it on securing their future control over that National wealth and placing their stooges in all positions of power to make sure that happens, which includes their stooges involved with the Breivik case who have carried out a successful white-wash and cover-up of the whole thing in their trial by media to secure the “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is ‘insane’ label for the benefit of the trusting unsuspecting public who believe what they are told by the ‘official’s’ in charge of their Country.

If the Norwegian police cannot do their job properly which has clearly been shown then how can anyone have any confidence in their ‘official’ conclusion that is being propagated in the court room now in front of the World’s media? An ‘official’ conclusion that is fundamentally flawed because there are still major questions that need answering and a police investigation that has done absolutely no real investigative work to uncover the group they deny exists.

2 Norwegian newspapers did a better job in a matter or days than the police in 10 months.

What hope have the families of Utoya of getting to the bottom of the truth behind Breivik when these are the ones in charge of getting to the bottom of the truth and what hope have I of getting to the truth on an ‘official’ basis of who set me up to be the fall guy for the events in Norway last year when lines of investigation have not been investigated.

It is about time international observers were brought in to oversee the abuse of power in Norway considering at the heart of it is a political mass murder of a group of innocent children in what is said to be a European Democracy that possibly has far wider implications.

Is this not why there is a Norwegian General UN observer is in Syria?

He should be sorting out his own Country before trying to sort out Democracy in other Countries.

The Norwegian police have said that they have still not located ‘Richard the Lionheart’ from within the manifesto.

I gave a detailed 3 day 15 hour interview about my beliefs concerning this person and how I ended up framed as the fall guy.

I stated Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake was behind Breivik.

Is it a coincidence that Alan Ayling has a friend called ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

Is it not about time this persons identity was revealed to the Breivik enquiry in the interest of ‘truth & justice’ to see if it fits or not?

If after 10 months the Norwegian police could not find Alpha Kallon then what hope is there of them finding this person even though there is a traceable link through people to his real identity.

My guess is they have not even bothered!

The families of Utoya should ask them.

Alan Ayling was interviewed as the possible English ‘mentor’ so this information is critical to the whole enquiry especially after the Norwegian police have said they are still looking for this person as part of the still ongoing investigation.

Have they found him yet? If not why not, when they have had 6 months to do so and it is very simple to do.

Did Ayling mention him in police interview?

Breivik says he had an English ‘mentor’ called ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and there is a man who uses the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ online who is directly connected to Alan Ayling who was interviewed as being the possible English ‘mentor’.

Someone edited Breivik’s manifesto into picture perfect English.

Why has this mans identity not been revealed?

Probably because the Norwegian’s in control of the Breivik script do not want it revealing because of what it could mean.

The unraveling of the truth behind Breivik and other people’s involvement which would shatter their long standing ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat, step son of a former an Army Major and best friend of a lawyer from the Ministry of Defence who is an ‘insane’ “solo terrorist” connected to no one.

The Norwegian police have admitted this persons existence.

Who is Alan Ayling’s Norwegian secretary too and who are his friends in the Norwegian Government?

Those international observers should be pressing for this evidence to be presented now considering it is critical and vital to the whole Breivik case, or do not propagate the lies of being concerned about the young people who lost their lives that day for “political purposes”.

The other key piece of evidence is whether or not Breivik was trained in Belarus by the former Soviet Colonel from Far West LCC.

This would explain where he learnt his bomb making skills that did not come from him learning on his rented farm and mean he is connected to a network/group which shatters the ‘official’ “solo terrorist” connected to no one line.

Breivik had his cover-stories for Belarus which was for his girlfriend and visiting Viking graves, but opposition leaders in Belarus connected to the intelligence services of that country have stated he was there for other reasons, namely paramilitary training in camps run by the Colonel which would fit in with where he learned his bomb making skills.

Until the unanswered questions are answered there should be no ‘official’ conclusion on Breivik.

One of the top Norwegian police investigators giving evidence said “The only place this is real is in Breivik’s head” which endorsed the ‘insane’ label they want to place on him.

He wants to go back to the Norwegian police academy and learn how to do his job properly before passing comments like that in a court room when his officers have not done their jobs properly.

They have created their ‘official’ conclusion on Breivik’s cover-stories because that is the only evidence they can find, and have dismissed all other possibilities.

Breivik who carried out the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century was not going to leave any evidence that could be found without a thorough and extensive investigation now was he, especially not if he was trained by people versed in the art of espionage who knew exactly what they were doing with him.

The Norwegian police do not want to believe this though.

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