14 June 2012

Breivik's "2083" map co-ordinates

Dagbladet: No explanation to map co-ordinates

The Norwegian police and military have not found any meaning to Breivik's 46 map co-ordinates embedded within a code inside the "2083" manifesto.

On the outset that means there is nothing significant to the codes.

Out of the 46 co-ordinates one of the locations is a stones throw from the murder location of the MI6 agent Gareth Williams.

A top British code breakers murder location possibly turning up inside an embedded code inside a manifesto linked to the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century.

Looking at the manifesto if there is no meaning to the 46 co-ordinates then one of them being linked to the murder scene of a top British code breaker has got to be suspicious enough to warrant further investigation?

Might just be a big coincidence but considering the size and scope of the Breivik case should coincidences just be ruled out as meaningless without investigation?

There are still multiple lines of enquiry not fully investigated to determine whether or not Breivik really is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one, or whether he is telling the truth and is connected to a group and wider network.

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