17 June 2012

A Question of Dr. Husby's Professional reputation

Then you question why he was specifically chosen for his role in the Breivik case along with his colleague who was the former head of the psychiatric commission overseeing the court's proceedings concerning Breivik's state of mind.

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Dagbladet: Husby's basis for Fritzel's sanity

Measure the below statement concerning Dr. Husby's remote diagnostic of Fritzel with his professional diagnosis of Breivik that no professionals in the field of psychiatry agree with accept his colleague and the criminal psychiatric commission.

Criminal acts of mental illness is characterized by poor planning, impulse action and violence, stated Husby. Fritzl actions he described him as the opposite-structured, deliberate and methodical.

- He is a pure psychopath, intelligent enough not to show their bad sides all the time. His attacks are planned and systematized over many years. Therefore he can not blame it on mental illness, but must be responsible for their actions as a human being. His lawyer is probably the only one who claims Fritzl is sick, Husby said.

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