18 June 2012

Explaining context to second set of psychiatrists

VG: Knight's Templar grew out of Breivik's imagination

Even when he phoned in to police from Utøya presented Breivik as commander of the anticommunist opposition movement. Agnar Aspaas and Terje Tørrissen believe Breivik is sane, but believes that he has always known that the idea of Knights Templar grew out of his own imagination . - We believe that the testimony in court strengthens this view,

The question is how did the thought Knights Templar end up within Breivik's mind in the first place for it to grow as part of the imagination process into what he then presented to the world?

Did he wake up one day with a bolt of inspiration from no where that grew into what the World now perceives, or was a seed planted by someone for Breivik's imagination to grow?

It did not come from no where so where does the origin of the source lay? What is the explanation behind it?

As they say, his first words were that he was the commander of the anti-communist opposition movement which is Gladio ideology and fits completely in-line with Breivik the son of a Government diplomat, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence lawyer and active Freemason being a recruited agent into a secretive group who have financial and political motivations which is in-line with Breivik's own claims. Definitely not Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one who was insane after playing computer games in his bedroom as the Norwegian State controllers of the case want the World to believe.

Gladio style networks are all over Europe and are not a figment of the imagination that conspiracy theories are based upon.

Breivik has stated himself that he is part of Gladio but whether he knew their true motivations is questionable at this moment in time.

No one wants to say that on the TV though do they so it is easier for mass public consumption to have Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one who is insane and then the real truth behind him stays hidden from the public mind.

I wonder what the Utoya families think about that?

Who is Alan Ayling's friend in the Norwegian government?

I will put this into context for the psychiatrists.

In the days after July 22nd 2011 Breivik's imagination was so good that some how all attention was centered on me as being his English 'mentor' he met in London in 2002 because of certain pointers placed within the manifesto, with this accusation then spread around the Worlds news which deflected all attention and blame from the real reason and source behind him and set the media stage for public perceptions.

What are the chances of that being a coincidence?


So what is the explanation behind how I ended up accused of being his English 'mentor' due to the parallels (Knights Templar) and pointers Breivik used?

Either he was insane and copied me wanting to highlight my blog or he copied me to set me up for arrest.

If he wanted to highlight my blog then he could have mentioned me within the manifesto like he did everyone else which he did not do, instead he attempted to have me arrested which was a hostile act. He even stated in interview that he believed someone had been arrested because that was obviously part of the plan.

Why would he do that?

Further reading: You've been framed

That is some imagination, to attempt to have someone he does not know arrested as an accomplice to his heinous crimes the day after he is dead from his martyrdom mission don't you think?

So that imagination has reasoning behind it and has a seed and root, the question is where did the seed come from and who watered the root?

I do not know Breivik in any capacity so where did the reasoning come from for him to attempt to have me arrested as an accomplice to his crimes?

Had to come from an external source who planted the seed in his mind and then directed his imagination towards the intended goal.

Who out there had reason and motivation enough and is from the same ideological network as Breivik, was my question when I saw what was happening after I stood accused?

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake the director behind the EDL which means he is the real English 'mentor' he met in London in 2002 who directed Breivik in the totality of his terrorist acts which included framing me in an attempt to remove me from being a threat to his continued political agenda.

To claim it is all Breivik's imagination meaning their is no reason behind it without placing it into context within the wider framework of the case is "wrong and false" which is probably why the Norwegian's have not wanted my witness statement in court as part of the trial even though they involved me by smearing me all over the World news as the alleged English 'mentor'. They also refuse to fully investigate my angle on the case and have closed all doors on it by claiming Breivik is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one which in the context of the evidence is laughable only it is not funny but they are sticking to that claim because how would it look now if they did not.

Everything has an explanation so what is the explanation behind Breivik's imagination about the Knights Templar that was so perfect that he successfully framed me? You had better have a good one for when I come for the answer.

Come one...I'm sure psychiatrists are not that stupid.

The general public do not look behind the statement though they just believe there is no meaning to the Knights Templar as it was all his imagination because the psychiatrists say so, which then endorses the "solo terrorist" connected to no one line in the public mind.

It is about time someone challenged these statements on a professional basis in the interest of 'truth & justice'.

The Knights Templar and regalia are just clothes he dressed up in, take them away and you have a godless militant Nationalist and a 1500 page manifesto.

The clothes worked well for framing me though as part of his imagination!

I wonder what Breivik's own explanation is?

You read him some of my writings...

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