13 June 2012

Discrimination is the diplomatic way of saying "Perverting the Course of Justice"

VG: Is that not discrimination?

With such a serious criminal trial taking place where the battle in the court room between the prosecution and the defence is over the 'state of mind' of the accused which determines whether or not he is criminally responsible for his actions the Psychiatric Commission is expected to take a neutral impartial position above the 2 sides to make sure justice prevails in the court room.

The judge in Breivik's trial has today accused the Psychiatric Commission of discrimination against the second psychiatric report.

That is the diplomatic way of saying the Psychiatric Commission have attempted to 'pervert the course of justice' in a legal case during trial.

The Norwegian State in control of the Breivik case want the 'insane' label placed upon Breivik because then their 'official' story surrounding him is much more acceptable to the public mind.

This is why the Psychiatric Commission have discriminated against the second impartial psychiatric report, with not one single criticism by them of the first State sanctioned report.

That is a clear cut case of attempting to 'pervert the course of justice' in a criminal trial.

What would happen to one of us mere mortals if we were caught 'perverting the course of justice' in a criminal trial?

Don't pass go...

The Psychiatric Commission have only now claimed they made a mistake this late on in the proceedings after being challenged over their professional misconduct.

Quote: We should have written: "We take note of the report, but still disagree." That's what we thought, but not what we wrote, he said.

Due to the seriousness and gravity of the case would you not expect better from the Psychiatric Commission charged with overseeing the criminal proceedings?

If this had not been challenged by the psychiatric and legal experts then no one would be none the wiser and their declarations would stand, even though they were false.

Quote: After Tørrissen and Aspaas delivered its report, sent the Oslo District Court a remarkable letter to the Forensic Medicine, who wrote the report "was taken into consideration," while the Commission "did not have major objections" to the first report of psychiatrists Husby and Sørheim.

All professional witnesses have diplomatically undermined the findings of the first State sanctioned psychiatric report, yet the Psychiatric Commission did not have any objections to it.

What does that tell you?

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