30 June 2012

The Breivik Conspiracy - Mainstream media confirming my thoughts

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(Bloomberg article below)

I found this article on the internet written for Bloomberg which gives an excellent analysis of the political consequences of Breivik's terrorist attacks which confirmed my thoughts about the aftermath within the political arena in Norway, which should give any serious reader and researcher of the events pause for thought.

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Was Breivik a "solo terrorist" connected to no one as the Norwegian's in control of the case want the World to believe, or was he a recruited trained asset because of his family pedigree for a secretive group who have/had political and financial motivations?

The Norwegian 'officials' in control of the case are playing the bury your head in the sand game hoping that all of the conflicting evidence to their 'official' story will just disappear and then whoever is behind Breivik for whatever their reasons will get away with their complicity in the events.

I only have my reputation and conscience to think about which is nothing in the scheme of things. The families of the dead and injured have a lot more to think about but none of them are questioning their ruling Government about all of the outstanding evidence that could tell a completely different story to the one fed to the public as the 'official' version of events.

The truth behind Breivik...

There has to be an explanation behind how I ended up being smeared all over the World's news but nobody has given me that explanation yet?

I gave the Norwegian's my 'official' explanation in front of their police 'specialists' but they and the British have refused to investigate it which has its own explanation behind the reasons why because everything has an explanation.

Considering the murder location of one of the most infamous MI6 murders in modern times ended up in Breivik's manifesto which was part of the worst act of political terrorism of the 21st Century and had Serbian finger prints over it you would have thought and hoped that they would want to get to the bottom of the British angle of the Breivik case to either rule out the link to their murdered colleague or explain his murder but to my knowledge all doors have been closed which again has its explanations in the scheme of things.

They must have a dossier on Alan Lake but the question is; Is he one of their own?

I dont care about all those forces out there now wanting to use Breivik's actions to fire up the right-wing Nationalists in Europe to inspire more copycat killers, what I care about it is finding out why Breivik attacked me which is what he did by leveling some blame at my feet for the day after his attacks, and who was ultimately behind him which would explain his reasons for attacking me.

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Why should they get away with their complicity in the mass murder of a group of innocent misguided teenagers on their summer camp in Norway, and attempting to blame me for it?

All those high factions within the State apparatus in Norway and Britain cannot support and endorse Breivik's crimes, so how long now until the answers are given to the outstanding questions that need answering?

The domino effect and the unraveling of the truth.

Alan Lake the EU banker and director behind the EDL who was interviewed over the possibility of him being the English 'mentor' has links into the Norwegian Government which would fit inline with my belief behind the events which ties in with this Bloomberg article below.

Public opinion would demand a full and thorough transparent investigation of Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake if they knew all of the circumstantial evidence surrounding him, his direct links into Norway and his involvement with the ideological movement that Breivik came from but they have been refused this knowledge because the mainstream media have been completely silent over the matter.

Just imagine if I am right and he is the English 'mentor' what story would that then tell?

There has to be someone sitting in a high place who wants to know whether the whole investigative angle concerning me is right or wrong?

Definitely not the Norwegians in control of the case which then begs the questions as to why?

Because Breivik was a recruited and trained asset which conflicts with their 'official' conclusion of the "solo terrorist" connected to no one they have fed to the public and then the question is; who are the ones behind him?

And why use ex-KGB Soviet trainers and anti-Western Serbians?


Bloomberg article

Anders Behring Breivik’s efforts to galvanize anti-Islam sentiment in Norway after last month’s hate killings have given the ruling party he sought to destroy its biggest tailwind in more than a decade.

Support for Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s Labor Party, targeted by Breivik in the July 22 bombing and shootings that left 77 dead, soared to more than 40 percent, two polls showed this week. If a vote were held today, that would be the best result since the 1985 election. Approval of Stoltenberg’s handling of the crisis is at more than 90 percent, polls show.

Support for Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s Labor Party, targeted by Breivik in the July 22 bombing and shootings that left 77 dead, soared to more than 40 percent, two polls showed this

“It’s the first time in Norway that the popularity rating of an elected politician is higher than that of the King,” said Frank Aarebrot, a politics professor at the University of Bergen, in a phone interview. Since the attacks, Labor’s policies mean it enjoys “the strongest legitimacy. My guess is that the effect will last a couple of years.”

Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto, published a few hours before his killing spree, railed against the “Islamization” of Norway and Europe, a trend he said he would try to halt through his terror acts. Yet the anti-immigration Progress Party that Breivik had sought to champion now faces a backlash as a key campaigning point is stigmatized ahead of local elections on Sept. 12. That’s left the group, Parliament’s second-biggest, with an identity crisis.

‘Low Profile’
“They will try to keep a low profile on immigration, immigrants, threats from the Muslims,” Anders Todal Jenssen, a political science professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, said by phone. Without the attacks “they would have focused on immigration as a very important issue,” he said.

Backing for Labor, which was re-elected in 2009 on pledges to improve welfare without raising taxes, surged 11 percentage points in the month through July 30 to 41.7 percent, the highest result since September 1998, according to a Synovate poll. A TNS Gallup poll for TV2 showed a 9.2 point rise in support for Labor to 40.5 percent, a 12-year high. The opposition Conservatives slipped almost five points to 23.7 percent in the Synovate poll, while the Progress Party, of which Breivik was a member from 1999 to 2004, dropped three points to 16.5 percent.

Since the killings, more Norwegians say they now embrace multiculturalism, according to an Aug. 1 InFact AS poll published by Verdens Gang. Twenty-six percent of those questioned said they were more positive toward a multi-ethnic Norway than before the attacks. Nine percent were more negative and 49 percent said they hadn’t changed their opinion.

‘Lost Its Legitimacy’
“The anti-Islam argument has lost its legitimacy,” said Johannes Bergh, a political scientist at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo, in a phone interview. “You can’t make the type of arguments that the Progress Party has been making in terms of Islam being a danger to society or a threat to Norwegian culture. You just can’t say that anymore.”

The prime minister’s party is now poised to win next month’s local elections. Polls before July 22 had shown it was set to lose.

Stoltenberg isn’t the first leader to see his approval ratings rise following attacks against his citizens. Support for former U.S. President George W. Bush jumped to 90 percent after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, according to Gallup. Backing later fell below 30 percent at the end of his second term.

Stoltenberg has won admiration from voters for avoiding traps that risk polarizing the debate in Norway. He has even urged lawmakers and media not to vilify anti-immigration policies.

‘Witch Hunt’
“We should not start a witch hunt against those opinions that we don’t agree with,” he told reporters on Aug. 1.

Bush, by contrast, in 2001 pledged to hunt down those responsible for the September attacks, and said he wanted Osama bin Laden “dead or alive.”

Siv Jensen, who as the leader of Norway’s Progress Party has warned of “sneak-Islamization,” said Breivik’s attacks shouldn’t silence the immigration debate.

“In the time that lies ahead, we need even more freedom of expression,” Jensen said in an Aug. 1 interview. “It is important to me that we all can combine freedom of expression with dignity and I think we will manage that, even if it is a new terrain for us.”

Still, the party may need to modify its tone in the debate, Jensen told reporters this week.

“We’ve all changed our behavior and we won’t be the same as before,” Jensen said.
Before Breivik’s attacks, the Progress Party had risen in popularity as voters, like their Nordic peers in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, reacted to a rising intake of immigrants.

Norway received the second-highest number of new asylum- seekers per inhabitant after Sweden last year, according to a survey of 44 industrialized nations by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Non-western immigrants and their children last year accounted for 9.4 percent of Norway’s population. In Germany, non-western immigrants made up 6 percent, data from the national statistics offices of each country show.

Voters upset with this trend should be free to say so, Stoltenberg told reporters on July 27.
“We have to be very clear to distinguish between extreme views, which are completely legal and legitimate,” he said. “What is not legitimate is to try to implement those extreme views by using

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