15 June 2012

You've been Framed

BlottR: English commander told me to act now

If you take away the name Knights Templar and the regalia that Breivik used what do you have left?

Breivik a self professing militant Nationalist and a 1500 page manifesto that he claims was the sole purpose of his attack on Utoya island, which was to maximise its publicity.

A militant Nationalist is not a Christian fundamentalist and Knights Templar's are all Christian fundamentalists, meaning they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour and the fundamentals of the Christian message is what they are sworn to propagate and uphold.

So Breivik is dressed in clothes that do not belong to him which makes him a wolf in sheeps clothing but it served a purpose.

Why is Breivik dressed in clothes that do not belong to him?

The clothes along with certain intelligent pointers within the manifesto along with claims of more cells ready to strike worked very well in framing me as being the English 'mentor' he speaks of in the manifesto.

If I was his alleged English 'mentor' he speaks of then why would he single me out for arrest the day after his attacks?

If I was his English 'mentor' then that was not a very nice thing to do to me was it?

Even the simplest can understand that point.

The clothes detract from the real reason behind his attacks which is the manifesto and I am not mentioned inside the manifesto anywhere, with nothing I have ever written inside it's pages.

His life long work that he sacrificed his life for (the manifesto) contains the writings of people I detest with there being a public record of this prior to July 22nd 2011.

So is it not a bit suspicious that most of the people he applauds within his manifesto as his heroes and ideological people to follow are the people I have had a long running public contention with yet I was the one who stood accused of being his English 'mentor' which could have turned out very badly for me?

Breivik was no friend of mine and his actions in apportioning blame up me show you that.

So why did he do it?

I was not his inspiration that is Fraudman, the only reason behind him involving me was to have me arrested which is why he believed someone would be arrested in the days after the event.

He knew and expected because it was part of the plan.

A militant Nationalist dressing up in the clothes of Templarism and then apportioning blame was a hostile act.

Who is involved in his ideological World and had very real reason and motive to attack me by using Breivik so as to remove me from being a threat?

The only person is Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake who is the director behind the hijacked EDL who has a political agenda in the UK and throughout Europe and is connected to a group of financially and politically influential people. He also worked as a trusted employee within the EU controlled bank "The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development" in the Square Mile London.

(Why was an employee in such a prestigious bank running around directing the EDL in the UK?)

It is too long to explain the reasons and motives now but the Norwegian police have my witness statement along with several journalists who also have my explanation about this and it cannot be disputed.

There has to be real reason and motive behind the claim of being framed to uphold under scrutiny and there is real reason and motive on Alan Ayling's behalf.

There is no one else out there who fits the whole profile other than him.

After 10 months of making that first claim all circumstantial evidence points to my claim being 100% correct only no action has been taken.

Why not?

In a murder investigation the police have a prime suspect because all circumstantial evidence points to the fact that the person in question is the person responsible, and there is a whole body of circumstantial evidence pointing to the fact that Alan Ayling is the English 'mentor' behind Breivik.

There comes a point when all circumstantial evidence proves beyond doubt.

Are they just waiting for the direct link or have they refused to investigate this credible line of enquiry for reasons unknown to intimate followers of this case?

Alan Ayling has been interviewed as the possible English 'mentor' and he is directly connected to someone who calls himself 'Richard the Lionheart' online, and Breivik claims he was mentored by someone who used the code name 'Richard the Lionheart'.

Is that not a credible piece of evidence still missing from the Breivik enquiry?

The Norwegian police in control of the Breivik investigation up to this point have closed all doors on the enquiry by claiming that they have concluded that Breivik is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one which means there is no one else to look for.

They have completely ruled out the whole investigative angle on how I became involved in the case because it conflicts with their 'official' conclusion.

How is that in the interest of 'truth & justice' when 69 innocent misguided kids lay dead with many more injured and maimed for life, along with me being blamed for it with them doing absolutely nothing to rectify that?

No matter how hard it is for small narrow minded people to believe, it is my belief that Breivik the militant Nationalist framed me by using the Templar ideology and iconography to wrap his acts up in to apportion blame so as to remove me from being a threat to the ideological movement him and his English 'mentor' belongs too. I could have ended up doing a very long prison sentence if things had of turned out differently for me which I believe was the intention.

(The whole purpose of his acts was to highlight his manifesto and everything else was secondary.)

Again; why would he do that?

The only one linked to his ideological network who had reason and motive was Alan Ayling because I have never had any type of communication with Breivik in my life, so why would he attack me in such a serious way and who had reason to attack me?

Breivik must have had his own reason and motive which means he must be directly linked to Ayling which would make Ayling' his real English 'mentor'.

Thought and Deed...

Small narrow minded people who do not know the facts of the case scoff at the thought of me being framed because it does not fit their pre-concieved ideas of the events that have happened but who is right and who is wrong?

The one who bases their opinion on no knowledge, just their empty belief based upon newspaper reports that never tell you the real facts behind the story or the one who basis his opinion on intimate knowledge?

So before you scoff at something you know nothing about you should wait for time to take it's natural course and then take the pompous position or be humble enough to accept your mistake.

The Breivik enquiry is still ongoing and Breivik is still alive so the story has not concluded yet, and when it has concluded the full truth will be known and I am either completely right or completely wrong.

No middle ground...

Take away the name Knights Templar and you are left with a small secretive group who had a young willing recruited idealistic Breivik in 2002 who is the son of a former government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence lawyer who was willing to carry out his deeds for whatever the real reasons behind him are.

Breivik was an active Freemason too.

The other thing about the manifesto which is central to Breivik's reasoning is that most of the people Breivik applauds as being the people to follow are anti-Christian. Why would a Knights Templar commit his acts in the name of Templarism frame a brother for being behind him and then direct followers to read writings of anti-Christian writers who actively despise the Christian message and those who uphold it in their lives.

Breivik is a godless militant Nationalist who had an agenda with his controller which has nothing to do with Knights Templar's or Templarism.

The name and the clothes served a purpose but the real reason is the contents of the manifesto and the attempt to start a wider terrorist organisation based upon his actions. Framing me helped his real English 'mentor' because it was only a matter of time and Ayling is central to a right-wing political movement out there along with whatever we don't know that is happening behind closed doors amongst influential politically and financially motivated people he is connected to.

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