4 June 2012

Correcting terrorism expert Peter Neumann

Dagbladet: Peter Neumann

Peter Neumann, one of Europe's leading authorities on radicalization and terrorism and the founder and head of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King's College London, is in Oslo.

Either Dagbladet have misreported Mr. Neumann or he does not know what he is talking about concerning the case in question and uses his credentials to pass statements in the media about terrorism cases that are completely false and misleading.

He is the expert because look at his credentials, so he must be right is most people's perception.

He has used the case of the British Islamic fundamentalist Roshonara Choudry to compare her with Breivik as a "solo terrorist" radicalised through Youtube.

Firstly Roshonara Choudary carried out an attempted murder of 1 British MP. Breivik blew up his Government building killing 8, then went to an island and massacred nearly 100 innocent children and left a 1500 page manifesto in the public domain that he had been writing for almost 10 years all in one day.

There is not much comparison there.

Quote: A girl from London, Roshonara Choudry, looked at a number of extreme Youtube videos, so armed with a knife and went to the British MP Stephen Timms and stabbed him nearly to death in 2010. After it became part of the videos that had radicalized her removed, he said.

This statement by Mr. Neumann makes it look like Miss Choudry was an archetypal 'lone wolf' who had no contact with anyone and was just radicalised online from watching Youtube videos (of course she watched them), became inspired and then went out and attempted to murder a British MP based solely on being radicalised through Youtube without having any direct communication with anyone who could have encouraged her which is completely false and misleading.

A British ideological Al Qaeda member Bilal Ahmed had been commanding followers of the Jihad in the UK to kill British MP's as part of their Holy War, and it was due to this command by Ahmed that Choudry went out to commit her terrorist act.

(Glenn Jenvey broke the story and passed me the inside info before any newspapers picked up on it).

She was also in direct communication with other supporters and followers of the Jihad via extreme Jihadi forums which is where she was recruited and radicalised to go out and commit her acts upon someone else's command.

She was not a 'lone wolf' connected to no one who woke up one day after being inspired by watching Youtube videos to go out and attempt to kill a British MP as the newspaper would lead you to believe if you did not know the facts.

She was connected to an ideological movement and was acting on instructions by other members of that ideological movement.

That is in no way a 'lone wolf' connected to no one inspired solely through Youtube without any direct involvement by a third party as Mr. Neumann would like you to believe so as to fit Breivik and her in the same box. It is completely false and misleading.

Bilal Ahmed is now serving 12 years for his 'incitement to murder' as part of the Choudry case.

The reason I know about this case is the fact that Bilal Ahmed was investigated as part of the same enquiry he received 12 years for, for his 'incitement to murder me'.

2 days after standing accused of being Breivik's English 'mentor' I received a call from West Midlands Police notifying me that Ahmed had just been sentenced to 12 years and that his incitement to murder me was investigated as part of the same enquiry only they did not need to prosecute him for it because they had him for the attempted murder of Stephen Timm's MP linked to
Roshonara Choudry.

Peter Neumann should reconsider his statement to Dagbladet and amend it considering his professional reputation is on the line seen as though he has passed a professional opinion on such a large international terrorism case that reflects upon the organisation he set up that almost certainly gets large amounts of Government funding to report on international terrorism for the Government.

It does not look very good does it?

His view about Breivik being a "solo terrorist" inspired only be the internet based upon his bogus example of Choudry that was taken from wikipedia is seriously questionable too.

But he is the professional, look at his credentials...

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