24 April 2012

‘Truth & Justice’ Alan Lake - The Cabal

What I am now coming to realise is that the Norwegian State Apparatus is a Communist Marxist Dictatorship in the heart of Europe which is probably why it was attacked by an extreme right-wing European group (Gladio). It was no small attack; it was a high level terrorist strike, emanating from outside forces in conjunction with internal forces, hitting the heart of the Norwegian Government.

Its either a successful coup or a Dictatorship cover up.

No matter how unpalatable his actions were, they are all logical within the frame work of his explanation, an explanation that is yet to be re-enforced by his defence witnesses.

From what I can see, Norway is little better than North Korea, only carefully concealed as a peace loving Nation in the eyes of its people, with its controlling Government having its hands on the Norwegian peoples wealth that makes it the 3rd richest Country on Earth.

The political ‘Ruling Class’ – Who think themselves above the King!

The Norwegian Government Apparatus has from day 1, and I mean day 1 white washed the whole case and closed it down completely stating Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one who is insane, which was then spread around the worlds media to promote the perception they wanted promoted and not the real perception of the case.

All evidence completely contradicts those claims as all international observers know!

The Norwegian government now have blood on their hands too because they are using the blood of the innocence of Utoya to defend and protect their own political ideology instead of pursuing 'truth and justice' for the dead no matter what the cost.

If they admit that Breivik was not insane and that he was part of a bigger agenda then that is a direct threat to their Norwegian Marxist Communist Utopia they have created in the heart of Europe. A rampaging monster struck at the heart of their Government infrastructure in the name of right wing politics and the beliefs of the right-wing about multiculturalism, immigration and Islamisation.

Discredit Breivik and you discredit his political ideology and relegate it to the ideas of a lone mad man sitting in his bedroom, so no threat to the Norwegian psychological social bubble the Communist Government have created for its people to live in.

Breivik’s political ideology is mainstream in many different Countries; only those who adhere to it do not run around like rampaging monsters killing children to get their voices heard. We live in Democracies in the West and have the ballot box to make our voices heard; unlike in Norway that is nothing more than a carefully concealed political Dictatorship that has created Ander's Breivik the monster in their midst.

Exactly what Gladio was set up for, to protect and defend the peoples of Europe from Communists, and Breivik claims he is a part of Gladio.

The Norwegian Government are a Dictatorship that is being exposed for what it is in the eyes of the World now, because they would rather cover up the blood of the innocence of Utoya to protect their political agenda and ideology rather than seek out ‘truth and justice’ for the innocence and their families which is what we expect within a Democracy.

The Norwegian Government knows where this attack came from and that’s why Breivik claimed it was a coup de tat, and there only hope now is to close the whole case down and white wash it and direct it towards their intended goal which is what is happening in the court room in front of the worlds media.

The prosecutions script and their first psychiatric report has been ripped to shreds when held up in the light of truth, because they are liars who are attempting to carefully conceal the truth, and want the Norwegian people and the rest of the World to live within their lies.

God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows that he shall also reap.

They have now questioned the second psychiatric report that challenges its authenticity in the eyes of those watching who do not know the truth, which is a continued effort to secure an insane conviction in the eyes of the world as part of their Government controlled ‘trial by media’.

Why has Breivik’s mother not been arrested as a co-conspirator?

The first psychiatric report has absolutely no legal basis any longer due to the gaping holes it contains, yet they question the second report in the eyes of the world through the media rather than their first flawed report.

That was a big mistake based upon the facts.

All international observers know that the first report no longer has any validity based upon the facts that it was created around.

Then you question who directed them to write that first report and why are they now questioning the validity of the second.

I read today the interview Dagbladet did with Milorad Pelemis who denied ever meeting Breivik or being to Liberia, but did confirm that there were Serbians in Liberia at the time Breivik was there.

The Norwegian prosecutors want people to believe that Breivik is a fantasist who is wanting to create a myth around himself by making up stories about meeting Serbian war criminals in Liberia.

Let me put this into perspective for you.

Breivik has no need to fantasise or create a myth around himself based upon Liberia. Breivik travelled to Liberia during the bloody civil war there in 2002 which is a fact.

How many people do you know who have done that or would have done that just for fun at 22 years of age?

Breivik the young Norwegian travelling alone to Liberia and entering the country at the height of the bloody civil war.

That’s enough to have on his resume when we look back in light of his present day actions to reinforce the belief that Breivik is a trained terrorist.

Breivik had no need to add about meeting the Serbian, but he did, which means that he is almost certainly telling the truth. Or he is bolstering his story, which in reality he does not need to do in the slightest.

The manifesto is seriously influenced by Serbian history and politics which fits in-line with the Serbian Liberia claims.

He went to the Liberian civil war for some reason?

A reason that is not your normal reason so what was the reason?

Call him a fantasist, but he did travel to Liberia, so who is the fantasist here and who is the realist?

Further reading: The Liberia London connection

Nobodies reputation should be above the cold blooded mass murder and butchering of a group of innocent children on a summer camp.

Breivik and his supporters online argue that the children were not innocent.

You work out in your own mind if they were innocent or guilty of any crime?

(I am still defending the memory of those dead children in the pursuit of ‘truth and justice’ but if their families are happy about their blood being covered up to protect their ruling Government then that is their choice. I will sleep easily in my bed at night knowing I did what I could on my own for those no longer here because of the events that day.)

It’s a bit like the Omagh bomb in Northern Ireland.

Something that crosses the bridge into an inhumane act.

There is a mountain of evidence linking Alan Lake to Ander’s Breivik but he is surrounded by a very powerful and influential cabal whose reputations would be seriously damaged if it was to be proven that he is directly connected to Breivik.

Are their reputations worth more than the blood of those children in the pursuit for ‘truth and justice’ in a democracy, especially when he/they framed an innocent man for his misdeeds?

A Christian brother at that…

Lake’s past and present partners at his property company Bridgewater House RTM included such respectable people as Penny Jonas, a fund director at Temple Church, Jim Thornton, a lay-preacher and former Conservative Councillor in Hertford and Bob Humphreys who now heads up IS and Finance at Oxfam.

Lake’s partners in his Pacific Capital Investments business included the likes of Michael Collins who was recently appointed President of the European Chamber of Commerce (Eurochambers) in Singapore. Karen (onsoyen) Tan is another, a young and gifted investor who is now a Director of a hedge fund group at Deutsche Bank - also in Singapore.

Are you telling me these people were ignorant of Alan Ayling’s extra curricula right-wing political activities?

Who taught Breivik the art of money funneling with multiple offshore accounts and $600,000 washed through his own mother’s bank accounts to clean it.

Nobody is saying they are in any way connected to Alan Lake’s political activities, but that’s for them and Lake to explain and has nothing to do with me.

Lake set me up with Breivik and that’s my only concern they can work out the rest with Lake and the British police, unless they believe themselves to be more equal than others because of their positions in civil society which means they are above the 'rule of law' that us mere mortals are controlled by.

We will see!

The only ones more equal than others are the Royal Family because they have been appointed by God to 'rule and reign’ over the Kingdom to which they belong.

With the eyes of international observers watching, those in the West and the East who uphold the ‘rule of law’ within their democracies would expect nothing less from the “Mother of all Democracies” in the pursuit of ‘truth and justice’ for a bunch of misguided innocent kids on their summer camp massacred by a man dressed as a policeman.

Call it a fall from grace for those involved and linked to Lake because of his actions and the cursed manifesto him and Breivik have given to the world in their cultural conservative names.

Anyone fighting to protect Lake or themselves is the group of cultural conservatives out there who are attempting to start a right-wing terrorist war against left-wing governments and have done so with the blood of innocent Norwegian children on Utoya Island, exactly as Breivik’s video states.

I know the grass roots players in the UK and it’s only been a matter of time for them, and it still is, which is why they pointed ‘Operation Breivik’ my way, so as to remove me from being a threat to their continued political agenda.

The manifesto is Breivik’s own justification for his Norwegian actions, dressed up on the outside for the media in other people’s garments so as to apportion blame and defect all attention from the real source of this, as part of his groups political agenda. Fraudman is the ideological inspiration behind Breivik, and is looked upon as one of the influential bloggers in the online cultural conservative ideological movement.

I was not accused of being his ‘inspiration’ as the media likes to portray because they do not know the truth or care about the truth. I was alleged to be the man he met in London in 2002 who was assigned to be Breivik’s English ‘mentor’.

Further reading: Birth & Baptism of Anders Breivik

I am a Christian fundamentalist not cultural conservative, although I do hold some of their views on certain issues.

The only power these people have surrounding Lake is in their money and the resourcefulness it gives them and their control over people’s reputations because who wants to be smeared by being involved in Breivik’s actions, so they all attempt to protect one another from prosecution with their influence.

You should have thought about that when aligning yourselves with Alan Ayling the weak link in your chain, or he might just be your sacrificial pawn now for the bigger picture, you decide.

Nobody’s reputation should be above ‘truth and justice’ when 69 innocent kids lay butchered and dead in the name of right-wing politics, with many more injured and maimed by the atrocity.

If it is then we have different core humanity within us, and then let God be the judge.

The only one linked to this saga who made his position known immediately was Sir Howard Hodgkin who employed Ann Marcini who is integral to the whole story of Alan Lake. After 17 years working together they are always going to be friends, but after quiet conversation regarding the truth they both had no other option but to make their position public.

Misjudgment of character can always be forgiven when admitting the truth, a web of lies will always be exposed as a web of lies and then we have the ‘perverting the course of justice’ laws in place for such people irrespective of your standing in society or the friends you have.

I am sure Christine Brim and her colleagues would have advised Ann/Gaia very soundly about this one because Lake via her has brought them all into the fray, and I am innocent of any crimes with no blood on my hands in this. Certain individuals know they will face the “Lord Jesus Christ” one day about this one and whether or not they made the right decision and choices to see ‘truth and justice’ prevail within the battle that is the Lords to fight.

Ann Marcini is one prosecution witness against Lake.

Chris Knowles was suspended from his job working for Leeds City Council children’s department back in early December 2011. That position has not changed even though his activities involved with the EDL are all over the internet. Maybe someone should send Leeds City Council this video and tell them that that is Chris Knowles playing himself off as a City Trader for the media on behalf of the EDL.

Chris Knowles is another prosecution witness against Lake.

Kinana is a close friend of Lakes but made the biggest mistake of his life that was an ‘act of God’ by sending me an email stating that he and another ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was at the first pre founding EDL meeting in Lakes Barbican flat that had slipped my mind until jogged be a respectable witness.

He is another prosecution witness and there is no way out for him because of the email he sent me, unless he wants to cling onto his false loyalty and spend many years in a Category A prison for perverting the course of justice in a mass murder/political terrorism trial.

Ann Marcini and Kinana (whoever he is) are the 2 independent witnesses who can verify the existence of Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ whoever he is?

LinkFurther reading: Who is Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart'?

This man has exactly the same facial features and hair colour as the 'Richard the Lionheart' in Lake's London flat. I am in no way saying it is "THE" person, just bringing it to peoples attention that this is exactly what the man looks like. Thick set, light red bushy hair and goatee beard which is all quite distinctive.

Alan Lake has only been suspended from his bank job within the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which says everything you need to know about this bank and the part it plays for Lake and the group of right-wingers he belongs to. There is enough evidence all over the internet about Ayling/Lake yet his bank bosses have not sacked him from their prestigious bank that has a political mandate in foreign Countries, even though he has dragged their name into disrepute.

It’s about time the British Government rounded up this group and all of their connections to get to the bottom of the truth about Lake and their direct connections to Breivik and involvement of July 22nd 2011.

David Cameron is the PM so he should order it and trust in God to protect him.

Failure is in his hands and only God knows what the future holds, but reveals it sometimes to His servants the prophets.

Your call Dave..

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