21 April 2012

Breivik's real Serbian contact

Nick+ told me recently that Milorad Ulemek was not in Liberia when Breivik stated he met a Serbian war criminal there. He told me how Ulemak, because of his leadership abilities was politically targeted for removal from being a threat to peoples political agenda's.

He said it could have been any Serbian war criminal not just Ulemak, he is just the one most people know about and i agreed with him.

He told me how Ulemak has been blamed for many things because of his profile as a high ranking Serbian military leader and his life story that elevated him into that position.

It now turns out that Ulemak was again being blamed for something he did not do as part of the very worst act of political domestic terrorism Europe has ever experienced the same as me.

Fall guy...

I take this space to apologies for linking him into the picture and will rectify that properly at some point.

The real Serbian Breivik met was Milorad Pelemishem.

I wonder how long now till the real English 'mentor' is revealed?