16 April 2012

Norway's PST under investigation

Quote: Justice Minister Grete Faremo has picked out a Norwegian ambassador and a Swedish Sapo veteran to investigate the PST.

Kim Traavik took over as ambassador to London in 2010.
He joined the Foreign Ministry in 1977 and has served at the Norwegian Council of the EU delegation in Brussels, UN ambassador in New York and NATO ambassador.

Dagbladet: Norway's PST under investigation

All depends on whether or not this investigation is a white wash just like the Breivik case.

This Breivik case is the bench mark for Norway's PST and if it is proven that I have been right all along in my thinking about who Breivik's English 'mentor' is then it is going to have serious ramifications and not look very good in the eyes of the World unless the new leadership of the PST prove it themselves now and admit their mistakes.

There is a mountain of evidence against Alan Lake, the most important piece being his friend 'Richard the Lionheart', yet the PST in conjunction with the British side of the enquiry have still not brought this person out into the open to see how it fits into the picture.

Why not?

8 months of claiming Breivik is a "solo terrorist", taking him to court and prosecuting him as a "solo terrorist" only for that 'official line' to be proven wrong speaks for itself.

Its not hard to find out who are the orchestraters behind the investigation in Norway and its my personal opinion that it is the King of Norway's responsibility to make sure all avenues of truth are investigated thoroughly considering the former leadership of the internal security apparatus of his Country have refused to do so.

Considering they have been reading my writings to Breivik as part of their investigation, maybe the King should take a read and see what he thinks.

History remembers the actions of Kings and Queens in times of crisis...the legacy they leave behind.

Maybe Norway should take a leaf out of Turkey's book if something very serious is going on within the power structure of their Nation which it looks like it is.

I don't care, I am against multiculturalism, Islamisation and mass immigration but the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent children on their summer camp in the name of Christianity and Templarism is a completely different ball game.

p.s You should investigate why someone stepped forward offering to medicate Breivik with drugs during his trial. Anyone in their right mind knows that's highly suspicious, especially when there is such contention over Breivik's sanity, with there being 2 sides who should both be neutral.

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