2 April 2012

More undermining of Breivik’s first psychiatric evaluation

Dagbladet: Breivik "I'm a soldier"

Based upon all of the evidence Breivik’s defence team now has to have the first psychiatric evaluation rejected from the trial it is hard to see how it can even pass the doors of the court house on the morning of April 16th 2012.

The only defence the first psychiatrist have on a professional basis to save their reputations and credibility within the field of psychiatry in Norway is that they were given misleading information from the Norwegian police on which they based their report on.

This then calls into question the integrity of the police leading the enquiry and then the bigger questions that then surround this.

The second report has yet to be unveiled though…

For some reason the agenda from the very beginning has been to have Breivik labeled as insane, which fits in with the “solo terrorist” label they have fed to the public over the past 8 months. Then nobody need go looking for what and who is really behind him.

It is not looking very good for those who are ultimately in charge of the enquiry and what information is fed to the public through the mainstream media.

I wonder who they are?

If there is any substance to the counter argument on this blog then it is the Utoya survivors and their lawyers who have the strongest voice to hold those in charge of the enquiry in Norway to account and receive answers to the conflicting questions and unanswered coincidences littered throughout the case so as to get to the bottom of the truth about what was inflicted upon them on what some call a ‘normal Friday afternoon’ in July.

Truth and Justice must prevail in a Democracy where all are equal before the law and not some more equal than others because of their position in society. Look at Turkey as an example.

Breivik kept a diary after his arrest which clearly shows to the psychologists looking into his mental state of mind that he was not psychotic at the time of his actions which clearly conflicts with his first psychiatric report that claims he is a paranoid psychotic schizophrenic living in a delusional world.

The Norwegians have wanted him to be classed as insane for some reason (work that one out yourself) which would mean that he was not criminally responsible for his actions so could only be locked up in a mental institute for the criminally insane rather than in prison. This diagnosis goes completely against all of the evidence in the case and against the expert opinions of many outside psychiatrists who have been following this aspect of the case.

This includes those observing him in prison who had been dealing with him on an almost daily basis.

Breivik calls himself a soldier which he is, regardless to people’s personal opinions of that statement.

He carried out a successful terrorist mission on July 22nd 2011 where he blew up his government building and then murdered, butchered and maimed a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp because he believed them to be the next generation of the Norwegian Labour government who are currently in power and inflicting the Nation to a take over from within by Islam.

Exactly like Breivik stated “A coup de tat”.

Very logical…

In his mind was he a soldier based upon the computer games he used to play in his bedroom at his mothers house like those in control of the media in Norway would like everyone to believe so as to reinforce the “solo terrorist” who is insane label?

Or does he perceive himself to be a soldier based upon his recruitment into a small secret group of extreme right-wingers and his subsequent training that has spanned a 10 year period?

Breivik has a 1500 page manifesto justifying his actions based upon many mainstream commentators that makes his claim of being a soldier more than just a fantasy not based upon reality in his mind from playing computer games in his bedroom. There are others who think the same as him, only he is deed and they are thought.

Most people have absolutely no concept of his World view, this does not mean he is crazy, it just means his reality and way of thinking is totally different from theirs because of a lack of knowledge and experience that is similar to Breivik’s own.

There are many millions around the world who think the same as him in part.

People need to wake up to the new reality out there in the world today with regards to Islamic fundamentalism whether they like it or not. For Breivik & Co the events of July 22nd 2011 (the chickens coming home to roost) was their way of attempting to wake Norway and the World up to their specific way of thinking.

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