22 April 2012

The media

Now that the Breivik trial has started I have had journalists all over me wanting to interview me with regards to the case.

Let me make this perfectly clear here on this blog before you waste your time emailing me or calling me and we end up with a frivolous email conversation going nowhere other than offence, mine or yours.

If you want to interview me, want me to comment on anything, or want my insight and knowledge about this case then do not contact me unless you are willing to contribute towards my endevours.

This is not a case of profiteering on the back of a tragedy, especially one as heinous in nature as this one where it concerns a group of innocent Norwegian kids on their summer camp.  I have spent the last 9 months following this case due to being center stage the day after Breivik struck so I have my own in-depth knowledge that can be read throughout the pages of this blog and I have been to Norway to prove my innocence, unlike some.

In part it had its desired effect of destroying my life by making me financially bankrupt but I’m still in the fight and I’m not going anywhere until my questions are answered.

I would hope to think that there are Utoya survivors reading my blog and that they would not mind me asking any journalists for a contribution towards my endevours to help give the people of Norway and wider a field a clearer understanding of things from my perception.  If they believe there is substance to it, unless of course they think I am guilty which I hope they do not if they have read the pages of my blog.

I have not and would not use Breivik’s platform to share my political beliefs that might be similar in part to Breivik’s own, and I have not done so.

All of my opinions, statements and explanations are on this blog so there is nothing any journalist needs to ask me as it’s all there in black and white if you quote it in context. 

Beyond that if you want me to comment on anything or you want an interview then you must contribute, just like having an article in your newspapers makes you money.  You could ask yourself: “who are the real profiteers on the back of a tragedy” when you are complaining about paying someone for a credible interview.

They don’t give the papers away for nothing and their journalists do not do their jobs for nothing, so why should I give up my time, knowledge and insight for nothing? 

Makes me laugh the level of respect journalists have for people, they think they can bark and you say how high, and when you don’t say how high they would rather do a hatchet job than a real job because it’s going to cost them a meager amount of money to talk to you that costs you your own time and money to give it.

What I have found out with most newspapers is that the journalistic integrity of their reporters is about as high as people's opinions of them.  They jump from story to story in their hunger to please their editors.  Most of them do not know the real facts of the case they are reporting on, they just use the platform they have in the media that reaches millions of people and influences their thinking and perceptions, to share their own views and opinions on the subject in front of them contrary to the truth of the subject because they do not know the truth.  Their articles smearing and libeling people’s reputations and characters are based upon their own thoughts, opinions and understanding and not cold hard facts.

This is why there are libel laws…Daily Telegraph is the very worst of them.

How can you report on a story that you don’t know the facts about and smear people in the eyes of millions in the process?

There is only one, boarder line 2 newspaper journalist I have found that have any integrity and professionalism about their approach and you know who you are.

Ill give you a little example of an approach from a newspaper and the integrity of the newspaper.

I set out my conditions that were not unreasonable in anyway shape or form, and the editor came back and said “no way” we do not pay sources for an interview.  That’s fine by me because I have no reason to speak to newspapers now (and they approached me), but completely ridiculous if you knew the whole story in context.

The journalist went on to say that his paper is one of the biggest and most credible in Norway.


He then said he never has to pay “tommy robinson” for an interview as if to somehow turn it upon me for asking for a contribution towards my endevours.

I laughed to myself at this point.

Is it no wonder he doesn’t pay “tommy robinson” for an interview when “tommy robinson” is nothing more than a lying media whore with about as much credibility as any pathological liar has.

Video: Breivik & the EDL Leadership

Video: Tommy - Breivik & Alan Lake

Anyone who gives that man a platform to speak has absolutely no credibility in my eyes based upon the simple fact that you cannot believe one word that comes out of his mouth (not one).  There is enough all over the net showing how much of a liar he is, just take a look for yourself.

So when this journalist tells me his newspaper is one of the biggest and most credible in Norway and that they give “tommy robinson” a platform for free, I laugh and think how credible can that newspaper really be when they interview a proven liar for free and refuse to contribute towards a relevant interview that is in the public’s interest.

Well done…

There is a big difference between being one of Norways biggest and one of Norway’s most credible and with this one the most credible went straight out of the window when he mentioned “I do not pay tommy robinson for interviews”.

So that is my position on any media who want to talk to me.

You should be:

1) Reporting on the authority and credibility of the first psyche report after all the flaws it contains
2) Questioning why Breiviks mother has not been arrested as part of the conspiracy
3) Questioning why Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ has not been publicised yet

Amongst other things if you’re serious about informing the Norwegian public about the case and holding your authorities to account for the sake of the children of Utoya and the survivors, which includes the families of those no longer here.

You did it for the sake of the second evaluation that thank God turned out how it did, and here are a few other points that need addressing for truth and justice to prevail.

Any newspaper that brings these points to the public’s attention is credible in my eyes.

Also as an aside note for any media who are reading this now.

I was falsely alleged to be Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ at the very beginning that both myself and my family have had to live with for the past 9 months.

I travelled alone to Norway voluntarily to prove my innocence.

Someone has been reading statements from my blog to Breivik in interview.

On the first day of questioning Breivik in court they asked him about me and who this ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is.

Considering the Norwegian authorities have been kicking me around like a football in this case that has helped falsely smear me all around the World as being his English ‘mentor’, you would think that the Norwegians would have had the littlest respect for me and given me an opportunity to sit in front of the man who has helped bring this all upon me.

Sadly not...

If the Utoya survivors and their families wanted me as a prosecution witness I would be more than willing to sit in front of the monster that did this to them and their families and rip his mask off in front of the world’s media because I believe I know the truth about him, contrary to the prosecutors who are reading from the script they have been given.

A script that has about as many holes in it as Breivik’s first psychiatric report.