25 March 2012

Breivik's first psychiatric report should be rejected

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The first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik has absolutely no grounds of credibility now and should be rejected from the Courts proceedings.

It is a flawed report with no legal basis to be held up against Breivik anymore. The second report will hopefully tell a different story, although the police are still investigating certain aspects of the case so it is hard to see how this report will not also be flawed too unless they took Breivik at face value and kept an open mind about certain claims he makes about being part of a wider group/network which would give a better understanding of his state of mind.

If he is not a part of a network (with all evidence showing he is), then he is definitely insane and living in a fantasy world.

The first report was compiled based upon misleading and false information given by the police and this includes the fact that they had not fully investigated certain aspects of the ongoing enquiry before making official public statements of which the report was compiled around.

So it has absolutely no legal basis and should not now be used in a court of law as part of the trial.

There was a rush to have Breivik certified as insane at the beginning stages which then set the official line in the public eye of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is certified as insane. This was done to shut the case down and white wash it all by a certain faction in Norway. They have wanted to control and dictate the case surrounding Breivik and the certified “solo terrorist” label is what they have wanted the whole world to believe.

This can only beg the question as to why?

“Solo terrorist” who is insane means they do not have to look for accomplices that could lead somewhere certain people do not want it to lead!

How does that serve truth and justice, especially for the 69 innocence murdered on Utoya Island?

It only serves the interests of those who do not want the investigation to go any further.

Don’t forget Breivik is the son of a former Norwegian diplomat to London, and step son of an Army Major. He was recruited in Norway, named his manifesto after a fellow Norwegian Fraudman, and there are Norwegian MP’s talking about carrying out a coup at a conference that is directly linked to Breivik and Fraudman.

Yet the PST and Police have consistently claimed Breivik is an insane “solo terrorist” linked to no one, which means they are covering something up. That’s just basic logic.

Covering up for those complicit with the coup/attempted coup?

You form your own opinion on that one.

The first psychiatric report was carried out specifically to give Breivik the certified label so that they could propagate their nice clean ‘official line’ through the world’s media that would not be questioned by the public.

They probably did not expect the uproar from many leading professionals in the field of psychiatry who challenged the authenticity of the first report and helped force through another evaluation before the trial.

It has turned out right having a second report compiled ready for trial, now that the first report has been found to have absolutely no credibility and should not be legally accepted in trial.

I wonder how it is going to look when the legal experts look at whether or not the first report can actually be used in court now, and see that it cannot and must be rejected from the proceedings?

This then shatters the image created in the public eye by those in control of the enquiry, of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is insane, and calls into question all those news outlets around the world who have based their stories around these claims.

It’s not looking good for those in control of the enquiry any more, and I wonder whether or not the international mainstream media will backtrack on their stories surrounding Breivik now.

It will be interesting to see whether or not based upon Norwegian law, they can actually use a psychiatric report in a criminal trial that is flawed, based upon misleading information given by the police.

Individuals should be sacked from their jobs for such sloppy work in a case where a level of professionalism is expected.

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