9 April 2012

Breivik: Letters of support from ‘Architect’

Dagbladet: Letter of support from 'Architect'

If you do a google search into all the news reports in the first week following Breivik’s terrorist attacks you will see that the Norwegian police through Christian Halto stated Breivik is a ‘lone wolf’ connected to no one that which was then subsequently supported by a completely flawed psychiatric report claiming he is insane, and that there are ‘no links’ between Breivik and the far right in Britain.

The control of public perceptions - Trial by media.

That ‘official line’ has not changed since day one back in July 2011 when it was first stated through the media before absolutely any investigative work had taken place. You could argue that the media script had already been written which is why the Norwegians have not deviated from their very first ‘official line’ since. 8 months on and in my opinion there is a completely different truth surrounding Breivik than what the Norwegians are still promoting as truth through the media, yet their ‘official line’ has not changed with the new caretaker head of the PST claiming last week that Breivik is a “solo terrorist linked to no one”.

You make up your own mind and draw your own conclusions.

Time will tell now whether or not the second psychiatric report comes to the same conclusion as the first concerning Breivik’s state of mind, although when you sit down with someone who has just committed the crimes Breivik has committed you are inevitably going to be able to come up with some clinical term for his ‘state of mind’ that differs from the mainstream.

He’s a political terrorist who carried out a successful terrorist mission.

8 months on and the very first claim of Breivik not being linked to the far right in Britain has also been proven to be completely false, with it now being known that Breivik was an active member of Alan Lake’s 4freedoms Community website which he says is ideologically identical to the Knights Templar organisation he is aiming to establish on behalf of the group he is a part of. Alan Lake the director behind the hijacked EDL street protest movement that has attempted to go Europe wide with a group of politically and financially influential people.

What more evidence do the police need?

A mother of a Utoya victim has spoken out about the enquiry and said how there is an enforced silence upon the whole case in Norway with it being taboo to criticise anything about it. She lost her son so has a strong voice to criticise anything she sees in the failings of the police who are employed to defend and protect society which included her now deceased son, and has criticised the amount of time it took for the police to arrive on Utoya Island the day Breivik struck.

If the police had of arrived sooner many more lives would have been saved including possibly her sons. Instead Breivik was left for over an hour to shoot, kill, butcher and maim many terrified kids whilst dressed as a policeman even though the emergency calls had gone out from the Island which even included Breivik himself wanting to give himself up.

Breivik has commented himself about the amount of time it took for the police to arrive and arrest him.

The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove has also publicly criticised this aspect of the case.

Further reading: Challenging Norway’s PST

We don’t know whether or not an internal coup has taken place with a transference of power within the highest echelons of the Country which would explain the Norwegians ‘official line’ from the very beginning that has not changed even in the face of overwhelming conflicting evidence.

A faction that knew everything and are in control of the enquiry and the official statements being released through the media.

Breivik claimed it was a coup de tat after blowing up his Government building killing 8 people and then massacring a bunch of innocent kids because they were the next generation of the Norwegian Labour party leaders so it is all befitting, which is different from provable.

Call it a conspiracy theory or whatever you like… who knows the real effects from July 22nd 2011 other than those within the Norwegian hierarchy who believe themselves to be more equal than others. Operation Breivik with his coup was 10 years in the making by an ‘Architect’ or more commonly known as a ‘mastermind’. History is littered with similar examples to this with Breivik, and wars within the high levels of internal politics within the governing hierarchy of Nations.

Murdering, butchering and maiming a bunch of innocent kids on a summer camp sets this one apart though.

As far as I am concerned someone set me up to be a fall guy and I want to know who ‘officially’.

A Norwegian military General is now head of the UN’s Syria operation so how and why did that one work out?

The Norwegians claim Breivik is not connected to any group or network when he is directly linked to the man who I have consistently stated is Breivik’s real English ‘mentor’ from the very beginning who I believe was behind setting me up to be the fall guy behind the whole terrorist attack.

The Norwegian police have my statement on the matter giving reason and motive!

I wrote here that Breivik might be sweating, alone and isolated with no support from the group he is connected to which might be why he is starting to reveal incriminating information linking him directly to Alan Lake. Or there might just now be a mountain of overwhelming evidence linking them both that can no longer be ignored with the Norwegian police now aggressively interrogating him over this aspect of the case.

The next step is Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake’s arrest, interrogation and charge over his involvement in the

How and why has he been protected from the enquiry and media?

The director behind the EDL, working in a prestigious international bank is directly linked to Breivik and no stories in the mainstream media about him? That would not look good for the faction high up within the British Establishment who have been protecting him and endorsing him now would it? Should come as no surprise though as they have been endorsing an IRA influenced leadership of the EDL.

Oil always comes to the top in water…

Buried at the bottom of this newspaper article talking about someone who sent a letter to Breivik about an escape plan, is information relating to 2 letters sent from inside Norway by someone who calls himself ‘Architect’ who implies he is a part of the group Breivik claims to belong to.

Quote: In two other undated letter from a group calling itself the "architect" Breivik praised for the terrorist attacks on 22 July:

"Hey Anders! Thanks for the well done action, but it is of course sad that you are where you are now. The whole team wishes you and thank you for the battle against the communist government, "writes the sender.

In addition, it is claimed that the mass murderer will never be lacking something.
The stamp should have been from Norway, but was unreadable. The sender should have been careful not to leave fingerprints and DNA, they also made the police aware of.

"Letters and envelopes are free of fingerprints and DNA. We are not stupid. "

In the second letter from the unknown group there was only one A4 sheet.

"Hey Anders. Here's a note from the group. Both you and we know that you're not psychotic, but a fully ambulatory person who sacrificed yourself for the cause. We will always stand with you and
you shall not lack anything. "

At the bottom of the page it says.

"With Norwegian martial salute. Architect. "

Whoever wrote the letter clearly states that the Norwegian Government is a communist Government which fits in-line with the thought that Breivik was recruited into a secret neo-Gladio style group in 2002 linked to London where Breivik's father was a diplomat.

Whoever sent the letters obviously sent them as a clear ‘message’ to those in control of the enquiry which is why there was no DNA or finger prints to be found on them.

Either it’s a similar case to the Wearside Jack case in the UK or it is from the actual group Breivik claims to belong, signed by ‘Architect’ which does not leave much explaining as to who it could be.

The Norwegian PST claim Breivik is not linked to anyone one when in reality there are numerous direct links to other Norwegians that have been dismissed from the enquiry, and these letters are more evidence that should mean that the possibility of Breivik being a part of a group should be left open. Instead the case has been shut down from the very beginning (the very first week) which has not changed since even in the face of conflicting evidence, with a complete white wash of it all through the media by those in control of the investigation and their carefully selected ‘yes men’ like Christian Halto who they wheel out on TV to tell the public exactly what they are told to tell them by those upstairs.


Have the Norwegian police determined whether or not this email that was sent to Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs in 2007 was from Breivik himself or another Norwegian nut living in Norway with exactly the same agenda as Breivik’s own? Breivik or another Norwegian nut

Someone in 2007 said what was coming, and it did, exactly as they said it would to Pamela Geller.

I wonder how long the ‘official line’ of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is insane can hold out?

Breivik the step son of a retired Army Major and son of a former Norwegian diplomat to London becomes the worst terrorist in Norwegian history who has played his part in attempting a coup against his/their communist Government and the Norwegians in control of the enquiry want the world to believe Breivik was a “solo terrorist” linked to no one who is insane.

Madness to think they could pull that one off.

How gullible do the Norwegians think the world is, and what a travesty for the memory of the 69 innocent kids murdered on Utoya Island who are just statistics now in the eyes of their Government, intelligentsia and the wider international community.

1 week before trial and the first psychiatric report that was rushed through by those in charge of the enquiry has more holes in it than a golf course and should not even make it through the doors on April 16th, Breivik’s mother is a co-conspirator who laundered over $500,000 through her own bank accounts for her mass murdering son yet no action has been taken against her, and Breivik is directly linked to Alan Lake the international banker who is behind a right wing political ideological movement in Europe via his infiltration of the SIO organisation and highjacking of the English Defence League that is linked back to Breivik. This along with having secret meetings in London similar to what Breivik claims happened in 2002 where a professor in military strategies involved with the European anti-jihad movement was present, along with Lake having links directly into the Norwegian and Swedish Governments.

The ideology (clothes) behind Breivik’s terrorist attacks is firmly rooted in the European anti-jihad movement, yet his attacks were domestic left v right wing internal Norwegian politics that clearly have the hallmarks of Gladio.

I want to know the reason why I ended up in the middle of the enquiry at the very beginning and who set the plan in place - On an ‘official’ basis!

I have my own understanding and belief and my question is why won’t the Norwegians budge from their ‘official line’ even now that we know Breivik is directly linked to Lake?

What other conclusion can I personally come up with when the Norwegians refuse the truth?

The attempt was made by the Norwegians and any outside influence in control of the investigation at the very beginning, to make out Breivik was a “solo terrorist” linked to no one who is ‘insane’ and was inspired in part by my blog based upon Breivik’s claim of having an English ‘mentor’ called Richard the Lionheart and the clothes he wrapped up his/their terrorist attacks up in.

That was part of the carefully crafted plan at the beginning… a plan I saw straight through a couple of days after standing accused in the Worlds media of being Breivik’s ‘mentor’ because I knew I had absolutely no links to Breivik so there had to be another explanation to the one attempting to be forced upon me.

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