18 April 2012

Comments about Breivik's trial

Dagbladet: Statements from Court

Quote: During the press conference after the meeting just finally said prosecutors Svein Holden and Inga Bejer Engh that the police have turned over every stone to find out if Anders Breivik Behring has collaborated with other people. They have not found any people who should have had such contact with the defendant.

This is where the problem lays.

So they want everyone to believe that Breivik acted completely alone in the entirety of his actions that stem from his Liberia London trips in 2002.

Who is Alan Lakes friend 'Richard the Lionheart' if every stone has been turned up?

If not that statement in open court was a lie.

10 years traveling around Europe meeting the extreme far-right neo-nazi community and the Norwegian police expect the public to believe that Breivik never met anybody along the way. We know he was in direct contact with his Norwegian friend Fraudman who he named his manifesto after.

He was not a ghost, he was a recruited 'terrorist' in the making who went back to Norway after 2002 and started building a network of like minded individuals under complete secrecy because they knew what they were going to do.

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Quote: Neither organization English Defence League seems to be a special interest organization for the prosecution. They have certainly not sued any witnesses to this extremist organization. The defense has not done.

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- We can not see that there is some evidence from England that can be called in and to illustrate the matter more than our client, says Lippestad.

Breivik claims he attended a meeting in London in 2002. This is when he claims that he was given his English 'mentor' supposedly codenamed 'Richard the Lionheart'.

The same man he questions himself whether or not he set up the English Defence League.

That is a pivotal piece of evidence so how can nobody want that person revealed by the police or Breivik himself for it to be placed in the trial?

If Breivik claims his story is real then the name of his English 'mentor' will prove this and I was not at a meeting in 2002 and have never met Breivik in my life so if this person exists it is not me.
Or an explanation behind why I was smeared all over the worlds news as his English 'mentor'.

Quote: The defenders say that he was resistant to many questions today because he was from day one after the arrest has refused to answer questions about the Knights Templar and specific people. He does not want to encourage more people are arrested by the police,

Breivik and others happily and conveniently fingered the suspicion directly at me after the attacks that placed me directly in the frame as being another terrorist cell out there waiting to strike, and that because of the Templar iconography I must have been his English 'mentor'.

That was the plan by that group of ideological cultural conservatives (Alan Lake) who were behind it - To set me up to be a fall guy and remove me from being a threat to their political agenda that stems from their control over the English Defence League and their vision of the European Defence Leagues.

Thankfully someone somewhere must have given me the benefit of the doubt and give me the opportunity to defend myself from such heinous accusations, which is what I have done for the past 8 months.

Breivik now says in court that he does not want people to be arrested but he did a very good job attempting to have me arrested as his English 'mentor'.


If I was his English 'mentor' then I would be sitting where he is now and it wasn't a nice thing for him to have done to his English 'mentor'.

Read this blog and form your own opinion.

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