17 April 2012

Has Breivik cracked?

This is all "my own opinion" I dont believe Breivik made the "2083" video.

It is the 'vision' of those behind Breivik and was what he was giving his life for which is probably why he was emotional about it. He has rationalised his acts in his own mind which is probably why he shows no emotion about the murders. To show emotion would mean his actions were in vain and he was guilty and sorry for them. He has pleaded not guilty claiming it was a defensive 'act of war' and the trial is now his platform to defend "their" mutual ideological position because it was an act of political terrorism from a group. Breiviks Norwegian group, their supporters and the English 'mentor'.

I wonder if that was the first time he cried in 8 months?

The video is the perfect Knight brain washing video his real English 'mentor' gave him (the vision)...No Knight would do what he did and he is not even a Christian, he is a pawn.

Wolf in sheeps clothing...

People watch it in the light of his actions and it is a credible political point of view if it is provable because many people can relate too it because of Islam.

There are always different points of view in the Government of a Country and the people vote them in and out of power in a democracy based upon public opinion.

Breivik wants to deconstruct Norwegian society to verify his point of view that is in the manifesto and in the video and explain why his reasons for doing it - Different political points of view

An attempted coup just like Breivik stated when he was arrested.

Others in the extreme right wing movement will now look to him and be inspired to carry out more attacks because they are looking at the same ideological picture as him. Its an attempted call to militant Nationalists to rise up and they have put the number of people across Europe at 360,000, and not a call to Christian Knights, although they dressed it up in the clothes of an Ancient Christian Knighthood.

Thats for others to determine.

A Knights mind is upon heaven and you can only be a Christian to know, so Breivik not being a Christian means he was not a Knight in the 'true sense'.


He was probably the 'mastermind' of an anti-communist Gladio operation/network in Norway and includes his "2083" manifesto justifying his actions. Its almost certain there are other 'small cells' in that Country because Breivik was 10 years in the making so would have actively sought out 'like minded' people to prepare for the bigger struggle he had been recruited into which the video speaks of.

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Just because they have not carried out an attack does not mean they are not out there.

Unless you go with the 'official line' of Breivik the "solo terrorist" linked to no one.

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Fraudman who the manifesto is named after, and is Breiviks ideological inspiration was in direct email contact with him and hid his computer from the police.

Talk of coup's at SIO events in Norway.

And Alan Lake having contacts in the Norwegian Government.

I have only just read the title of the book and 2 sentences in you can tell they are different from the sentences in the video "in my opinion".

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